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Addictions counsellor, fine arts photographer, author, blogger/columnist (Swarajya, DailyO, ABP ) soccer mum. RTs not endorsements. No bigotry/abuse please


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@Julia_SCI Julia Wilde @Julia_SCI

This one broke me https://t.co/aczYaTQZLF

This one broke me https://t.co/aczYaTQZL...

@IndiaSpeaksPR MiddleClassOfficer @IndiaSpeaksPR

Why is this a surprise? There are zero instances in India's history where the communists won elections without kill… https://t.co/7mumolKYd6

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

Catholic church looked the other way as pedophile priests raped children for decades. #Oxfam looked the other way a… https://t.co/Hu1FQE3znM

@smritiirani Smriti Z Irani @smritiirani

Coming soon - Amethi Pickles - a brand conceived, developed and nurtured by women of Amethi at Pradhan Mantri Kaush… https://t.co/JvjAEOKTPT

@DrShobha Dr Shobha @DrShobha

Stunning Revelation: Finance Secretary Rajiv Takru under Congress government silenced PNB whistleblower in 2013… https://t.co/cLuEIvug7w

@CNNnews18 News18 @CNNnews18

#BREAKING -- ED arrests close aide of Karti Chidambaram - Bhaskar Raman a CA who handled financial transactions of… https://t.co/fgcU8uIVjs

@MukulAgarwal66 mukul @MukulAgarwal66

just imagine, 70 years...... and we want everything to be done as of yesterday https://t.co/OxaEuQOCzy

@raydeep Kirandeep @raydeep

Imp Judgement by #SupremeCourt SC rules that every candidate will now have to declare the source of income while fi… https://t.co/yJs1Ia6xMl

@timesofindia Times of India @timesofindia

#PNBFraudCase: INTERPOL's diffusion notice issued against #NiravModi, his wife Ami Modi, brother Nishal Modi and… https://t.co/9zKmnG5Jpf

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@anuraag_saxena Ho gaye shuru, subah subah😂 Gong Xi Fa Cai btw

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@freentglty Wah! Kya deep funda hai Guru 🙏

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

Even Bollywood couldn't have come up with a more bizarre script. Woman pretends to be a man & manages to marry not… https://t.co/sIjtE6voEm

@smarket Deepak Singh @smarket

This is not Nirav Modi scam. This is PSU Bank scam. Don't focus on Nirav Modi. Focus on how he was able to milk PSU… https://t.co/h1GFMFVNbd

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@masala_chaas Well said

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@krishnakant_75 @FinMinIndia RBI is the regulator. Not Fin Min

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

Serious question: Who is supposed to monitor the banks? The independent regulatory body called RBI or the Prime Minister's office? #PNBFraud

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

Goons of #JNU at it again! Seems they'll rest only after they've taken a few lives https://t.co/g1vwyA9mZ4

@ITGDsports India Today Sports @ITGDsports

Indian boxers clinch 5 gold medals at #AsianGames invitational tournament https://t.co/5jUNm1euX5 https://t.co/lZ8tfTFmbG

Indian boxers clinch 5 gold medals at #A...

@Iyervval Abhijit Iyer-Mitra @Iyervval

Hmmm so NaMo is guilty of the #NiravModi scam, cuz under him IT & co detected the scam & started acting on it? Biza… https://t.co/uIwaWLUWwh

@narendramodi Narendra Modi @narendramodi

My young friends, see you on the 16th! #ExamWarriors https://t.co/hMqSh7I7Kv

My young friends, see you on the 16th! #...

@Shubhrastha Shubhrastha @Shubhrastha

Smt @nsitharaman ji’s royal take down of the ‘stifling of alternate voices’ narrative by Congress: I am shocked tha… https://t.co/9zF00qj05c

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

HRD minister announces the liberation of India's top colleges. Our #education system is rather broken. Good to see… https://t.co/LeCMXDJPqE

@sunandavashisht Sunanda Vashisht @sunandavashisht

This Nirav Modi fraud is jaw dropping- unbelievable. Happened in 2011.. what a horrid mess https://t.co/TAz8RnJh8v

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

Main #Delhi blast accused, Mohammad Ariz Khan arrested. He had escaped from #BatlaHouse. Remember that encounter pe… https://t.co/z4oFVp4u17


Woman forced to undergo abortion after being allegedly kicked in the stomach by a CPM leader in Kerala's Kozhikode.… https://t.co/LeGfNeooww


Cellphone video shows SWAT team clearing a classroom at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida after sho… https://t.co/TOcWdGR4OE

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

What awful news to wake up to. At least 17 dead in #Florida school shooting. Every parents worst nightmare https://t.co/AoVkWo7tBi

@DKCooper2 DK Cooper @DKCooper2

Go in peace. A final salute to a brave indian https://t.co/W6T6KhINuM

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@Iyervval 😵🤪

@navikakumar navika kumar @navikakumar

Terror appeasers apologise. 10 yrs after Cong's murky politics; Fake encounter theory demolished. India's martyred… https://t.co/YIihDFpP4D

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