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Addictions counsellor, fine arts photographer, author, blogger/columnist (Swarajya, DailyO, ABP ) soccer mum. RTs not endorsements. No bigotry/abuse please


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@AskAnshul Anshul Saxena @AskAnshul

Mizoram will be on Railway map in next 3 years. And First North East Expressway will be 1,300 km-long. Why didn't c… https://t.co/tlsZbaQLep

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@vinod_sharma You forgot Kanhaiya

@vinod_sharma विनोद शर्मा 🇮🇳 @vinod_sharma

Appalling that they are not getting intellectuals like Hardik Patel, Umar Khalid, Shahrukh, Kareena, Katrina, Kanga… https://t.co/u9RRSF3KiA

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@Iyervval hahahahaha. We must indeed

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@sunandavashisht Me too

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@Iyervval Arrey, you need some audience also na.Was lovely to meet you in the real world :)

@ShivAroor Shiv Aroor @ShivAroor

Non-stop calls threatening colleague @SardanaRohit’s wife and child. Hope the @UPPolice is looking into this. https://t.co/n2xsPAwyHH

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@shwetankbhushan yes girl, it is. Hence purple, not pink or blue ;)

@VishakhaJ18 Vishakha Joshi @VishakhaJ18

Anyone condemning this violent threat to PM's life? Now all the liberals will sit and ignore this hate speech by Ch… https://t.co/lNkLTV6K8P

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@shwetankbhushan 😈

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

You know the world has gone nuts when female students can't be called girls/ladies anymore!!! cc @Gayatri__J https://t.co/QwrtnlRvxX

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

Seems @INCIndia can't identify the person who came up with distasteful #chaiwala meme.Sounds like #pidi's work,no?


Finally some one takes on the fumigation of termites that have hollowed out the core. https://t.co/gkEv8dgFb5

@India_Policy हम भारत के लोग @India_Policy

Judiciary, the defenders of free speech and individual rights. https://t.co/MH9tlKCxYs

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@roflbaba @free_thinker 1.Lady he stalked is @dimple_kaul,not me (small mercies) 2.Don't mansplain 3.He's clearly b… https://t.co/D288dJreri

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@AloPal How can they realise? RG is the heir apparent. I rest my case

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@freentglty Don't know. Found out about the creep, & his pedigree recently. Falls in the avoid-like the-plague category

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

Ah! #chaiwala trends again. Dynasty & its minions still can't get over the fact that they were beaten by a common m… https://t.co/YEefpIBlyz

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

Dear God! Just found out that the chap who runs @AltNews is a creep & a stalker. Who funds him? How many others tar… https://t.co/FBkuZm2ndD

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@shilpitewari @AdvaitaKala Will be there

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@shilpitewari @AdvaitaKala Rock the show ladies!

@centerofright Vijay @centerofright

https://t.co/FD5fhD3dgC @ManishTewari - was it during your period? https://t.co/R7icycR4Yx

https://t.co/FD5fhD3dgC @ManishTewari -...

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@alok_bhatt @shwetankbhushan @atahasnain53 What a joyful video. Thanks for sharing

@alok_bhatt Alok Bhatt @alok_bhatt

Give Garhwalis a gun n army uniform & they will show u their bravery; give them a band & responsibility to carry Lo… https://t.co/6bGjFcNcxE

@narendramodi Narendra Modi @narendramodi

I congratulate Justice Dalveer Bhandari on being re-elected to the International Court of Justice. His re-election is a proud moment for us.

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

Chal hatt jhoothay. Phir se dil todega😒 https://t.co/WuIJWeNpZK

@iAnkurSingh Ankur Singh @iAnkurSingh

New Maths- 7/9 is split voting https://t.co/noVT6qEpp6

New Maths- 7/9 is split voting https://t...

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

@AarundhChauhan I do believe a lot of the drama started as SLB's publicity stunt.However, these things escalate out… https://t.co/gyqWQqAPjo

@smitabarooah Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

1.It's silly to outrage over a movie almost no one has seen 2.People have a right to be emotional about #Khilji's b… https://t.co/nAtzTVuuiy

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