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I think Skip, therefore I am. I'm a scholar, not a meatloaf! Populus iamdudum defutatus est. Dulcius ex asperis. #SFBSKBJMCKG7

Akron, OH

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@NMFCOfficial North Melbourne @NMFCOfficial

The JLT Community Series is fast approaching. Here's how you can get your hands on some tickets to see the boys in… https://t.co/F8sqybmFvC

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

Round on the ends and Hi in the middle

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

@BenSimmons25 #NBAVote https://t.co/3rRc73c8wz

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

When you blatantly lie about life experiences in order to "add another dimension to the societal conversation", you… https://t.co/iUsuZCjDpM

@GitRDoneLarry Larry The Cable Guy @GitRDoneLarry

So proud of my wife and her book, a devotional book about her horses. Pre-order it today! https://t.co/VDnDzHHPEJ

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

@bobbyberk @QueerEye Wait, no @CarsonKressley? https://t.co/C0kcyb5oZ0

@bobbyberk @QueerEye Wait, no @CarsonKre...

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

@redbull @redbullracing https://t.co/IdwOrCfH1I

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

@QuantumFlux1964 X is a prerequisite for Y? This is unfortunate. It would seem your only recourse is to do Z first,… https://t.co/2vQzDFlqSN

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

@QuantumFlux1964 Doing X and Z requires you to do X, and X has already been ruled out as an option. Perhaps Y or Z by themselves?

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

@SiriouslySusan Not a lot of snow plows and salt trucks in Atlanta, I'd wager.

@SiriouslySusan Susan Bennett @SiriouslySusan

Snow in the South! #Hotlanta https://t.co/dTung8U2Uj

Snow in the South!  #Hotlanta https://t....

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

Ever spill a hot coffee on your lap? Now imagine it nearly twice as hot and directly in your face, potential robber… https://t.co/ZkqA7G6q5R

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

In other words, she lied to police. That's called "intentionally filing a false police report", children. https://t.co/KrFcvmOdYJ

@theblaze TheBlaze @theblaze

North and South Korea agree to march under unified flag for the Olympics https://t.co/15s3K6Yxn4

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

@thehispanist A man who has zero respect for the Constitution has decided to mention it in his campaign slogan. How quaint.

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

@sroarke_nhl @TheWeldingRoom @clutchofficial You're right about that, Rik knows good music! You are more than welco… https://t.co/Fu7dBbHIPw


JUST IN: Apple will give employees a bonus of $2500 in restricted stock units due to the new tax reform law. https://t.co/SxN0UqusIq

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

@Bzimmer5 We've missed you.

@Bzimmer5 Bradley Zimmer @Bzimmer5

CLE ✈️✈️✈️

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

Wonder Woman is his optometrist. https://t.co/sSGWa5PD1I


A very Happy Birthday goes out today to @BettyMWhite! What are we going to do today, Betty?! #BettyWhite https://t.co/edNIsKvbhN

A very Happy Birthday goes out today to...

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

Nowadays, explosive diarrhea could be made into a TV series. https://t.co/qmRxfCJdGq

@DLoesch Dana Loesch @DLoesch

Unless you’re a woman. Specifically a woman whose name rhymes with Schmillary Linton. Then it’s acceptable and sexi… https://t.co/kyy1cp56Ge

@LukeHarperWWE . @LukeHarperWWE

It's Wednesday. You know what that means. Hbd BRH. 6.

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

@DocThompsonShow #WhatILearnedToday Worst Garfield window cling ever.

@TulsiGabbard Tulsi Gabbard @TulsiGabbard

Encourage the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee to implement the Unity Reform Commission's recommendations at their meet… https://t.co/Plh1ZhUzhT

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

@PatUnleashed @TheBlazeKeith Unusual university courses you didn't know existed https://t.co/6Dydf5eDRb

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

@TheMarkPantano The rug is getting awful lumpy.

@skipdazip Skippy @skipdazip

@GooGwaba Andy and Barney usually make him stay for 24 hours, then he can show himself out.

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