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This is the account of Sisco Polaris. Oh I plan to post adult stuff here so if you want sfw only posts you shouldn't be following me

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@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

@skipai or lies painted on buses

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

@skipai not that weird, they want people to think of them as conserving things, not fucking everything over. They a… https://t.co/i4FPnTv9Xq

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

@skipai it's not actually about saving government money, it is about cutting public services to fund tax cuts for t… https://t.co/JmaJqcxlys

@skipai Skipai Otter @skipai

This world isn’t made for people like me - my PIP assessment https://t.co/ZC3yuao9Bq

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

@fontainepen @ThurstonHowlPub crippling self doubt, I totally know how painful that can be

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

awesome! I will have to get writing to fill your shelf https://t.co/lwnyn2XiJg

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

@AussieClyde Lucky cat to have you

@UKLabour The Labour Party @UKLabour

Meanwhile, in the House of Commons group chat... #Budget2017 https://t.co/oW4GuRaAWn

Meanwhile, in the House of Commons group...

@bryanbehar Bryan Behar @bryanbehar

Trump on Putin: I believe him Trump on Roy Moore: I believe him Trump on Gold Star widow: She’s a god damned liar

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

So Trump supports the accused pedophile candidate. The sad part about this is that I am not surprised.

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

First time ever we have not had a judge on the UN court of justice, well done Tories, Boris Johnson and Theresa May… https://t.co/XeHdSShr3k

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

@AussieClyde you don't own cats, they own you

@qikipedia Quite Interesting @qikipedia

In medieval times, the word ‘abracadabra’ was written out in a triangular shape and worn around the neck in an amul… https://t.co/QTVY2BHGOB

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

@Greyflank Lol it is an interesting learning process, working with publishers and just been putting one together wi… https://t.co/Ys82L0Czv3

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

@Erich_Zeta29 My plan indeed

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

@Erich_Zeta29 not too bad, but yeah sleepy and a bit headachey

@Zanakil2490 Zanakil(まほうしょうじょ) @Zanakil2490

畫了雲豹www也賀小說化成功哈哈 #Nekojishi #家有大貓 https://t.co/edH5lbGxxZ

#Nekojishi #家有大貓 https:...

@ZwooshK9 Zwoovember @ZwooshK9

😭 https://t.co/WxY6N73dGc

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

@Erich_Zeta29 very important that, plenty of sleep, helps your mind and body in so many ways

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

New journal: Just a few hours left to kick start Beyond.. [ADULT] https://t.co/jmqDHdvNI4

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

@Raoul_Kane lol that will be a lot of furry books, but awesome <3

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

@Raoul_Kane thanks, I actually have a couple to post soon on so furry and FA, also just had a couple of books published.

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

Someday's you write so fast your fingers are a blur and other days you just stare at the blank page, it stares back… https://t.co/KoFdIMZfrQ

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

@Raoul_Kane lol well heading to bed soon, no holiday weekend over here just a normal week. Hoping to get some writing done soon

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

@ErikGustafsso12 about the same, to be honest

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

@Raoul_Kane nice, enjoy

@siscopolaris Sisco @siscopolaris

I never really talk much on here. How is everyone? You all ok? Having a good Sunday?

@Marina_Sirtis Marina Sirtis @Marina_Sirtis

Really? This goes to prove my point that they care more about a fetus than an actual child. https://t.co/jWSZaXJQNf

Really? This goes to prove my point that...

@therealgruffy Gruffendor @therealgruffy

My writing can be found at: https://t.co/bY4JpjpZVe https://t.co/RTS4ukVcrA https://t.co/AapeAVwOZL #furry #sofurry #furaffinity

@Far_Right_Watch Far Right Watch @Far_Right_Watch

American Christianity ... Tattoo of Leviticus 18:22 banning Homosexuality : $130. Not knowing that Leviticus 19:2… https://t.co/Bz0N6Hx9ZC

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