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design research @ EPA. policy & public services, social innovation for sustainability, social practices and behaviour


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@PresidentIRL President of Ireland @PresidentIRL

Quote from the President's speech in Bogotá, earlier this year. See https://t.co/eppnQlGdfh #HumanRightsDay… https://t.co/FQ39t0dVf7

@bengoldacre ben goldacre @bengoldacre

The govt invented the "help to buy" scheme to prop up the UK house price bubble and enrich their own generation of… https://t.co/raDGrhhF17

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

@LiamDelaneyEcon @ErikAngner podcast on intentional real world examples https://t.co/MsZo7v6ZrA

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

new theme of Urban Innovative Actions is Housing. €80-100 million for local authorities to test innovations with ER… https://t.co/22JMjJ1pJe

@fietsprofessor Cycling Professor @fietsprofessor

Member of Dutch parliament testdrive the 'Honest Scooter' that distributes the fumes into the rider's face. Later t… https://t.co/1NpGCgJ4JA

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

@CorkChamber @TFIupdates @corkcitycentre @CIT_ie I was in Cork yesterday for work & signed up as train arrived into… https://t.co/Xb1qvDZak0

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

HSE are tendering for development of Health and Wellbeing Hubs using community asset-based approach. https://t.co/JwwEuSImuX

@stepscentre STEPS Centre @stepscentre

Are you a researcher interested in how we navigate through social and environmental problems in ways that are plura… https://t.co/liqRWvM2RF

@IainGulland Iain Gulland @IainGulland

A fantastic #circulareconomy opportunity here at @ZeroWasteScot https://t.co/8vqdFw0eg2

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

Potentially significant but we need a transition that ensures social justice and equity https://t.co/wjVpVemK2K

@jsheau Joyce Yee @jsheau

Interested in pursuing a PhD in Design & Social Innovation? Full-time paid studentship @NorthumbriaUni UK, looking… https://t.co/hor4JyAEcp

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

great title. https://t.co/s805SQYP2x

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

interesting afternoon at @uccclimatelab discussing behaviour & social practices, community & co-design. some great… https://t.co/24O1qdy50e

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

an online course on Urban Metabolism for Policy Makers https://t.co/E3r84LjVPC

@EPAIreland EPA Ireland @EPAIreland

Irish sea level rising 3.5cm a decade since the early 1990s https://t.co/WFjsf7dFbS

@AnjaHoffmann Anja Hoffmann @AnjaHoffmann

Nobody is reading your PDF. @nraford #expbydesign https://t.co/6DDQF3qP0t

Nobody is reading your PDF. @nraford #ex...

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

some good H2020 calls on city scale actions re. circular economy, health/wellbeing, citizen-driven innovation - pul… https://t.co/to73Go2CSx

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

@AliJSheridan @MaREIcentre not sure. i'll share slides at least

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

looking forward to visiting UCC Climate Lab next week. a great team & wider network of climate, socio-technical sys… https://t.co/Hm9sHEoPYQ

@debralilleyLDS Debra @debralilleyLDS

Interested in #design for #sustainable #behaviourchange ? If so, apply for a #PhD studentship supervised by me at… https://t.co/4brESJI3Op

@SInnovationIRL Social Innovation Fund Ireland @SInnovationIRL

Does your project generate a positive sense of belonging, within your community? Does it also deliver environmental… https://t.co/9rMM3Lwdub

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

@DavePrendergast @intel @LauraLynnHouse looks great David, well done.

@smithadrianpaul Adrian Smith @smithadrianpaul

Heavy stuff: estimates put the global mass of our technosphere at 30 trillion tonnes, including this tweet: https://t.co/HiypBBryIG

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

@JocelynABailey no we don't.

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

as a student in the 90s I spent 3 months working with the Fairtrade Foundation & was interested in the consumer beh… https://t.co/RSH2s8p2HR

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

@IrishTimes yet another ridiculous article by the @irishtimes celebrating increases in house prices and the pushing… https://t.co/RYYeZ9EpcH

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

@LizCarolan how about @kenfoxe and @ElaineByrne ?

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

@OrlaPMurphy @UCDArch @ucddublin is this available to the public? I'm in the EPA office beside you most weeks so can call in.

@simonorafferty Simon O'Rafferty @simonorafferty

@comresie https://t.co/WiUB66CExv

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