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@connect_ie CONNECT Centre @connect_ie

This image of a cylinder array in cross-flow in a water tunnel test facility is from Dr Tim Persoons, CONNECT inves… https://t.co/LlDWQEPxHB

@showoffyoursci ShowOffYourScience @showoffyoursci

Sounds like a great way to #showoffyourscience! https://t.co/r9xNBrvcUU

@ScienceTipp TippScience @ScienceTipp

Getting set for the VEX IQ challenge regionals in limerick in Feb @DellEMC with @MICLimerick @ListonMaeve https://t.co/zDXqEdpPyG

Getting set for the VEX IQ challenge reg...

@AstroKomrade Randy Bresnik @AstroKomrade

Good night from @Space_Station. Kiev Ukraine, Dublin Ireland, Copenhagen Denmark, Edinburgh Scotland. https://t.co/N9mNxEQOGC

Good night from @Space_Station. Kiev Ukr...

@cconcannonsci Claire Concannon @cconcannonsci

I worked on the mutation that underlies Huntington's disease as part of my PhD. It is a heartbreaking disease. This… https://t.co/kcoO2KL11h

@scienmag Science @scienmag

Ballerina's movements mesmerizingly traced by algorithmically-generated geometries - Credits: Massahiko Sato / Euph… https://t.co/la8gOglgkR

@WorldAndScience World and Science @WorldAndScience

Rarely seen icy landscape of Mars https://t.co/CxSIgkKLni

Rarely seen icy landscape of Mars https:...

@showoffyoursci ShowOffYourScience @showoffyoursci

What a fun idea! https://t.co/N9TfJeOPna

@fboss fboss @fboss

Voting is now open to decide the topic for discussion in Monday's #edchatie discussion https://t.co/GJbg2NZZDe Vote and retweet, please

@showoffyoursci ShowOffYourScience @showoffyoursci

@ArchaeologyFitz Hi Alex, I believe @SciencePOD are assembling panels of freelance writers... Best of luck.

@ArchaeologyFitz Alex Fitzpatrick @ArchaeologyFitz

Anyway, will turn this negative run into a bit more of a positive - if anyone is looking for writers or guest blogg… https://t.co/YQPUWANGIg

@curiouskim1 curiouskim @curiouskim1

Interesting opportunity for junior nature lovers. GMarshTV are researching for a brand-new pre-school nature series… https://t.co/SWrd0ao745

@Cmdr_Hadfield Chris Hadfield @Cmdr_Hadfield

This is why airplanes have maximum landing speeds. https://t.co/KloPeUmPJI

@born2engineer BORN TO ENGINEER @born2engineer

Closing the tech gender gap starts in childhood https://t.co/fw6WphZfRm

@SciGalleryDub ScienceGalleryDublin @SciGalleryDub

Starting this Sunday, we're be hosting Colourful Youth's second collective showcase, called 'What's Your Issue?' Ca… https://t.co/lTphmv3UFi

@SciCrastina Crastina @SciCrastina

#TGIF - Have a good weekend! Deciphering Scientific Phrases – a classic that has been taped to the lab shelves and… https://t.co/sEjJBiMs7c

@Franner3rdclass 3rd class Franner @Franner3rdclass

An hour of code, more like an hour of fun! #franner #coding https://t.co/Ag13ybaSxG

An hour of code, more like an hour of fu...

@showoffyoursci ShowOffYourScience @showoffyoursci

Well done to the @WikimediaIE team (most of whom are volunteers!) for running this competition to source & publish… https://t.co/Eab4aFvRUK

@ULLibrary Glucksman Library @ULLibrary

The @UL library's guide to promoting your work gives you tips and a set of resources to help you promote your resea… https://t.co/7zrreUbhQ8

@SylviaLeatham Sylvia Leatham @SylviaLeatham

Check out this STEM public engagement project from @TheMicromuseums - a tiny museum in a public space. Science, eng… https://t.co/2lPXq0RvJl

@CMCOscience CMCO Science Department @CMCOscience

3rd Year science building circuits today. https://t.co/Tyt6RmT3DY

3rd Year science building circuits today...

@ClimateIreland Climate Ireland @ClimateIreland

Closing words by @DenisNaughten of #scicom17 on the importance of communication making sure to break things down as… https://t.co/3I5358P3yN

@showoffyoursci ShowOffYourScience @showoffyoursci

Breaking down boundaries within STEAM! @scicomie #scicom17 https://t.co/rfr5Ll9HAm

Breaking down boundaries within STEAM! @...

@showoffyoursci ShowOffYourScience @showoffyoursci

Discussion of art and science by hipster #scicommer @GregBoustead of @ScienceSandbox at #scicom17. Lovely quote fro… https://t.co/HShnYYX55Q

@showoffyoursci ShowOffYourScience @showoffyoursci

If you get stuck in your research, try writing a poem about it! Advice to scientists from @samillingworth at… https://t.co/oup83rb8dZ

@showoffyoursci ShowOffYourScience @showoffyoursci

Colin Hill from @Pharmabiotic says collaborating with industry is positive in that they bring in ideas and fund the… https://t.co/7jm7fen4Xf

@showoffyoursci ShowOffYourScience @showoffyoursci

Engage early, engage often, just talk to the public, get them involved, share your research - final takeaway advice… https://t.co/NpkvrrR4uK

@WikimediaIE Wikimedia Ireland @WikimediaIE

We are delighted to announce the six winners from the very first year of Wiki Science Ireland. Congratulations to… https://t.co/wGGbOZ9pZr

@showoffyoursci ShowOffYourScience @showoffyoursci

The question should be not whether the public trusts scientists but why scientists don't trust the public -… https://t.co/vE8Z3BrrfO

@scienceirel SFI @scienceirel

Helen Spiers explains @the_zooniverse is the largest online platform for #citizenscience, starting 10 yrs ago w pr… https://t.co/Y1kLoU72BB

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