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Classical dancer || National Media Panelist INC, Chief Spokesperson & Incharge Communication DPCC || Tweets are personal

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@rssurjewala Randeep S Surjewala @rssurjewala

Spl AICC PC at 1 PM today. Will expose the ‘double standards’ of an Election Commission subservient to whims of BJ… https://t.co/bxBgykkMjQ

@sushmitadevmp Sushmita Dev @sushmitadevmp

I thank all the office bearers Of @MahilaCongress, Mahila Congress State Presidents & delegates for making… https://t.co/zlU9iJQGcP

@65thakursahab thakursahab @65thakursahab

Mr Minister exactly how foolish do you take Indians to be ? & just in case you're under informed, work on the subm… https://t.co/FFnrJ1P6aT

@ashokgehlot51 Ashok Gehlot @ashokgehlot51

Congress delegation reached ECI to submit a memorandum against FIR lodged against Gujarati news channel for airing… https://t.co/9T1spAmZWq

@ShekharGupta Shekhar Gupta @ShekharGupta

MMS was silent but did enough to fight terror. Modi talks & young people like it. Ex-NSA MK Narayanan changing terr… https://t.co/fpCK4a0Py2

@Ram_Guha Ramachandra Guha @Ram_Guha

Narendra Modi’s new mantra: Na interview doonga na kisi ko dene doonga.

@MahilaCongress Mahila Congress @MahilaCongress

#SoniaGandhi ji has pushed Women's agenda always. Sometimes silently but for most part, openly. Now @INCIndia will… https://t.co/4MWM8qpi9R

@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

The GSPC scam, and allegations of EVM tampering may be connected. Take a look at Geo Global Resources—the biggest b… https://t.co/Jrk6wVf7NN

@NH_India National Herald @NH_India

In 2014, #BJP came up with a slogan that said “bahut hua naari par atyachaar, abki baar Modi sarkar”. But the gove… https://t.co/Q4ueZEa6Wd

@rssurjewala Randeep S Surjewala @rssurjewala

अब एक निष्पक्ष आंकलन ने दिया कांग्रेस को गुजरात में सम्पूर्ण बहुमत। देखिए, पढ़िए, जानिए। https://t.co/wBpzSx8HsN

अब एक निष्पक्ष आंकलन ने दिया कांग्रेस को...

@PChidambaram_IN P. Chidambaram @PChidambaram_IN

Yesterday, PM made a speech. BJP's President gave an interview. Railway Minister gave an interview. Why have all th… https://t.co/R0fZaMm1G6

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

गुजरात में नवसर्जन की शुरुआत हो चुकी है। आपका एक एक वोट लोकतंत्र की नींव को सुदृढ़ और सशक्त बनाएगा। गुजरात की जनता… https://t.co/GER0HNqyhM

@_YogendraYadav Yogendra Yadav @_YogendraYadav

My projections for Gujarat Scenario1: Possible BJP 43% votes, 86 seats INC 43% votes, 92 seats Scenario 2: Likely… https://t.co/WgElTul3s9

@rssurjewala Randeep S Surjewala @rssurjewala

We, therefore, request the Election Commission:- 1.​Immediately withdraw the order, if any, directing registratio… https://t.co/mJvME1mayI

@rssurjewala Randeep S Surjewala @rssurjewala

Congress delegation submitted a memorandum to ECI demanding immediate registration of FIR against BJP leaders in th… https://t.co/V1E5wFBlu4

@sharmistha_gk Sharmistha Mukherjee @sharmistha_gk

Indicates his priorities, & commitment to the cause of womens’ empowerment within & outside the party… https://t.co/jCtDY8KU6Q

@MahilaCongress Mahila Congress @MahilaCongress

All India Mahila Congress is conducting a one day workshop on #TheWayForward & is honored to have @OfficeOfRG , P… https://t.co/nkZGLdUOsA

@SankarshanT Sankarshan Thakur @SankarshanT

Only a warped mind would believe a former PM and VP would sit with Pakistani visitors to plot the BJP’s defeat in a… https://t.co/OM5iTSbaf6

@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

Loans worth 1,30,000 crore of just around 10 businessmen are waived by @narendramodi govt. But when asked about far… https://t.co/N1HsQyifnJ

@NavbharatTimes NBT Hindi News @NavbharatTimes

भाजपा नेता ने लोगों को तलवार लेकर धमकाया, तस्वीर हुई कैमरे में कैद https://t.co/v5xtAgkIVj

भाजपा नेता ने लोगों को तलवार लेकर धमकाया...

@IndiaToday India Today @IndiaToday

"Earlier Modiji used to talk about corruption everywhere. But since we raised the issues of Jay Shah and the Rafale… https://t.co/vTRMk4dOdH

@TOIIndiaNews TOI India @TOIIndiaNews

'Shame on you': Sharad Pawar attacks PM Modi for remarks against Manmohan Singh https://t.co/Ttz7DVF5GL

@RifatJawaid Rifat Jawaid @RifatJawaid

EXCLUSIVE: Gujarat's Rs 20,000 crore gas scam and malfunctioning EVMs: Are they connected? via @JantaKaReporter https://t.co/VY4hAipG3d

@sharmistha_gk Sharmistha Mukherjee @sharmistha_gk

The strongest Opposition voice in the country: Why ‘silent’ Manmohan Singh worries the BJP – The Indian Express https://t.co/gMXVL9cFuP

@vidyarthee Kaushal K Vidyarthee @vidyarthee

“India imports $61.3 billion worth of Chinese products while it exports just $10.2 billion worth of goods to China.… https://t.co/dh8zU1dqtM

@NH_India National Herald @NH_India

Rahul Gandhi attacked Mani Shankar Aiyar for his “neech” remark on PM Modi, adding that he also couldn’t tolerate P… https://t.co/2AGOktAs4S

@ajaymaken Ajay Maken @ajaymaken

Today upbeat @INCDelhi workers in large numbers, welcome their President-Elect @OfficeOfRG https://t.co/IkpZf15YJd

Today upbeat @INCDelhi workers in large...

@sharmistha_gk Sharmistha Mukherjee @sharmistha_gk

Deepest condolences to the family of senior leader of Delhi, ex minister & speaker, & ex President of DPCC Ch Prem… https://t.co/ZxsqRcbKJp

@sharmistha_gk Sharmistha Mukherjee @sharmistha_gk

Congress workers celebrating at AICC for @OfficeOfRG being elected the President of @INCIndia… https://t.co/VBtfdtavyD

@rssurjewala Randeep S Surjewala @rssurjewala

डा. मनमोहन सिंह ने दिया मोदीजी को करारा जबाब, दिखाया ‘सच का आईना’। कहा - एक निराश और हताश पी.एम अपशब्दों व कोरी झू… https://t.co/CnH7nU6VnY

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