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I'm the first young-of-the-year white shark tagged by @OCEARCH on Expedition New York

Montauk, NY

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@mysticaquarium Mystic Aquarium @mysticaquarium

Did you know there are over 500 different species of sharks? Only five percent are seen by humans! https://t.co/RqlffPu6fU

Did you know there are over 500 differen...

@TheSharkDoctor Dr. Craig O'Connell @TheSharkDoctor

Although photographs of these large charismatic predators with their jaws wide open are oftentimes absolutely stunn… https://t.co/NKCKZCFDCH

@sharkmontauk Great White Montauk @sharkmontauk

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne 🌊😍🦈… https://t.co/nSagdHXT3Z

@pewenvironment Pew Environment @pewenvironment

This artist adds living color to extinct squid usually seen only as dull fossils—a vibrant reminder to help keep to… https://t.co/dlbUD1JORA

@GWSharkGeorge George The Shark @GWSharkGeorge

Conrad Salvador @explicitmemory One of the main men for our social media also well known for @Shark_Katharine and m… https://t.co/ZasVwVlG9K

@sharkmontauk Great White Montauk @sharkmontauk

@osoloco11 I do love those 🦈🎉!

@WhaleSharkRocky Whale Shark Rocky @WhaleSharkRocky

Somewhere under the rainbow, I reside! 🌈🎤🐋🦈 #AtTheEndOfTheRainbow https://t.co/IivekFmTQI

Somewhere under the rainbow, I reside! 🌈...


A 5th great white shark shows up off NC, near Kure Beach. Is there a shark party? https://t.co/93oDfFMHnH… https://t.co/X1ot8d6UUR

@sharkmontauk Great White Montauk @sharkmontauk

5ft young-of-the-year male white shark @BruinTheShark pings off of Surf City, NC! 🦈🦈🦈 https://t.co/5cW762mUiJ

5ft young-of-the-year male white shark @...

@ChrisOCEARCH Chris Fischer @ChrisOCEARCH

#fun #MarchMadness https://t.co/iaOObJrlve

@FinandField Fin & Field @FinandField

Scientists work with @Ocearch to learn more about the Atlantic Great White Shark - @WTKR3 https://t.co/GbIYvALCOF… https://t.co/Voy7sXG0EN

@Dr_Yannis Yannis Papastamatiou @Dr_Yannis

Kona's hammerhead sharks https://t.co/MOp88f8YvN

Kona's hammerhead sharks https://t.co/MO...

@HelenTheShark HelenTheShark @HelenTheShark

I hope #ThisWeek you can take all the leaps you need! #SundayMotivation #SundayMorning #sundayfunday https://t.co/gtxkWrihIH

I hope #ThisWeek you can take all the le...

@sharkmontauk Great White Montauk @sharkmontauk

#SundayMorning shark sighting! 🌊😍🦈 https://t.co/66uv5yfkT9

#SundayMorning shark sighting! 🌊😍🦈 https...

@sharkcagediving Calypso Star Charter @sharkcagediving

Footage from Thursday’s trip by guest Athina de Gier #portlincoln #shark #sharkdiving 🦈 https://t.co/ZXdDEOcasf

Footage from Thursday’s trip by guest At...

@larvalfishlab Hernandez Lab @larvalfishlab

Our "Larva of the Week" may be well beyond its larval stage, but it is too cool to pass up (besides, "Early Life St… https://t.co/q8wrZ4FuOc

@azula Azula @azula

Shark skin isn't as silky as it looks. https://t.co/gz2aE7LIWO

@sharkmontauk Great White Montauk @sharkmontauk

Happy #SaturdayMorning! Shark smiles from me, Baby Montauk to YOU! 🌊😍🦈 https://t.co/C9JOFRTwUz

Happy #SaturdayMorning! Shark smiles fro...


Scientists work with @Ocearch to learn more about the Atlantic Great White Shark - @WTKR3 https://t.co/9DurcIMFF1… https://t.co/Uh2XvjUDkW

@WhaleSharkRocky Whale Shark Rocky @WhaleSharkRocky

Whale shark pups WHALEy are the cutest! DYK: Female whale sharks give birth to about 300 live young?! 😍🐋🦈… https://t.co/QJfYj36HC2

@azula Azula @azula

And cuter than a button! https://t.co/C3qfMe9YYt

@nationaltrust National Trust @nationaltrust

If you could walk along just one stretch of coastline for the rest of your life, which would you choose? https://t.co/eNrFtF3adZ

If you could walk along just one stretch...

@savingoceans Marine Conservation @savingoceans

“Did you hear about that #FridayFeeling? It’s eel-lectric!” #tgif #eels https://t.co/05BbRG4nMh

“Did you hear about that #FridayFeeling?...

@sharkmontauk Great White Montauk @sharkmontauk

High FIN! 🌊😎🦈 #FridayFeeling https://t.co/k1j6QIDGYi

High FIN! 🌊😎🦈 #FridayFeeling https://t.c...

@Oceana Oceana @Oceana

Sleeper sharks may be anything but sleepy. https://t.co/BxcT5AY2wx via @azula

@MakoPeggyHughes PeggyHughes Da Shark @MakoPeggyHughes

Curious how fast sharks (generally) swim? Large sharks cruise around 1.5 mph (2.4 km) with bursts for doing what… https://t.co/dWjOA0MbU6

@sharkmontauk Great White Montauk @sharkmontauk

DYK: My eyes are BLUE not BLACK, contrary to popular belief? I can also roll my eyes into the back of my head... bu… https://t.co/qp9F1PZBEd

@NBCNightlyNews NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt @NBCNightlyNews

WATCH: In Monterey Bay, California, a drone captured five gray whales gracefully dancing together. Later, a few dol… https://t.co/pRAI5SN9xy

@GeorgeProbst George T. Probst 🦈 @GeorgeProbst

Tzitzimitl, named after an Aztec deity, is one of Guadalupe’s bigger females at 18’ (5.5m) in length. She is easily… https://t.co/QrNT0HloJV

@ChrisOCEARCH Chris Fischer @ChrisOCEARCH

Fishermen Spot Great White Shark 3 Feet Away From Them - https://t.co/WIH66onSrw #GoogleAlerts @ocearch

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