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A mysterious and magical journey from @RealGDT. #TheShapeofWater - Now Playing Nationwide

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@KChenoweth Kristin Chenoweth @KChenoweth

Holy @shapeofwater ! I’ve just seen @RealGDT movie and LOVED IT and @reneesmusings no one can do what you do!!

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

#TheShapeofWater is the #1 movie in Mexico this weekend! @realGDT #LaFormaDelAgua https://t.co/bXrCimUMl4

#TheShapeofWater is the #1 movie in Mexi...

@Larkistin89 Steffi Hochriegl @Larkistin89

@shapeofwater is such a wonderful movie and @actordougjones is BRILLIANT. It went straight to my heart ❤️ Everyone should see it.

@Bosslogic BossLogic @Bosslogic

I know this year just started but I have already been blessed as a movie buff @shapeofwater was just pure art, from… https://t.co/7Smdm1wOx5

@kumailn Kumail Nanjiani @kumailn

I’ve seen a bunch of fantastic films over the last few months but the one I think about the most, the one I can’t g… https://t.co/neYMxUANmj


What better way to celebrate the end of the week than with our official @shapeofwater #VFX Breakdown reel 🙌🏻 Many t… https://t.co/2JF3V8AHPL

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Congratulations to @RealGDT and #TheShapeofWater team on receiving 4 #CriticsChoice Awards including Best Picture,… https://t.co/KufPoy3c7g

@cinemaxwell Maxwell Haddad @cinemaxwell

The Shape of Water won Best Picture at the Critics Choice awards. That’s a terrific choice. I have so much love for GDT!

@lacosacine La Cosa Cine @lacosacine

#GuillermoDelToro nos vuelve a emocionar y se lleva el #CriticsChoice a Mejor Director por #LaFormaDelAgua.… https://t.co/9qcvV7VhuQ

@GoldDerby Gold Derby @GoldDerby

#CriticsChoice gives Best Director to #GuillermoDelToro for #TheShapeofWater, which also takes Best Score!… https://t.co/Yryrgvq6hn

@MomentsES Twitter Moments en Español @MomentsES

⚡️ ¡Otro premio para Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT)! 🙌 El director mexicano ahora se llevó el premio #CriticsChoice… https://t.co/We8nzX8k4f

@adnanESPN Adnan Virk, ESPN @adnanESPN

Tremendous! Congrats to @RealGDT for the Best Director win #CriticsChoice @shapeofwater “As you can see I’m short… https://t.co/dTHR9HVGig

@THR Hollywood Reporter @THR

#CriticsChoice: @RealGDT wins best director for #TheShapeofWater https://t.co/DxjOqhNWMn https://t.co/WZpVbpuKly

#CriticsChoice: @RealGDT wins best direc...

@AisleSeat Mike McGranaghan @AisleSeat

Guillermo del Toro wins Best Director at the #CriticsChoice Awards! Aside from making excellent films, he gives great acceptance speeches.

@Variety Variety @Variety

#CriticsChoice: Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT) won best director for #TheShapeofWater https://t.co/OX2JH2nfe2 https://t.co/Abosx6YbST

#CriticsChoice: Guillermo del Toro (@Rea...

@KendraMeinert Kendra Meinert @KendraMeinert

I like “The Shape of Water” more each time I hear Guillermo del Toro talk. What a sweet, humble guy. #CriticsChoice

@AsiaArgento Asia Argento @AsiaArgento

How I loved swimming in the deep green SHAPE OF WATER with @RealGDT. Exquisitely beautiful and touching film, with… https://t.co/3PTOssCdPj

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Click here to see where #TheShapeofWater is playing near you: https://t.co/VmzrSsoS2V https://t.co/0fwvrcBO1i

Click here to see where #TheShapeofWater...

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Congratulations to @realGDT on his Directors Guild Award nomination for #TheShapeofWater! https://t.co/PCZuAuXljK

Congratulations to @realGDT on his Direc...

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

“For 25 years, I have handcrafted very strange little tales made of motion, color, light, and shadow. And in many o… https://t.co/MFQ6DnjWa1

@BLOWtheMIND Robert & Joe (STBYM) @BLOWtheMIND

"The Shape of Water" by @RealGDT is tremendous. If you dig monsters and love or have ever felt like an outsider, this one's for you. ~rl

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

#TheShapeofWater has received seven nominations at the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Awards (@DorianAwards)… https://t.co/dxcTd5rJ6c

@DEADLINE Deadline Hollywood @DEADLINE

‘The Shape Of Water’ Production Designer On Crafting Satisfying Visual Experience For Ultimate Visual Storyteller… https://t.co/acoreyHvjy

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

#TheShapeofWater's Dan Laustsen has now been nominated for a Best Cinematography award by The American Society of C… https://t.co/j6XUdXkPpG

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Congratulations to #TheShapeofWater team on their Cinema Audio Society Awards nomination! https://t.co/OjD2OhtFFF

Congratulations to #TheShapeofWater team...

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Congratulations to #TheShapeofWater's Luis Sequeira on his nomination for Best Costume Design at the Costume Design… https://t.co/5Uw94Psg2n

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Congratulations to #TheShapeofWater team on their 3 EDA Awards wins — including BEST FILM! https://t.co/Kkonq4yb0S

Congratulations to #TheShapeofWater team...

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Critics and audiences agree, #TheShapeofWater is "a masterpiece". Winner of the @GoldenGlobes Award for Best Direct… https://t.co/FA6jOYjcWA

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Don't miss #TheShapeofWater's Sally Hawkins tonight on The @latelateshow with @JKCorden! Check your local listings… https://t.co/9uSY4ZWpqW

@VanityFair VANITY FAIR @VanityFair

Richard Jenkins of The Shape of Water said the film ”had that feeling of a classic 40s film, and that’s the kind of… https://t.co/AH2YAizdrk

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