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A mysterious and magical journey from Oscar-winning director @RealGDT. #TheShapeofWater - NOW ON 4K ULTRA, BLU-RAY & DIGITAL https://t.co/fogWaNMTuJ

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@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

@OriginalFunko @RealGDT Can't wait! https://t.co/G83BrevCnv

@OriginalFunko @RealGDT Can't wait! http...

@polysculpture Robert @polysculpture

Painted up my fan sculpt and print of the amphibian man from #ShapeOfWater thanks for making great creatures… https://t.co/pcJBswXW7e

@iBenWild Ben Wild @iBenWild

Adding a bit more to my #ShapeOfWater drawing ✍🏻 https://t.co/Vx6fbN34Pr

Adding a bit more to my #ShapeOfWater dr...

@elodiethefirst elodie @elodiethefirst

This was one of my favorite shots in the movie, I knew I wanted to draw it as soon as I saw it in the theatre… https://t.co/pyA9wmKVNz

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Command the room. #TheShapeofWater https://t.co/5BT0Eh1boj

Command the room. #TheShapeofWater https...

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Watch how @RealGDT's vision came to life with this behind-the-scenes clip. #TheShapeofWater is NOW on 4K Ultra HD,… https://t.co/0XZEQcAlGS

@iTunes iTunes @iTunes

Director @RealGDT on the most fantastical sequence from his Best Picture #Oscar winner. Rent or own… https://t.co/ul6T11MwVQ

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Simple gestures. #TheShapeofWater https://t.co/dh5EV51ecE

Simple gestures. #TheShapeofWater https:...

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Don’t miss the film the @WSJ calls “a stunner.” #TheShapeofWater is now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & Digital.… https://t.co/iQ9Ou1n1zA

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

@TGINKART https://t.co/mIC7k1NvQ9

@TGINKART  https://t.co/mIC7k1NvQ9

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

@CrumbleBumbles https://t.co/yH2E7aao5d

@CrumbleBumbles  https://t.co/yH2E7aao5d

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

@zstephanie https://t.co/E8XoOnK42S

@zstephanie  https://t.co/E8XoOnK42S

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Immerse yourself in the visionary world of #TheShapeofWater. Own the Best Picture of the year - #TheShapeofWater is… https://t.co/80gYsSTqc1

@Barista_Maniac Cortney Kern @Barista_Maniac

Congratulations @RealGDT for your Best Picture Academy Award. I absolutely adore and love @shapeofwater This latte… https://t.co/3ElMxof9pJ

@lilbirdeeart Jungle Jenna @lilbirdeeart

At last, it’s mine!!! #TheShapeofWater https://t.co/Q4RO2O7kTm

At last, it’s mine!!! #TheShapeofWater h...

@HeatVisionBlog Heat Vision @HeatVisionBlog

'Shape of Water': How Guillermo Del Toro Crafted That Underwater Opening https://t.co/sFCKMCiYMb https://t.co/JDIuSq8ovH

'Shape of Water': How Guillermo Del Toro...

@DeviantArt DeviantArt @DeviantArt

Get an inside look at Guillermo del Toro’s latest film, #TheShapeofWater, through the design and production of its… https://t.co/lL2YbnZlLH

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

@TIFF_NET https://t.co/EmbvNVFRiI

@TIFF_NET  https://t.co/EmbvNVFRiI

@actordougjones Doug Jones @actordougjones

OWN IT TODAY on DVD & BluRay!!! (Then you can watch that fine, enhanced ass of mine whenever you wish). “The Shape… https://t.co/WQEYkatv46

@YahooEnt Yahoo Entertainment @YahooEnt

EXCLUSIVE: How to make a sexy sea monster and other @shapeofwater secrets revealed! https://t.co/S6q03ehLt3 https://t.co/PdGsP3w8st

EXCLUSIVE: How to make a sexy sea monste...

@coolkit88 Chris Foster @coolkit88

Just picked up my copy of #TheShapeofWater. Still so happy and proud that @RealGDT won best picture and director fo… https://t.co/dCSkOwLoPu

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Experience a connection beyond words. Own #TheShapeofWater on 4K Ultra HD & Blu-ray TODAY. https://t.co/s1G1ejD5sZ https://t.co/EMqjRgRDdh

Experience a connection beyond words. Ow...

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

.@Screenrant sits down with @realGDT to discuss the meaning behind the lead characters in #TheShapeofWater - NOW on… https://t.co/d7ZF3vXgl7

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Discover the artistry and vision that earned #TheShapeofWater 4 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Own it on 4… https://t.co/MfeOCtNTfz

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Sway your way into Sunday with #TheShapeofWater - now on Digital. https://t.co/hRLLcX4ywv https://t.co/wS2QvwtZES

Sway your way into Sunday with #TheShape...

@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

“Unable to perceive the shape of you, I find you all around me.” #TheShapeOfWater - Now on Digital… https://t.co/7pDC9L9w2l

@actordougjones Doug Jones @actordougjones

A few moments of m sheer bliss from the 90th Academy Awards with THE SHAPE OF WATER, including... - Huggles & statu… https://t.co/GnjQYR7iTA

@RealGDT Guillermo del Toro @RealGDT



@shapeofwater The Shape of Water @shapeofwater

Relive Oscar-winning director @realGDT’s “magical masterpiece.” #TheShapeofWater is now on Digital.… https://t.co/FrRVlz1vsI

@Variety Variety @Variety

¡Si se puede! Guillermo del Toro on his #Oscar wins and how to push for inclusion in Hollywood (COVER STORY)… https://t.co/EuS8Qdz1GY

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