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@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

God save the Queen. https://t.co/aDadaCXSgR

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

From NYT: “In its heyday, television brought the country together, giving viewers a shared set of facts and experie… https://t.co/bJxt2fg9MU

@marknorm mark normand @marknorm

It's good we have a day where we focus on the president.

@JuddLegum Judd Legum @JuddLegum

I think it's because 17 people in a high school were just murdered with an AR-15 https://t.co/0mEpAn50en

I think it's because 17 people in a high...

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

Getting harder and harder to go to work. https://t.co/NjfREbtNFP

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

I very much agree. Let us hope this is not a pattern. https://t.co/lKygjpdnqb

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

“I’ll show them!! I’ll show them ALL!!! No one will steal my magic bag!!!” https://t.co/CNPJCsPs2G

@mrs_lerner Sarah Lerner, CJE @mrs_lerner

There IS collusion, you clown. Get your head out of your ass & do something about what happened AT MY SCHOOL. This… https://t.co/SKg5uDLUrX

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

I have a headache. https://t.co/cZaAEfL3MM

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

duly* https://t.co/KpvLFirWGm

@randalleclayton Randy Clayton @randalleclayton

@ChrisGrahamJr @SethMacFarlane These movies and games travel across borders and are seen around the world. Nowhere… https://t.co/TPptVpli6U

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

Donald Trump is President and the Republicans control Congress. I’m not sure what “enormous sway” you’re referring… https://t.co/074X3KDf8d

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

Violence and conflict have been a part of Hollywood storytelling since the silent movie era. You can find it dista… https://t.co/vYwPPAQJCW

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

One party has made numerous efforts to act on stricter gun regulations. The other has fought them every step of th… https://t.co/rzont6u6sj

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

There seems to be a prevailing philosophy among a certain section of the country that if you enter show business, y… https://t.co/SvX6iEW8tf

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

Hey right wing nuts: I’ve seen every John Wayne and Charlton Heston movie ever made. If I can separate entertainm… https://t.co/7vfYvUhUaP

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

Dear Jack Dorsey: It might be time to shut down Twitter. https://t.co/014ztM3DOW

@kylegriffin1 Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1

Cameron Kasky, a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School: “My message for the people in office is: you’re ei… https://t.co/Tr9eXjqSKj

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

It comes w/ some sadness now, but word-for-word, Al Franken’s Giant of the Senate is the most accessible, enlighten… https://t.co/pDOg6XxY3B

@MisterMo_PI Brad @MisterMo_PI

@canadagoose18 @SethMacFarlane One thing I will say as a life long supporter of the 2nd Amendment, I am realizing n… https://t.co/RN3Y7xrCUq

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

Other countries have had great success containing gun violence through regulation. I support a conscientious analys… https://t.co/aGky97MMMM

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

To a reasonable person, it should go without saying that I am excluding military conflicts in that statement. https://t.co/mgt79UkBhl

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane

To those broad-stroke defenders of the 2nd amendment: How many of you have actually BEEN shot at? Any at all? Wel… https://t.co/YpTMAWxwxL


"I want people to stop talking about it and then not doing anything. ... This happens over and over again, people a… https://t.co/9ogo0Oer4z

@JamesPMorrison James Morrison @JamesPMorrison

“Leverage”? They’re the minority party in both houses of Congress and don’t have the White House. They have no leve… https://t.co/kXPYsOljxP

@people People @people

PETA Calls Out SeaWorld Performers Daughtry, Eli Young Band and More for Supporting Animal Abuse https://t.co/QqkJGXSxTf

@sethmacfarlane Seth MacFarlane @sethmacfarlane



@peterdaou Peter Daou @peterdaou

Anyone who thinks the GOP's moral decrepitude is solely because of Trump needs to remember they STOLE a Supreme Cou… https://t.co/sjWtO35oow

@shawnlevy Shawn Levy @shawnlevy

“Hello, Authorities? I’d like to report a gibbering madman at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, D.C. He’s been m… https://t.co/mEsERlc3yA

@TheOnion The Onion @TheOnion

‘Oh God, What Happened Last Night?’ Says Groggy Mike Pence After Waking Up In Same Bed As Wife… https://t.co/KcbyGNmt3a

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