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Sen. Bernie Sanders is the longest serving independent in congressional history. Tweets ending in -B are from Bernie, and all others are from a staffer.


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@EconomicPolicy Economic Policy Institute @EconomicPolicy

EPI's Gordon Lafer will join @SenSanders @SenWarren and others at the town hall on March 19th. https://t.co/QDH0PXmCyB

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

I was proud to have worked with Rep. Louise Slaughter during my 16 years in the U.S. House of Representatives. Thro… https://t.co/wFxEdJXZ6A

@SXMUrbanView SiriusXM Urban View @SXMUrbanView

Previously on @thelauracoates show @SenSanders defines #EconomicGrowth #Oligarchy #Wealth #Power and #AmericanDream… https://t.co/m71yAPN3pW

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

Monday night at 7 PM ET we are holding an incredibly important town hall on the rise of oligarchy and the collapse… https://t.co/Ap8QQv6Y3w

@guardian The Guardian @guardian

The corporate media ignores the rise of oligarchy. The rest of us shouldn't | Bernie Sanders https://t.co/H5wKOu3hCC

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

Today is the last day to apply for summer internships with Senator Sanders in his Burlington and Washington, DC off… https://t.co/AWFAEtkFCu

@nowthisnews NowThis @nowthisnews

.@SenSanders, @SenWarren, and @MMFlint are teaming up for a town hall about the decline of the middle class and the… https://t.co/Q61TCyBPAU

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

Whether or not it's talked about on the major networks, income and wealth inequality is one of the defining issues… https://t.co/w8JXkMJh4J

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

Thank you @NAACP President @DerrickNAACP and @marjInnocent for coming in to discuss community engagement and suppor… https://t.co/BbHoxsHiqN

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

"I'm here to fight for my life because we're scared. We never know if we're going to come back home from school." –… https://t.co/SAhYVR4hRN

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

If you want to know why the American people have so much contempt for what goes on in Congress it is because time a… https://t.co/JtLsn2cxzv

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

Next Monday, March 19th, we will be live streaming a discussion the likes of which you'd never see in the mainstrea… https://t.co/xi4vC5p196


UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada to join Bernie Sanders for economic inequality town hall https://t.co/OfzH9OEOUG

@RepEsty Elizabeth Esty @RepEsty

You see 7,000 pairs of shoes to represent 7,000 children killed due to gun violence since Sandy Hook. I see 7,000 b… https://t.co/stbJqXY5iJ

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

What kind of message does it send when a defense contractor is paid 100 times more than the secretary of defense? C… https://t.co/N0qXY7lr02

@ThisWeekABC This Week @ThisWeekABC

Sen. Bernie Sanders addresses #NationalWalkoutDay crowd through a megaphone: "You, the young people of this country… https://t.co/ew7Fl3FGZv

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

Thank you to the young people throughout this country who are walking out today and who have the courage to do what… https://t.co/SO6qUPTz13

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

Many Americans are unaware that the people of Yemen are suffering today in a devastating civil war, or that U.S. fo… https://t.co/PWG90x5m5u

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

Firing the secretary of state by tweet is no way to run a foreign policy. Countries around the world are looking to… https://t.co/BnqTB600x1

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

Here's the good news: since November 2012, more than 20 states and 40 cities and counties have raised their minimum… https://t.co/FQlTNfpSij

@MMFlint Michael Moore @MMFlint

Next Monday night Sen. Elizabeth Warren & I will join Sen. Bernie Sanders for a nationwide Town Hall on “Inequality… https://t.co/HvirxsjWOY

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

This is what happens when you have a multi-billionaire who has never attended or taught in a public school as the s… https://t.co/j0pj3N9uYT

@1a 1A @1a

We're live now, talking about banking regulation with @SenSanders. @PMerski, @moneyjoev & @reporterev will join us… https://t.co/I9zSa2Otzx

@sxsw SXSW @sxsw

Watch @SenSanders full conversation with @jaketapper at #SXSW 2018 here: https://t.co/KiPT1enpSQ https://t.co/Myy7JMKYiJ

Watch @SenSanders full conversation with...

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

Unbelievably, Congress right now wants to deregulate some of the same banks that helped cause the 2008 financial di… https://t.co/PrMMt8MpDK

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

The Trump budget is just the Republican three-step dance. My friend @RepJayapal breaks it down. https://t.co/1nFhmL7Ply

The Trump budget is just the Republican...

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

Loudly and clearly, we must tell Republicans leaders: no, we will not cut Social Security benefits for seniors and… https://t.co/WWcHN2kQTa

@AriRabinHavt Ari Rabin-Havt @AriRabinHavt

Time for #SXSW with Bernie and @jaketapper https://t.co/qhF5deZTyc

Time for #SXSW with Bernie and @jaketapp...

@sxsw SXSW @sxsw

Senator Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) sits down with CNN's @jaketapper to discuss the news of today, politics, and t… https://t.co/rv2bAc0Eol

@sensanders Bernie Sanders @sensanders

I couldn’t resist a chance to ask that CNN talk about the real issues affecting the American people. https://t.co/OlolzHWDxl

I couldn’t resist a chance to ask that C...

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