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@seemaadhikari seema @seemaadhikari

Open truth that BJP & JDU had hired Cambridge Analytica in 2010. In fact BJP used it for 4 elections “D firm’s Indi… https://t.co/lAxfM3xHZZ

@seemaadhikari seema @seemaadhikari

Why don’t they at least mourn over 39 Indian lives which we lost , wh don’t they reflect about they are on follies… https://t.co/b1FQRO2Gpu

@seemaadhikari seema @seemaadhikari

No, there are few privileged influentials who can get away with it quickly https://t.co/wdPAdO9xA3

@bhatia_niraj23 Niraj Bhatia @bhatia_niraj23

Lets make Karnataka smile again .. #INC4Karnataka https://t.co/ZibnpyffS5

Lets make Karnataka smile again .. 


@24x7Politics 24x7 Politics @24x7Politics

LIVE: Congress President RahulGandhi and Chief Minister siddaramaiah address a gathering in Hassan. #JanaAashirwa… https://t.co/aYIBX4rdzk

@seemaadhikari seema @seemaadhikari

History will repeat itself . The rise of good & end of evil ruler will start from here #INC4Karnataka https://t.co/g5o2F5m0gh

@seemaadhikari seema @seemaadhikari

You missed #Congress4Karnataka https://t.co/6zoHp9QR0A

@Ajitmittayil17 Dr.M.K.Ajit Kumar @Ajitmittayil17

Ha ! These fools can't even get #Nirav (chotta)Modi & #Hamara MehulBhai, Who have looted Public Sector banks back i… https://t.co/HTFQlNDuq8

@seemaadhikari seema @seemaadhikari

@INCIndia जय हो✌🏼#INC4Karnataka

@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

Congress President Rahul Gandhi met with the Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Sringeri Mutt in Chikmagalur.… https://t.co/d7ujyOHvgk

@RahulGandhi Rahul Gandhi @RahulGandhi

In Doklam, it’s China season again. How will Modi Ji react this time? https://t.co/lUcy9QetfR

@seemaadhikari seema @seemaadhikari

@RahulGandhi Or labelling a false allegation on OPP leaders , with the help of few lap dogs

@seemaadhikari seema @seemaadhikari

@kukk44 A pricy movement , people are paying for #MafiA_Kejriwal

@kukk44 kukki44 @kukk44

Wonder Who Used Who ? Social activist Anna Hazare has said he hoped that no Arvind Kejriwal emerged from his movem… https://t.co/znEsBCxXIS

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अब माफ़ीयों के दौर चल पड़ा है । पहले बदनाम करो फिर जब वो फ़ायदा द ना करे माफ़ी माँगलो , चाहे वो Bikram Singh Majith… https://t.co/p19rei8g3P

@seemaadhikari seema @seemaadhikari

Real AAM Admis views on Delhi CM #MafiA_Kejriwal ohh my my ! its sounds like Mafia 🤭🙈https://t.co/ASI4T8IzaX

@HasibaAmin Hasiba @HasibaAmin

It's high time Kejriwal apologizes to entire Delhi now. For misleading the state with his lies, people deserve an apology. #mafiA_kejriwal

@rachitseth Rachit Seth @rachitseth

Kejriwal should say sorry not only to individuals but to the entire country for forcing Modi on us!This argument by… https://t.co/DLwjzLoe0C

@INCKarnataka Karnataka Congress @INCKarnataka

"UP CM Adityanath came to Mangaluru & tried to divide people of Karnataka. But voters of Gorakhpur taught him a les… https://t.co/1s13x03OZK

@seemaadhikari seema @seemaadhikari

No one quits ! No one take accountability ! They only pass the buck on Opp & of course they are scared ... now they… https://t.co/zBEs0ZHbXN

@sardesairajdeep Rajdeep Sardesai @sardesairajdeep

The farce continues: Lok Sabha adjourned in 60 seconds, RS in 5 mins. Would love to know on whose prodding is AIADM… https://t.co/KntoQ0SzBG

@retheeshraj10 St. Sinner @retheeshraj10

No matter Professor or Politician, every Sanghi is potential rapist.

@seemaadhikari seema @seemaadhikari

#NavrozMubarak https://t.co/RgpNbqIEog

#NavrozMubarak https://t.co/RgpNbqIEog

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