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Unlock scientific thinking. Science Sandbox is a @SimonsFdn initiative dedicated to engaging everyone with the process of science.

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@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

ICYMI - Embracing the Difficult: Sci Con @PioneerWorks_ https://t.co/OJKpJwi6oh https://t.co/r1dwnhA62t

ICYMI - Embracing the Difficult: Sci Con...

@GuerillaScience Guerilla Science @GuerillaScience

#YearInReview: Check out some of our favourite moments at the final ever @SecretGardenHQ. From #SpaceYoga to… https://t.co/eR9vFQzPRy

@caveatnyc CAVEAT @caveatnyc

Featured in the @NewYorker !! "for the discerning nerd" 🤓🍻 https://t.co/O3sH7JA14C

@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

Hello, #SCICOM17! For more on the types of projects we support, check out our “Stories of Impact” series:… https://t.co/9uiZIrmZ5z

@NewLab New Lab @NewLab

Last night we celebrated our @sciencesandbox at New Lab fellows with an evening of final presentations featuring im… https://t.co/SwRihLP9kZ

@PioneerWorks_ Pioneer Works @PioneerWorks_

We're also looking for 2 positions in our Science department supporting our Director of Sciences @JannaLevin. Help… https://t.co/LIk2Gg8IJj

@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

Science Sandbox awardee @TheMicromuseums are featured in the @washingtonpost https://t.co/cdWL9BTODz

@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

We asked @alanalda, a member of our advisory board, for his thoughts on the Science Sandbox mission. Hear what he h… https://t.co/hAOI2VttUd

@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

.@BEAMmathHQ empowers students like Faith to use math as a lens to reimagine the world. https://t.co/ybazWKvmyA

@GregBoustead Greg Boustead @GregBoustead

V looking forward to @scicomie in Dublin, where I’ll be talking colllabs & our @PioneerWorks_ + @NewLab partnership… https://t.co/DFBajU4cpK

@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

ICYMI: @nysci is establishing itself as a community "learning hub" in Corona, Queens https://t.co/csKuxgLa2k https://t.co/PTOBafZ2bK

ICYMI: @nysci is establishing itself as...

@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

Friday, December 1 at 7pm: @JannaLevin hosts "Sci Con No. 13: String Theory" at @PioneerWorks_ - find out more and… https://t.co/bblrOxR60U

@NY1 Spectrum News NY1 @NY1

A museum the size of a vending machine? This @TheMicromuseums display at the @BKLYNlibrary Central Library teaches… https://t.co/BkTfnv6QFD

@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

Science Sandbox awardee, @caveatnyc, is in the @nytimes today. Read how they're fostering an environment for "intel… https://t.co/2R3HTHlZ6v


BEAM is so honored to be a grantee of @sciencesandbox. Faith's story is one story of 450+: the next generation of s… https://t.co/pxSQCo5pee

@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

Watch: @BEAMmathHQ empowers students to use math as a tool to solve problems inside and outside the classroom. In t… https://t.co/v4M3DpKlbP

@JannaLevin Janna Levin @JannaLevin

Sci Con 13! String Theory with Nobel Laureate David Gross and physicist Clifford Johnson 12/1 @PioneerWorks_ RSVP https://t.co/BqVYJ8Vw8h

@SimonsFdn Simons Foundation @SimonsFdn

News: Building Trust in Science via ‘Cultural Brokers’ https://t.co/EjwJY5dC6s @nysci #HallofScience

@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

In their neighborhood of Corona, Queens, @nysci is building trust. The latest in our Stories of Impact series:… https://t.co/SsB8UwiC7k

@ConversationUS The Conversation US @ConversationUS

Here's more on how #MarieCurie used her radiation knowledge for good https://t.co/CguamhfNmW #MarieCurie150 https://t.co/lzAfktkq4J

@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

ICYMI: We launched a newsletter! See what we’ve been up to and subscribe here: https://t.co/lBYnXSnKmq https://t.co/S1IcrkExGw

ICYMI: We launched a newsletter! See wha...

@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

MICRO (@TheMicromuseums) are reinventing what science museums can do. Read more here: https://t.co/b0XjOjdngU https://t.co/RqzuJS2hLv

MICRO (@TheMicromuseums) are reinventing...

@theNASciences NatlAcad of Sciences @theNASciences

See @GregBoustead, @brossardd, & @EngageClimate talk #scicomm live. Register to join online! #SacklerSciComm… https://t.co/jZjasE6kk0

@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

We asked our advisory board to react to the Science Sandbox mission. See what @Miranda_July, and others, had to say… https://t.co/j4wJFTDcMP

@GregBoustead Greg Boustead @GregBoustead

Oh look 👀 @ScienceSandbox has a newsletter now. Say hi! https://t.co/qDF8sgVlHF

@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

We’re launching a newsletter! Here’s how you can keep up: https://t.co/bBOv6ERqKQ https://t.co/auP7wuCYqp

We’re launching a newsletter! Here’s how...

@labo_cine Labocine @labo_cine

Six original @labo_cine films abt #hybrid #identities - created by scientist/filmmaker pairs for Symbiosis… https://t.co/5TCCQGTFdA

@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

We’re partnering w/@sundanceorg to support nonfiction filmmakers seeking to explore the link btwn science & culture… https://t.co/kPfrs7F7gL

@caveatnyc CAVEAT @caveatnyc

FRIDAY | @imaginescience Film Festival Closing Night! Chat HYBRID IDENTITY w/@carlzimmer @ToddDisotell +more Tix:… https://t.co/PnGkN7wmkW

@sciencesandbox Science Sandbox @sciencesandbox

Last week we announced the winners of the #ScienceEverywhere campaign - read more about the winning projects here:… https://t.co/FplHqcGULL

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