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SCI:COM Research Communication Conference, 7th December 2017, Ballsbridge Hotel.

Dublin City, Ireland

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@aoibhywavy Aoibheann Bird @aoibhywavy

Be inspired to stand up for science with @voiceofyoungsci's free workshops for #ECRs in Dublin 8 February and Belfa… https://t.co/Pj7KxbMIoK

@mcclean_siobhan Siobhán McClean @mcclean_siobhan

Great buzz @scicomie today. Excellent panel discussions & breakout sessions Lots of food 4thought & comms👍 #believeinscience

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

This week, designers, architects, communicators and scientists got together to try to tackle some of society's intr… https://t.co/GALcb9Hz5i

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

Jonathan McCrea closing out a wonderful event! It challenged us and we are OPEN FOR IDEAS for #scicom18 #SCICOM17… https://t.co/GOficNcc2b

@choiceIrregular Laurie @choiceIrregular

Oh did anyone mention @IDL2018 at @scicomie? A great way to continue on all the fantastic collaborations we did in… https://t.co/OExrcCBhgH

@NiamhTalking90 Niamh Kavanagh @NiamhTalking90

Now we have the fantastic @claireoconnell is chairing our closing panel. We have @EvoyJohn of the #mensshed assoc.… https://t.co/RuyGLA0jer

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

Community is key! Very strong panel with Colin Regan, John McEvoy, Aoibheann Bird and Claire O'Connell as chair… https://t.co/0cjAOqR1NQ

@thesisin3 Thesis in 3 @thesisin3

Fantastic to hear @DenisNaughten saying you need to explain your research in 3 minutes! Minister - we'd love to te… https://t.co/Yjejlocnnw

@UCDSciEx UCDScienceExpression @UCDSciEx

@DenisNaughten - clarity in public communication - know the audience and understand public curiosity @scicomie… https://t.co/DfM8ZWx0al

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

Delighted and honoured to have Minister Denis Naughten joining us today #SCICOM17 @DenisNaughten @Dept_CCAE https://t.co/bebN3Yeb9o

Delighted and honoured to have Minister...

@UCDSciEx UCDScienceExpression @UCDSciEx

Such an excellent #STEAM conversation with @Aoifetol @GregBoustead @NCAD_Dublin #SCICOM17 #BelieveInScience https://t.co/Cc3cPDENu0

Such an excellent #STEAM conversation wi...

@robinince Robin Ince @robinince

thank you to everyone at @scicomie - leaving Dublin, 3 more events this week incl Friday @Quarterhouse_UK and Satur… https://t.co/HOfsGLhAu4

@psiquadro Psiquadro @psiquadro

#scicom17 challenging panel with an artist in residence at @esa a designer @NCAD_Dublin an artist from… https://t.co/wFIuIVyYG6

@bell_gsz Beatriz 🎄🎁🎅☃️ @bell_gsz

This is lovely! Reinventing our notion of museums! @TheMicromuseums @SimonsFdn #SciCom17 @scicomie https://t.co/Ov5wnWMOcp

This is lovely! Reinventing our notion o...

@NiamhTalking90 Niamh Kavanagh @NiamhTalking90

Just ran around the room at #SCICOM17 with @GregBoustead @lisaemurphy @gillysmurf 😂 We had to point our phone torc… https://t.co/DDQc2kGWpu

@CoolPlanetExp CoolPlanetExperience @CoolPlanetExp

@AineFlood1 @GregBoustead @scicomie @TheMicromuseums @ScienceSandbox @SimonsFdn So do we! This is fantastic Such a… https://t.co/79ha0gELop

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

Design reimagines structures. This applies to organisational structures as much as physical ones. #SCICOM17… https://t.co/mfm7KmlF8Y

@cavcomms Ronan Cavanagh @cavcomms

Listen to @scicomie / #scicom17 interview with @senseaboutsci on Today with Sean O'Rourke on RTE at https://t.co/5kRx0wm5BK #scicom17

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

@GregBoustead talking about all of the work with @SimonsFdn Showing the amazing space in @NewLab #scicom17 https://t.co/IfKWQUFtOA

@GregBoustead talking about all of the w...

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

Living Light! Creating a living working art installation as part of @Aoifetol 's wonderous talk Thank you!… https://t.co/FQGMMr7Ap3

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

Check out the flash on that camera! Explosive talk from @Aoifetol https://t.co/Rup2KiMLH1

Check out the flash on that camera! 

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

When you get stuck in your science, stop and write a poem! Yes. Try it #whynot #SCICOM17 Loving your work… https://t.co/p2tqy19Y7j

@NiamhTalking90 Niamh Kavanagh @NiamhTalking90

The breaks at #scicom17 are great! Bumping into the usual suspects like @johndhodonoghue (check out his… https://t.co/ytNbC36ZEw

@trendinaliaIE Trendinalia Ireland @trendinaliaIE

#SCICOM17 ⒉ Ballymun ⒊ #orangetheworld#MedtechRising#resilienceconf2017#MarriageEquality ⒎ Champions Lea… https://t.co/gwb1CZH10E

@scienceirel SFI @scienceirel

@abigailruthf asks the panel “How can involving the public in the conversation change or inspire a research plan?” #scicom17

@PRII_ie PRII.ie @PRII_ie

Great to meet with so many science communicators today #SCICOM17 and to be involved with @scicomie https://t.co/JpFJTHqPmB

Great to meet with so many science commu...

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

The entire audience were delighted to listen to the wonderful Jane King. Practical, active and really useful tech… https://t.co/pGUlJG6eYa

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

"In a collaboration you can't play the game and referee. Agree the rules" Colin Hill in the Collaboration Panel #scicom17

@phildublin82 Phil Smyth @phildublin82

Apparently I "abuse the listening" according to @JaneKinghorn But I'm learning @scicomie #scicom17 Waiting for nu… https://t.co/fa3OEwtlYW

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