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Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council protects small business & promotes entrepreneurship. We strengthen the ecosystem for startups & biz success! #25years

Washington, DC

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DYK that #veterans own nearly 10% of all businesses in the US? #ShopSmall at your favorite veteran-owned business t… https://t.co/ZvyuzvIBME

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Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday! Join the SBA and organizations across the country in supporting your local sma… https://t.co/wzCYNPBAHM

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Will YOU be shopping on Small Business Saturday? Check out my latest blog for why this day is so important for the… https://t.co/6RbHQrqAef

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

We are grateful today, and every day. Happy Thanksgiving! https://t.co/ZvBsQ26lUT

We are grateful today, and every day.  H...

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

The power of gratitude. #ThanksgivingWeek #WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/bogYzr2na0

The power of gratitude. #ThanksgivingWee...

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

Especially small ISPs, many of which serve rural and underserved communities, burdened by these excessive internet… https://t.co/0FUD4Oowk3

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

Thankful for entrepreneurs and innovators. https://t.co/wYNfbtAXyo

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Check out these Resources for Small Businesses From @KarenKerrigan at @SBECouncil https://t.co/Mr2FLQZeGM

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

FCC regulations have disproportionately burdened #smallbiz, small ISPs, & innovative entrepreneurs. @AjitPaiFCC has… https://t.co/l2RXkVr7XU

@JonnyCPrice Jonny Price @JonnyCPrice

Entrepreneurship is "one of the most effective tools we have to chip away at the growing wealth gap," @Locavesting… https://t.co/l4zXmf15Fs

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.@AjitPaiFCC to #netneutrality repeal critics: We need more investment in networks and infrastructure, not microman… https://t.co/tSIOdd0wSu

@MOhlhausenFTC Maureen Ohlhausen @MOhlhausenFTC

Help support small & local businesses this #SmallBusinessSaturday! #SmallBiz owners check out… https://t.co/py3KDegTME

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More proof that Regulation #Crowdfunding is taking off? Look at this chart that I produced out of our CCLEAR Regula… https://t.co/xnH8uhcsUz

@sbecouncil SBE Council @sbecouncil

More #WednesdayWisdom. https://t.co/jUwsPRmwL3

@GSCC Sarasota Chamber @GSCC

Small Business Saturday is just 3 sleeps away! Make sure that you support our local small businesses during this ho… https://t.co/CdrFD2PHd7

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As we prepare for #Thanksgiving, I hope you are planning to share time with friends, family, and loved ones. I refl… https://t.co/l02gQJnqxD

@SenateSmallBiz Senate Small Biz @SenateSmallBiz

Small employers comprise 99 percent of American businesses. Support your local #smallbiz! #shopsmall on November 2… https://t.co/5qQ8uyHO6k

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“There are two Americas, one with an abundance of capital and opportunity — in Silicon Valley and pockets around th… https://t.co/CgaSR0AdQu

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On another hot topic, I can announce the @FCC's next step to streamline wireless infrastructure deployment. FCC wil… https://t.co/EHXvAR0F1m

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164 million+ Americans are planning to shop on #Thanksgiving weekend. See the details: https://t.co/nrkAoER9hG… https://t.co/ABggcEEWyf

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#ShopSmall #ShopLocal #ShopFranchise on #SmallBusinessSaturday https://t.co/nNoLrbenzZ

#ShopSmall #ShopLocal #ShopFranchise on...

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"@JenneferTBG How #smallbiz can take advantage of #SmallBusinessSaturday-https://t.co/5uDLNZo2fE … @SBAgov… https://t.co/Znzd5fuvvq

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

Taking a toll on our communities, workforce, economy and devastating for so many families across America. Innovati… https://t.co/oyxOqLHAdE

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Calling all franchise owners! Make this your profile picture on #SmallBusinessSaturday as a reminder for everyone t… https://t.co/6dJbzZMYPz

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If you missed it @waverlylabsinc pretty much won the race for fastest raise to $1M in 4 days using Regulation… https://t.co/uh4fphx7Q1

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North Dakota (8.3%), Texas (6.2%) and Wyoming (7.6%) had the fastest growing economies in the second quarter. Find… https://t.co/aOiEklhguo

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