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Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council protects small business & promotes entrepreneurship. We strengthen the ecosystem for startups & biz success! #25years

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@sbecouncil SBE Council @sbecouncil

#SmallBiz, entrepreneurs and their workforce want practical choices and affordability in health coverage plans. Pro… https://t.co/4BEbfH9zni

@sbecouncil SBE Council @sbecouncil

And, unfortunately, #NewYork ranks in the bottom five re: the states with the worst policy environments for… https://t.co/fy2u93mP9T

@AdvocacySBA Office of Advocacy @AdvocacySBA

Are Federal Regulations affecting your Texas small business? We want to hear from you! Come to our roundtable in Ho… https://t.co/gr0lvlg5wP


Join us for a Twitter chat tomorrow 2/21 at 3p EST. Topic is #millennial #women and their future as #entrepreneurs.… https://t.co/C5PIBiGPsq

@MainStreetHub Main Street Hub @MainStreetHub

Our webinar with @SCOREMentors is starting! Learn how to make your #restaurant's #socialmedia appetizing for your c… https://t.co/IvsQ0vops7

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

Once again #California ranks dead last - #50 - re; #smallbiz friendliness when it comes to policy environment and c… https://t.co/HQJJ4Q9FUD

@sbecouncil SBE Council @sbecouncil

Good ideas! #Connecticut lawmakers also have work to do as the state ranks in the bottom ten - #43 - on SBE Counci… https://t.co/pMHkGKOfPE

@LoudounSmallBiz LoudounSmallBiz @LoudounSmallBiz

Finding the best place for your business takes planning. Here are some tips to get your started #SmallBusiness… https://t.co/K4jCRpiPxC

@ALTEXWireCable ALTEX Wire and Cable @ALTEXWireCable

Feels good to see #IN in the top 10 RT @SBECouncil: Is your state friendly when it comes to policies that impact sm… https://t.co/JTE0b1JzUi

@APBusiness AP Business News @APBusiness

In Weinstein's wake, big questions for small businesses. Read @AP @JoyceMRosenberg https://t.co/W9if9T0fx2


Join the #SBDC national proclamation of the success and impact by pledging your support for #SBDCDay!… https://t.co/hmAPBKaRFV

@sbecouncil SBE Council @sbecouncil

Is your state friendly or unfriendly when it comes to policies that impact small business and entrepreneurship? SBE… https://t.co/eTP922ZXw7

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

How does your state rank for #smallbiz policy friendliness? SBE Council releases its 22nd Annual Index today at 10… https://t.co/pLzv7lr6VX

@yext Yext @yext

ICYMI: Entrepreneurs are investing in opening businesses throughout the southeast and southwest, buoyed by booming… https://t.co/Li30zdA0WH

@chris_germann Chris Germann @chris_germann

Recent data from #SMBGroup, 52% of all #SMB are likely to increase tech spend in 2018, but larger mid-market firms… https://t.co/Gw40aSudk1

@mentormediamktg Mentor Media Mktg @mentormediamktg

RT @mentormediamktg: RT @AmplifyCapital: Best to Worst Tax Systems for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Produce… https://t.co/zVnioLlkqX

@sbecouncil SBE Council @sbecouncil

The mind is a powerful tool. Plant and nourish seeds of positivity and success. #MondayMotivation https://t.co/pU6N04ifza

The mind is a powerful tool. Plant and n...

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

As SBE Council's @KarenKerrigan stresses in this Op-ed, there is still much more Congress and regulators can do to… https://t.co/UEsdAhRnR6

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

This week's TIPS, TRENDS & RESOURCES for Entrepreneurs. Are you meeting your sales and revenue goals for 2018? Here… https://t.co/bgaXmn2bBx

@PlatteInstitute Platte Institute @PlatteInstitute

The campaign to review Nebraska's job licensing laws is making international waves, with Nebraska's reform efforts… https://t.co/oFTJgcJeSC

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

SBE Council's @KarenKerrigan: Re-shaping financial rules helps Main Street, not Wall Street firms. Access to growth… https://t.co/oxit2Te2XN

@SugarReform SugarReform @SugarReform

ICYMI: Syracuse-based cookie maker calls for #SugarReform in new op-ed explaining how the U.S. sugar program harms… https://t.co/jhdLVGxztn


#DYK #BlackPanther contributed over $26.5 million in wages to more than 3,100 workers across Georgia! Learn more ab… https://t.co/TXI37rsg8U

@ShopFloorNAM The NAM @ShopFloorNAM

Manufacturing fact of the day: manufacturers are expected to create nearly 3.5 million jobs in the next decade. (Ha… https://t.co/ohQVqGvBdX

@SenateGOP Senate Republicans @SenateGOP

"The Investing in Opportunity Act gives investors incentive to put their sidelined capital gains into struggling ar… https://t.co/XkHw8Hxzfg

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