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The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council protects small business & promotes entrepreneurship. We strengthen the ecosystem for startups and business success

Washington, DC

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@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

Believe, then step up. #MondayMotivation https://t.co/i3lMNPwFQd

Believe, then step up. #MondayMotivation...

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

It's going to be a big week for #TaxReform! Join thousands of #smallbiz and sign our letter demanding ACTION!… https://t.co/onplSG2Jsw

@sbecouncil SBE Council @sbecouncil

Repealing the tax that destroys family businesses and farms needs to remain a key part of #TaxReform. #deathtax… https://t.co/LTL1bJrNA4


FYI --> @FEMA is looking for temp workers across the U.S. and Puerto Rico to support #HurricaneMaria relief efforts… https://t.co/3JHvv7ouLM

@MActionProject Millennial Action @MActionProject

Economic opportunity is the number one priority for millennials. @InnovateEconomy released data on where it exists—… https://t.co/S66H8VpJf3

@LatinoCoalition The Latino Coalition @LatinoCoalition

TLC Members & Partners: An opportunity to Assist in Hurricane Recovery Efforts https://t.co/nwVsSjIjxc

@yext Yext @yext

80% of consumers are visiting dealerships only to “confirm their decision or complete paperwork.” https://t.co/8rkbnpsbC4 via @GeoMarketing

@sbecouncil SBE Council @sbecouncil

Thank you! Very important that #entrepreneurship & #smallbiz ownership are encouraged and made possible everywhere!… https://t.co/01XiC0knTc


Bill Gates: I do not agree with Elon Musk about A.I. ‘We shouldn’t panic about it’ https://t.co/21gupPHukD

@RepKevinBrady RepKevinBrady @RepKevinBrady

My bill will help so many Texans - and other Americans affected by #HurricaneHarvey - recover faster. https://t.co/wUtphE4AGn

@uscensusbureau U.S. Census Bureau @uscensusbureau

Are you looking for data to help you start or grow a business? Our Census Biz Builder tool can help:… https://t.co/i6dJtJMzQ0

@IRSnews IRS @IRSnews

#Scams pretending to be the #IRS continue, the most common are phone calls and fake emails. #IRSTaxTip https://t.co/VIwGwaA9Gd

@SBAgov SBA @SBAgov

Looking to do business with @fema to support disaster recovery? Check out their industry liaison program: https://t.co/ISnr3gp71M

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

A critical initiative for entrepreneurship to flourish everywhere & anywhere. #Smallbiz needs #broadband access to… https://t.co/eovnmpXz3f

@KarenKerrigan Karen Kerrigan @KarenKerrigan

Mindset matters. The law of attraction is real. #MondayMotivation https://t.co/E2pWsh9dkN

Mindset matters. The law of attraction i...

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

This is why we need more opportunity and greater levels of #entrepreneurship across America. U.S. dynamism has fal… https://t.co/ZsFyjYZ10m

@FEMAspox Eileen Lainez @FEMAspox

There are +7,000 federal staff (575 @fema) on the ground in USVI and PR, supporting response to #Maria & #Irma. Mor… https://t.co/d9ShGpdUAp

@DoDOutreach Amber Smith - DoD @DoDOutreach

#TeamUS Captain and @usairforce pilot Christy Wise with a shout out from @InvictusToronto! #InvictusGames #IAM https://t.co/UtlYHW8llR

#TeamUS Captain and @usairforce pilot Ch...

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

Tips & Trends News: Another week of great content, events & solutions to help your #smallbiz grow and succeed!… https://t.co/4Qgt8t9LM9

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

Thank you for the reminder! #SmallBiz getting crushed by high costs and losing health ins options in Virgina due to… https://t.co/vktPzFv0Os

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

Americans have high confidence in #smallbiz, according to Gallup. Only the military comes in (slightly) higher.… https://t.co/PTp57yDdaF

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

Let's get big business spending some of this cash with #smallbiz suppliers. #TaxReform will encourage investment. https://t.co/UR9OfrMgn1

@kevindk82 Kevin Kiefer @kevindk82

#NDvsMSU #Indiana ranks 7 in @sbecouncil's small biz index, #Michigan 12.https://t.co/5MSGirgJgU #AStateThatWorks #NotreDame #Spartans

@Knowledge_Inst Knowledge Institute @Knowledge_Inst

59% of all entrepreneurs run their businesses from home https://t.co/bTaPXzHk6b #homeoffice #funfact #selfemployed

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

That's really good news @smallbiztrends! Great opportunity for #smallbiz to capture and keep new customers. https://t.co/yssS8VhvvI

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