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The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council protects small business & promotes entrepreneurship. We strengthen the ecosystem for startups and business success

Washington, DC

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@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

#OHIO a top ten state for #smallbiz but a negative looms on the November ballot. Learn more here:… https://t.co/zQtaffHIUo

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

Small Business Bootcamp, July 26. @BarbaraWeltman will help move your startup or #smallbiz to the next level! Info:… https://t.co/7KpLHx3nGT

@RSI R Street Institute @RSI

Event Weds: Can TV White Spaces Close the Digital Divide? https://t.co/U0GtxpJb1F @SBECouncil @GDufault @actonline… https://t.co/AL9F4S2IR8

@JuntaeDeLane Juntae DeLane @JuntaeDeLane

Are You Sending Your Business Emails at the Right Time for Your Consumers? https://t.co/zCXLhOVQLW #research #email… https://t.co/2KQpW2jyxf

@sbecouncil SBE Council @sbecouncil

Too much inflexible regulation and red tape for small hospitals. Reforms would help if the Senate moved forward w/… https://t.co/6epemApf37

@patentpoints PatentPoints @patentpoints

@HouseSmallBiz @SBECouncil Excellent! Making Capital Accessible Again!!!

@sbecouncil SBE Council @sbecouncil

HELP! #SmallBiz getting crushed by health costs. Senate must ACT! 83% have much higher costs-81% fewer choices.… https://t.co/JppbcAJN9z

@kws150 Kevin Schultz @kws150

Is Connecticut asleep or inept?Apple Supplier Foxconn Sets Sights on Wisconsin,IL,TX,PA, MI. https://t.co/wlLodr5rIM

@HouseSmallBiz House Small Biz Cmte @HouseSmallBiz

#BREAKING: House Passes @HouseSmallBiz Bills to Increase Access to Capital https://t.co/TLWPE8EJz9

@RepSteveChabot Steve Chabot @RepSteveChabot

Proud of these 3 bipartisan @HouseSmallBiz bills aimed at helping 🇺🇸's 29 million small businesses. https://t.co/kKgmo2Bgq4

@TedLeonsis Ted Leonsis @TedLeonsis

50 years after the riots, Detroit is back! A great read https://t.co/FfFHjoLv6F

@MainSt4Growth Main Street 4 Growth @MainSt4Growth

ICYMI! #SmallBiz! Sign the @SBECouncil open letter to House and Senate tax writers “urging #TaxReform in 2017!” https://t.co/3lHSfrgu7l

@SBECouncil SBE Council @SBECouncil

An attitude of positive expectation can never be beaten. #MondayMotivation https://t.co/iiXvMMpCga

An attitude of positive expectation can...

@RSI R Street Institute @RSI

Event Weds: Can TV White Spaces Close the Digital Divide? https://t.co/kT8SVE2iEM @SBECouncil @GDufault @actonline @tstruble @consumerpal

@iamthemaster Jason Rhode @iamthemaster

@LettieriDC I wrote about this here: https://t.co/Q2y7810kwi

@Wagepoint Wagepoint @Wagepoint

🇺🇸Fact: More than 86% of C corps have fewer than 20 employees & 96.7% have less than 100. https://t.co/qZI2GKKEHc… https://t.co/ws0bBzEVYf

@consumerpal Steve Pociask @consumerpal

@RSI @SBECouncil @GDufault @actonline @tstruble And, Katie McAuliffe @DigitalLiberty from @taxreformer will moderate!

@sw_dc Startup Weekend DC @sw_dc

Have a #startup idea? Want to learn more about #entrepreneurship and #startuplife? Make it happen at #SWDC! #dctech https://t.co/BmVKas244N

@sbecouncil SBE Council @sbecouncil

More #MondayMotivation! https://t.co/cukSuaGNHZ

@FitSmallBiz FitSmallBusiness.com @FitSmallBiz

10 great landing page examples https://t.co/Dua21iBkMV #marketingideas #LandingPage #howto

@RSI R Street Institute @RSI

Event Weds: Can TV White Spaces Close the Digital Divide? https://t.co/nXMG0HSmGw @SBECouncil @GDufault @actonline… https://t.co/OMljLmjjiv

@RSI R Street Institute @RSI

Civil asset forfeiture is a $5 billion “industry.” https://t.co/eGNXJDt5JY https://t.co/l5lkvPApRT

Civil asset forfeiture is a $5 billion “...

@BarbaraWeltman Barbara Weltman @BarbaraWeltman

House SBC Examines #Smallbiz Trends, Challenges + Opportunities via @SBECouncil https://t.co/bgNeexqMgr

@MOhlhausenFTC Maureen Ohlhausen @MOhlhausenFTC

We're hosting #SmallBusiness & #DataSecurity roundtables across the U.S.! First event on 7/25 in Portland, OR w/… https://t.co/ZAe6yUmyOs

@InnovateEconomy Economic Innovation @InnovateEconomy

The majority of millennials feel financially insecure, placing a huge damper on millennial entrepreneurship. See:… https://t.co/LNuOEoNtue

@BarbaraWeltman Barbara Weltman @BarbaraWeltman

Hey #startups! FREE Webinar, 7/26 @ 8pET; 25 things every #business NEEDS for long-term success! Register here:… https://t.co/wDvHTcSZ7n

@sbecouncil SBE Council @sbecouncil

Entrepreneurship remains weak while the stock market reaches highs. Policymakers need to focus on new biz creation. https://t.co/5EhleImcOt

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