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TV Ad maker who speaks mind, respect views, don't follow any political party line, calls a spade - spade, gives back to society, follows dreams & is adventurous


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@ndtv NDTV @ndtv

How many industrialists committed suicides, asks Anna Hazare https://t.co/9gS1UCLSXp https://t.co/XHrsG6iWeT

How many industrialists committed suicid...

@IndianExpress The Indian Express @IndianExpress

Singhvi said the Prime Minister had called his predecessor Manmohan Singh a watchman and Shashi Tharoor’s late wife… https://t.co/7b9EjZoC7h

@mihirssharma Mihir Sharma @mihirssharma

Indian TV news has sold out completely. https://t.co/6ZSQESc48u

@ShatruganSinha Shatrughan Sinha @ShatruganSinha

As Padmavati becomes a burning controversy, people are asking why the legendary @SrBachchan, most versatile… https://t.co/kq64VVDRCE

@IndianExpress The Indian Express @IndianExpress

CBFC chairman Prasoon Joshi said that the country is going through a cultural “churning” https://t.co/mOjflKgEhX

@firstpost Firstpost @firstpost

Rajat Sharma says the ministers, who are blindly supporting the protesters, should watch the film before following… https://t.co/wk3wm1Hye1

@manojknair85 Manoj K @manojknair85

OMG!! if it was a bullet train...!! @ShashiTharoor @Shehla_Rashid https://t.co/3l0YWPPVz0

@sanjeevrc Sanjeev Singhai @sanjeevrc

@aajtak What @INCIndia could not do in 6 decades @bjp does in 3 years. Still hold high moral grounds by not disclos… https://t.co/FHD4PTK3il

@PChidambaram_IN P. Chidambaram @PChidambaram_IN

'Cancer is divine justice for sins' says Assam Minister Sharma. That is what switching parties does to a person.

@PChidambaram_IN P. Chidambaram @PChidambaram_IN

'Cut off hands of PM Modi's critics' says Bihar BJP Chief. That is what being in an intolerant political party does to a person.

@pbhushan1 Prashant Bhushan @pbhushan1

Fantastic! In 2 weeks Modi, by himself(with Anil Ambani in tow), changed the decision on Rafale (from 126 aircraft… https://t.co/UmqUK11gOy

@SirVinodDua Vinod Dua @SirVinodDua

ये बात मान लेते है कि EVM में गड़बड़ी हो सकती है मशीन है खराब भी हो जाती है। पर हर खराब मशीन हर बार भाजपा को ही वोट… https://t.co/8ltOQZQj6b

@sanjeevrc Sanjeev Singhai @sanjeevrc

Wow. #India tops the list of most #corrupt country of #Asia. India: 69% bribery rate. 5 of 6 public services—school… https://t.co/CZaydMlfsP

@Nidhi Nidhi Razdan @Nidhi

At 8pm: where is Parliament’s winter session? Is the institution being undermined? And FIRs filed for jokes but net… https://t.co/WkQ7G9CRSd

@KimKardashian Kim Kardashian West @KimKardashian

The system has failed. It’s heart breaking to see a young girl sex trafficked then when she has the courage to figh… https://t.co/pOupx9dfh8

@EconomicTimes EconomicTimes @EconomicTimes

Modi is like 'Brahma', only he knows when Parliament will be summoned: Mallikarjun Kharge https://t.co/NVzAgujGns

@sanjeevrc Sanjeev Singhai @sanjeevrc

Season of chopping and beheading at blossom. https://t.co/8rZGUpjded

@sanjeevrc Sanjeev Singhai @sanjeevrc

@scroll_in Congratulations but naming seems to be hight of chamchagiri.

@IndianExpress The Indian Express @IndianExpress

Gujarat Assembly elections 2017: Vijay Rupani’s assets rise by 21 per cent in two years https://t.co/K0T7iZHI76 https://t.co/d4F3Fl4ZKy

Gujarat Assembly elections 2017: Vijay R...

@karunanundy Karuna Nundy @karunanundy

BJP leaders, since Sunday: Behead an actress playing a fictional character; hands raised at PM Modi will be broken,… https://t.co/oGKsnpgYHm

@ShayarImran Imran Pratapgarhi @ShayarImran

जब जब डोर पतंग से कटने लगती है, तब तब कोई सीडी बँटने लगती है! राहुल जीत न जाए.... बस इस डर से, साहेब की जीएसटी घटने… https://t.co/r62mokqtuq

@sanjeevrc Sanjeev Singhai @sanjeevrc

True.. #India always commanded respect globally. #Modi government is certainly suffering from some phobia. Rediculo… https://t.co/ZBkdQs9oGT

@bainjal Swati Chaturvedi @bainjal

Can the Election Commission or the Supreme Court step in as the @BJP4India turns Taliban under @narendramodi https://t.co/cv6QF96Hgw

@thewire_in The Wire @thewire_in

Hands raised against @narendramodi will be chopped off, says Bihar BJP chief @nityanandraibjp… https://t.co/MH9lCLWwQs

@sagarikaghose Sagarika Ghose @sagarikaghose

This is an explosive story https://t.co/yAtQn9WaXm

@the_hindu The Hindu @the_hindu

An average 40 syringes a day, 2700 gloves and Rs. 18 lakh for treatment, claims the family of girl who succumbed to… https://t.co/k7K5AesZnF

@EconomicTimes EconomicTimes @EconomicTimes

"No parking places are available. People are using roads for that" https://t.co/0IzAEdXmTP

@SirVinodDua Vinod Dua @SirVinodDua

Karnataka Minister D.K. Shivakumar hits man taking selfie behind him https://t.co/pk6SnY5hi7

Karnataka Minister D.K. Shivakumar hits...

@sanjeevrc Sanjeev Singhai @sanjeevrc

New #Jumla of #BJP to hold and lure #Gujarat #Voters to them: "Anger against BJP in Gujarat has not yet turned into hatred."

@sanjeevrc Sanjeev Singhai @sanjeevrc

@MariaSharapova you need to break ur silence on this. #RERA #realestatemarketing #RealEstateNews #Celebrities https://t.co/jPDpuGwnL7

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