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Telecom inventor, entrepreneur, development thinker, policy maker. Author of #DreamingBig available now on Amazon https://t.co/8bQhi2xiDh

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@hidayat_hevard Hidayat @hidayat_hevard

A totalitarian power is dangerous for democracy : @sampitroda Courtesy : નયામાર્ગ https://t.co/P6nCJ9R5UU

A totalitarian power is dangerous for de...

@hidayat_hevard Hidayat @hidayat_hevard

ગૂજરાત વિદ્યાપીઠ - ચોસઠમો પદવીદાન સમારંભ : દીક્ષાંત પ્રવચન - ડો. સામ પિત્રોડા જી @sampitroda Courtesy : ભૂમિપુત્ર https://t.co/QVIkXFLh6r

ગૂજરાત વિદ્યાપીઠ - ચોસઠમો પદવીદાન સમારંભ...

@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

Every year 2 million preventable deaths are owed to this low profile, so-called "invisible" problem of sanitation.… https://t.co/h0bZKRejp2

@VishakhCherian VishakhCherian @VishakhCherian

Quote of the day;"Those who suffer from inferiority complex will say... the country started working only after I ca… https://t.co/nUK7YOdU0i

@ThePrintIndia ThePrint @ThePrintIndia

Important for world to know real #RahulGandhi, and whoever met him in US had only praise, @sampitroda tells… https://t.co/nhKKIcRDru

@ThePrintIndia ThePrint @ThePrintIndia

Whoever met #RahulGandhi in the US had only praise for him, @sampitroda tells @anshumanscribe in an exclusive inter… https://t.co/0KPyNB3FNP

@sampitroda Sam Pitroda @sampitroda

Everything about @OfficeOfRG was a paid media creation, this is the real Rahul Gandhi: Congress’s Sam Pitroda.… https://t.co/peT2kgF3Zy

@RushiSarvaiya1 Rushi Sarvaiya @RushiSarvaiya1

Shri @sampitroda 's schedule for today in Surat. Join him and share your suggestions for People's Manifesto! # https://t.co/ahzM1E3DTY

Shri @sampitroda 's schedule for today i...

@dramoldeshmukh Dr Amol R Deshmukh @dramoldeshmukh

Shri Vikram Madam Ex MP Jamnagar finds @sampitroda consultation for PEOPLE'S MANIFESTO as historic step by Congress https://t.co/3RKd8aM2ro

Shri Vikram Madam Ex MP Jamnagar finds @...

@dramoldeshmukh Dr Amol R Deshmukh @dramoldeshmukh

Law student from Jamnagar concerned about opportunities for local graduates and wants quality education that will g… https://t.co/aYJh86C85E

@dramoldeshmukh Dr Amol R Deshmukh @dramoldeshmukh

Himanshubhai Kundaliya, Secy Jamnagar Vyapari Association is happy that they got big platform @sampitroda PEOPLE'S… https://t.co/GCxeymyY5X

@ashokgehlot51 Ashok Gehlot @ashokgehlot51

People of #Gujarat are standing alongside #RahulGandhi ji n Congress Party. #GujaratNavsarjanYatra… https://t.co/kXoxCDdwDJ

@dramoldeshmukh Dr Amol R Deshmukh @dramoldeshmukh

As soon as you enter Ankleshwar we smelt atleast four different kinds of pollutant odours from chemical factories!! Must be so carcinogenic

@rajeevgowda Rajeev Gowda @rajeevgowda

Wonderful to join @sampitroda & @MD_Mistry on Congress' Gujarat People's Manifesto Consultations with women's group… https://t.co/SYvjArc2vo

@dramoldeshmukh Dr Amol R Deshmukh @dramoldeshmukh

14. Well prepared manifesto inputs from business& trader associations @sampitroda Few asked INC&RG to strengthen Ga… https://t.co/sKhXRvqfQN

@dramoldeshmukh Dr Amol R Deshmukh @dramoldeshmukh

Manifesto input at Science Centre, Surat @sampitroda https://t.co/VDU8FrUTHg

Manifesto input at Science Centre, Surat...

@dramoldeshmukh Dr Amol R Deshmukh @dramoldeshmukh

@sampitroda addressing prior to consultations begin for PEOPLE'S MANIFESTO at Science Centre, Surat https://t.co/BXLgiFgMtu

@sampitroda addressing prior to consulta...

@dramoldeshmukh Dr Amol R Deshmukh @dramoldeshmukh

Congress philosophy only way to strengthen India @sampitroda PEOPLE'S MANIFESTO Surat https://t.co/4Xd6j0wHf4

Congress philosophy only way to strength...

@INCGujarat Gujarat Congress @INCGujarat

One thing is clear that, Gujarat does well because Gujaratis do well - @sampitroda #कांग्रेस_के_साथ_गुजरात https://t.co/vDVworwIcX

One thing is clear that, Gujarat does we...

@oneindiagujarat Oneindia Gujarati @oneindiagujarat

USમાં ગમે ત્યાં જાઓ, ગુજરાતીની મોટેલ મળશે: સામ પિત્રોડા https://t.co/3LKbpKbeXR #SamPitroda #Congress… https://t.co/lJShtu748H

@INCGujarat Gujarat Congress @INCGujarat

Many a times, the process of making the manifesto is internal but our specific goal is to institutionalize the proc… https://t.co/cLIjUNPujQ

@INCGujarat Gujarat Congress @INCGujarat

LIVE: Shri @sampitroda addressing the press in Surat! People's Manifesto! #कांग्रेस_के_साथ_गुजरात​ https://t.co/FUKE03RKwm

@TejashModiLive Tejash Modi @TejashModiLive

ગુજરાત વિધાનસભાની ચૂંટણીમાં @INCGujarat ના ચૂંટણી ઢંઢેરા માટે કોંગ્રેસના નેતા @MD_Mistry અને @sampitroda આવશે સુરત,… https://t.co/uLoX6hHXZh

@sampitroda Sam Pitroda @sampitroda

Here is First Session on Peoples Manifesto for Gujarat 2017 Election through FaceBook Live... Enjoy and... https://t.co/wZaM6fae7C

@sampitroda Sam Pitroda @sampitroda

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/wZaM6fae7C Sam Pitroda on People's Manifesto 6 Nov 2017

@INCGujarat Gujarat Congress @INCGujarat

Shri @sampitroda will be in Surat today to have interactions for the People's Manifesto! https://t.co/H35Ngun26H

Shri @sampitroda will be in Surat today...

@sampitroda Sam Pitroda @sampitroda

Spoke to @TV9Gujarati about #GujaratElection17 Thanks @TV9Gujarati​ https://t.co/G6rndIk56H

@sampitroda Sam Pitroda @sampitroda

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/G6rndIk56H Gujarat Polls 2017 Technocrat Sam Pitroda speaks to Tv9 Gujarati

@INCGujarat Gujarat Congress @INCGujarat

Some moments captured during interactions for People's Manifesto with Shri @sampitroda in Jamnagar. https://t.co/y6bZRzgMwe

Some moments captured during interaction...

@BharatSolankee Bharat Solanki @BharatSolankee

People's Manifesto! @sampitroda ji & @INCGujarat leaders interacted with people of Jamnagar, to encompass & incorpo… https://t.co/UJVFanADaj

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