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Proud Pakistani...... RT's r not endorsement.


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@shahzad6362593 Shahzad Hasan @shahzad6362593

وہ پوچھنا یہ تھا کہ انور مقصود نے غلط کیا بولا ہے جو اتنی مرچیں لگ رہی ہیں جیالوں اور جیالیوں کو۔۔۔ #IstandWithAnwarMaqsood

@s_farhanh Syed Farhan Hassan @s_farhanh

If i had to chose between Amir Khan and @DFSMQM ... I would surely go for d DFS coz he is credible amongst these 2....

@HaniQureshi5 Hani Qureshi @HaniQureshi5

#AnwarMaqsood sahab showed the bitter truth and revealed how corruption being done with Government bank loans in ev… https://t.co/BPKVhCLht3

@s_farhanh Syed Farhan Hassan @s_farhanh

PPP..... Saleem mandviwala Deputy chairman Senate by the help of getting votes from PTI.... https://t.co/HVhN2UVAn0

@kainatf42 Kainat Farooq @kainatf42

If they warlmy welcomed Karachi's leadership in Punjab, so there is nothing bad to welcoming Punjab's leadership in… https://t.co/Hq1N85E2h8

@realshoaibmalik Shoaib Malik @realshoaibmalik

کہاں سے اے اقبال سیکھکی تونے یہ درویشی کہ چرچا بادشاہوں میں ہے تیری بے نیازی کا #AllamaIqbal

@mubasherlucman Mubasher Lucman @mubasherlucman

The new Islamabad International airport must be named after #Edhi saheb only. Retweet if you agree

@RealM_Zubair Mohammad Zubair @RealM_Zubair

Electricity issue in Karachi inshallah will be resolved in the next few days.

@s_farhanh Syed Farhan Hassan @s_farhanh

Aameen https://t.co/aAbsw2SAbT

@RaaeZan رائےزن @RaaeZan

#اردوسےانکارپاکستان_سےانکار آئی بات سمجھ میں 🤦‍♂️

@s_farhanh Syed Farhan Hassan @s_farhanh

اردو ہے جس کا نام ہم جانتے ہیں داغ سارے جہاں میں دھوم ہماری زبان کی ہے

@s_farhanh Syed Farhan Hassan @s_farhanh

بات کرنے کا حسیں طور طریقہ سیکھا ہم نے اردو کے بہانے سے سلیقہ سیکھا

@s_farhanh Syed Farhan Hassan @s_farhanh

@Safdarajk ہم بھی یہی کہتے ہین جناب....

@s_farhanh Syed Farhan Hassan @s_farhanh

ہمیں یار ہہ زرا زرا تُمہین یاد ہو کہ نہ یاد ہو https://t.co/3LStDEw06T

@s_farhanh Syed Farhan Hassan @s_farhanh

ماشا الّلہ جناب.... https://t.co/FWSjm5IAWc

@s_farhanh Syed Farhan Hassan @s_farhanh

@ImranKhanPTI Bravo.... You did what you promissed.... Kicking out those who sold their votes.... #SenateElections2018

@RabiaAnumm Rabia Anum @RabiaAnumm

Every right/wrong step from now till elections counts and matters the most. Where our Political parties as usual d… https://t.co/QUfLhMx1gj

@nadia_a_mirza Nadia Mirza @nadia_a_mirza

Remarkable n commendable job done by #PTI. Trend of clean politics has been set, others should follow https://t.co/bbYwGIiPVf

Remarkable n commendable job done by #PT...

@Xadeejournalist Mubashir Zaidi @Xadeejournalist

UNPRECEDENTED....Bravo @ImranKhanPTI for kicking out MPAs from the party who sold their votes during #senateelections2018

@abidifactor Syed Ali Raza Abidi @abidifactor

Well done PTI. All other parties must follow suit, suspend the members and engage NAB proceedings against those MPA… https://t.co/3Rzcj5JHsr

@MazharAbbasGEO Mazhar Abbas @MazharAbbasGEO

Chief Selector, Inzi. finally exposed his biased towards Fawad Alam, when he defended omission of left handed batsm… https://t.co/pMui50XDjf

@mahwashajaz_ Mahwash Ajaz @mahwashajaz_

RT if u love Karachi. https://t.co/kssT81JRxj

RT if u love Karachi. https://t.co/kssT8...

@s_farhanh Syed Farhan Hassan @s_farhanh

Kon hai woh khilari... Kesa jahil insaan hai yeh... @InziTheLegend .... https://t.co/obZ8hxUytA

@MazherArshad Mazher Arshad @MazherArshad

With all due respect to Inzy and his services for Pakistan, he should not be the chief selector anymore. He is doin… https://t.co/fTgpuFAeJ9

@s_farhanh Syed Farhan Hassan @s_farhanh

@TehsinAbidi Live please... Share link

@s_farhanh Syed Farhan Hassan @s_farhanh

@KMSMQM @faisalsubzwari @IzharulHassan @abidifactor @DFSMQM اب بھی کچھ باقی رہ گیا ہہ اِس بات کو سمجھنے کہ لئے کہ… https://t.co/A7c7k1FwGK

@anwer_kazmi khaleeque kazmi @anwer_kazmi

@DennisCricket_ it was between Inzimam Ul haq and Fawad Alam.. and Obviously Injustice Wins.. #FawadAlam #Injustice #Parchi

@s_farhanh Syed Farhan Hassan @s_farhanh

After selling party ticket... You have sold the votes now... https://t.co/muC83h36Qu

@RealM_Zubair Mohammad Zubair @RealM_Zubair

Not selecting Fawad Alam yet again is being very unfair with the top batsmen. Thought justice will be done.

@s_farhanh Syed Farhan Hassan @s_farhanh

Shame on you @InziTheLegend https://t.co/beq56DpmOf

Shame on you @InziTheLegend https://t.co...

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