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@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

NEW: Rep. Frederica Wilson calls out John Kelly for lying about 2015 Miami event in his attack on her tonight https://t.co/keRmPbF8fc

@Stonekettle Stonekettle @Stonekettle

Now? Do you all get it NOW? John Kelly and Mad Dog Mattis ARE NOT GOING TO STOP TRUMP They are accomplices, not victims.

@ddale8 Daniel Dale @ddale8

The fact that Kelly attacked someone for accurately conveying the hurt of a Gold Star family is really not making its way into the coverage.

@owillis Oliver Willis @owillis

the people who screamed benghazi are deafening in their silence about trump ignoring dead soldiers

@peterdaou Peter Daou @peterdaou

I don't know how much of what happened in #Niger is confirmed, but if even half this thread is right, just horrific. https://t.co/MEE5VqXaeU

@selectedwisdom Clint Watts @selectedwisdom

deeply disappointed Pompeo, CIA directors should not be political- CIA dir distorts intelligence findings Russia… https://t.co/2Uzx0wUPPn

@MalcolmNance Malcolm Nance @MalcolmNance

Kelly was in the room. So what. That's not a denial. That's misdirection. Little can be believed from the Trump cam… https://t.co/vBnvOFyQTL

@CaptainsLog2017 CaptainsLog2017 🖖🏽🌵 @CaptainsLog2017

Got bots? A lot of people are experiencing bot activity & new bot followers right now Here's a thread by @RVAwonk https://t.co/dgetBrlroz

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

That was before Pompeo (rightly) declared WikiLeaks to be a "hostile foreign intelligence service" in April 2017 🙃 https://t.co/WkHztRy2JY

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Let's not forget that Pompeo shared WikiLeaks docs on his official govt Twitter account to attack Hillary Clinton d… https://t.co/XruCvueg8A

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Then there's Pompeo's testimony in May & June, when he couldn't seem to keep his story straight about Flynn.… https://t.co/Z0jHQ6pdtX

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Remember this? --> Pompeo knew about Flynn's risk of being blackmailed but still briefed him on top secret intel. https://t.co/RFplNxCeNi

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

When Trump failed to condemn white supremacists after Charlottesville, Pompeo defended him. https://t.co/WFKhtxdHmX

When Trump failed to condemn white supre...

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Some CIA officials said they don't trust Pompeo with sensitive information about Trump-Russia investigation: "Peopl… https://t.co/t0vGHVxuTh

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

In Aug., it was reported that Pompeo starting requiring the CIA unit involved in investigating Trump-Russia to repo… https://t.co/cCi675t6Hl

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

"Pompeo has shown a willingness to handle political assignments for the WH." That's... not what a CIA director does https://t.co/5y2GZFI3lj

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Aug: "When asked abt Russian interference, Pompeo often becomes testy & recites talking points..to appease [Trump]." https://t.co/MgJucfqjLq

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Pompeo claimed intel agencies concluded Russian interference did not affect election outcome. That's not true. They… https://t.co/I7Nwe73KWw

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Once again, CIA Director Mike Pompeo attempts to downplay the significance of Russian interference in 2016 election https://t.co/nxpoEkETet

@Evan_Rosenfeld Evan Rosenfeld @Evan_Rosenfeld

BREAKING: Scotland Yard ‘investigating an allegation of rape’ against magician #DavidBlaine over '04 London incident https://t.co/M3bV5irft8

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Did WikiLeaks start writing your headlines, @Newsweek? https://t.co/0OFYiwZmHb

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@DrCrane72 @EmilyEggbert Thank you for amplifying my voice :)

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

I wrote this abt the responses to #HarveyWeinstein scandal, but it also explains (white) women's support for Trump.… https://t.co/NzXvtnPv4r

@goldengateblond shauna @goldengateblond

See this is why he deserves all the world’s punches to the face. https://t.co/Bu4s3Mgkkt

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@EmilyEggbert @DrCrane72 I can totally understand that. But I am proud to see Playboy making some major changes & r… https://t.co/VAm3A6JZyc

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@DrCrane72 @EmilyEggbert And even more of our online readers are women. (Also: The article centers around a discuss… https://t.co/zwYaeNcjTy

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Mayim Bialik's response to the #HarveyWeinstein scandal was also a lesson in the psychology of victim-blaming.… https://t.co/UzFzbAH2hs

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

"Some of the most vitriolic responses [to the #Weinstein scandal] have come from those most likely to be victimized… https://t.co/50IXmLy2h0

@DrCrane72 ♨️Saucy Stacey♨️ @DrCrane72

Must read from @RVAwonk: Why Do Women Point Fingers? The Rise of Victim-Blaming in a Country Under Assault https://t.co/ZHPAJT4XPq #playboy

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@eileendefreest Done! :)

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