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#Feminist. Behavioral Scientist. "Long-time Trump critic." Liberal in my politics & my use of snark

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@Wolfe321 Lauren Wolfe @Wolfe321

All right, Twitterverse. I hereby challenge you to figure this out in 24 hours. What. The. Heck. #eclipse… https://t.co/1ZS3H8kwVo

@Marmel Steve Marmel @Marmel

"It's so dark," Sessions said. "Can we stop it from voting?" https://t.co/pXBemt21SX

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Dr. Woteki, USDA chief scientist under Obama, was Dean of Agriculture @ ISU; MS/PhD in human nutrition. Sam Clovis is a tea party activist.

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Things Sam Clovis is... -An anti-gay bigot -A climate science denier -A birther Things Sam Clovis is not... -A sci… https://t.co/tzUvizFStQ

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

#1 reason for skepticism: Ezra Levant is a vindictive crybaby. If his domain host dropped him, I'd expect threats of a lawsuit by now.

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@slpng_giants_ca @Garossino I see this as a nice setup for one of Ezra's infamous fundraising scams. i.e., "THEY'RE… https://t.co/Q9BwGzH2JV

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

ICYMI: A former Rebel Media employee confirmed that their fundraisers are complete scams, just like Rebel Media is. https://t.co/Vk7C1iEpD6

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

If Ezra Levant/Rebel Media launches a "fundraiser" to save them from the big bad free market, we'll know this was y… https://t.co/tRtamLv6CV

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

I'm still maintaining a degree of skepticism here, given that 1) Ezra Levant is a scam artist, and 2) He won't nam… https://t.co/wAeEtrLCqa

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@MattAsherS I bet @Garossino & @canadiancynic are overdosing on schadenfreude right about now. They've been dealing… https://t.co/dSelP8kF9e

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Hey Ezra: If it's "censorship" when a private company makes a decision, then I guess it was censorship when your co… https://t.co/IMkSkvmulH

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Guys.... I think it's happening --> The Rebel (Canada's Breitbart) apparently just got dropped by its domain host!! https://t.co/MHNbYTy3th

@BeauWillimon Beau Willimon @BeauWillimon

North Carolina - this is TOMORROW. Please share & go if you can. All location info is in thread. https://t.co/W4BA4OQ3TN

@bitburner B̤̿ot̺̕B͓̚ur͍̒neȑ🔥 @bitburner

⚡️ “Trump tweeted another bot” https://t.co/IkKSSuc5Ql

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@bitburner Have you seen the bot's twin sister? https://t.co/eBZ9ufwiA1

@bitburner Have you seen the bot's twin...

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

...but Hillary Clinton is a private citizen. Donald Trump is a public servant using the presidency to enrich himsel… https://t.co/V3SNfPDVcC

@PattyArquette Patricia Arquette @PattyArquette

@GlennThrush Who cares. She is a free citizen. Not your lifelong abuse target. Gross. Stop it. Stop fixating. She h… https://t.co/OnZ1ZhIUXS

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Most won't say it aloud, but Trump voters have to be doing some serious cognitive gymnastics to justify this in the… https://t.co/JPqR0aOizP

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Things are happening in eastern NC! #EclipseDay #Eclispe2017 https://t.co/wc18XMOBxe

Things are happening in eastern NC! #Ecl...

@JuddApatow Judd Apatow @JuddApatow

Can you look into your father's dead eyes with those? https://t.co/jagDmwER3K


HA HA HA I’ve blocked the Sun! Make way for the Moon. #SolarEclipse2017 https://t.co/nZCoqBlSTe

HA HA HA I’ve blocked the Sun! Make way...

@cmclymer Charles Clymer🏳️‍🌈 @cmclymer

University of Texas--TEXAS--removed all four Confederate statues overnight. Never been prouder to be a Texan. Hook 'em, Horns!

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

.@TGowdySC, Chair of House Oversight, needs to explain what he plans to do re. Trump bankrupting the Secret Service & funneling $ to himself

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Hey Republicans, what are you planning to do about this flagrant abuse of taxpayer dollars? cc: @TGowdySC,… https://t.co/xz40G9aj6F

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

You know who foots the bill for this? We do. Trump is straight-up stealing our hard-earned money to enrich himself. https://t.co/Ht1GbAkjMk

@cspan CSPAN @cspan

#SolarEclipse2017 Totality in Oregon – LIVE on C-SPAN https://t.co/yDCozcEbHp #SolarEclipse #Eclipse https://t.co/0I8dF9iZ4Y

#SolarEclipse2017 Totality in Oregon – L...

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

FYI: It's not just future pay at issue here. Secret Service agents might not get paid for hours they've already wor… https://t.co/CTgauILUps

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Six months after a #SolarEclipse that he interpreted as a sign from God, Nat Turner began his rebellion against sla… https://t.co/lvvpgznyuT

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@MeredithGould And you, the same. It's nice to know that I'm not yelling into an empty chasm :)

@MattAsherS Matt Scharfstein🇺🇸 @MattAsherS

Look at other countries (like Russia🇷🇺) whose coffers have been bled dry by the excesses of kleptocrats. Is that w… https://t.co/bOjpn4kTjA

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