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@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@TrickFreee https://t.co/Gnq83l7yvI

@TrickFreee  https://t.co/Gnq83l7yvI

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@DustinGiebel https://t.co/JPPmJek26l

@DustinGiebel  https://t.co/JPPmJek26l

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@DustinGiebel I heard he's holding onto a stash of Romaine lettuce.

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

#BREAKING: Mitt Romney failed to secure the GOP nomination for Senate at Utah's convention, meaning he'll have to c… https://t.co/xlzmRi5dXs

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@eileendefreest @MaeveReston Exactly. He was happy to accept Trump's endorsement when he announced his Senate run.

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@MollyJongFast I love how she thinks Don Jr is such a great catch, too.

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@rob_sheridan @iamjohnoliver That would be brilliant.

@shannonrwatts Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts

Scott is also scheduled to be a featured speaker at the @NRA Leadership Forum in May. https://t.co/k74BpRLNR3

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

As you see pictures of the local police in #Newnan today, remember that Trump signed an executive order last year t… https://t.co/TYDxjHMldv

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

CNN's @MaeveReston just reported that Mitt Romney is not committing to support Trump in 2020.

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

The law against masks was originally passed as an anti-KKK law (to stop hooded KKK members from terrorizing people)… https://t.co/Z92QrHYeEN

@JackSmithIV Jack Smith IV @JackSmithIV

I was just escorted out by police after neo-Nazis recognized my face among the reporters and asked that I be remove… https://t.co/a1OPGi3N08

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Ivana Trump said she doesn't think Donald Trump should run for president again. She also said "Putin is the toughes… https://t.co/J6BHwA8B1B

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Twitter has banned Kaspersky Lab, a cybersecurity company accused of having ties to the Russian government, from pu… https://t.co/t3fpbzX3Sf

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Mini-Me (Verne Troyer) died today 😢 https://t.co/zokwrR7fV9

@AngryBlackLady Imani Gandy @AngryBlackLady

Y’all “abortion is black genocide” folk are fooling exactly no one with your feigned concern for black babies. When… https://t.co/toTs4XSTJP

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

This is pretty great --> Democratic House candidate John Heenan is buying airtime on Sinclair stations ... to expos… https://t.co/lcK79O5CeQ

@pacelattin Pesach 'Pace' Lattin ⏺ @pacelattin

Once you go Barrack. https://t.co/jw8zRZjySV

Once you go Barrack. https://t.co/jw8zRZ...

@alisonrose711 Alison Rose @alisonrose711

Love this brilliant move by @Heenan4Montana — using TrumpTV's own airwaves to call out its nonsense :) https://t.co/uUuPmDwUsz by @RVAwonk

@EliotHiggins Eliot Higgins @EliotHiggins

If my greatest achievement since 2011 was becoming an InfoWars contributor I'd want to turn back the clock as well https://t.co/eJa3ThGEi1

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@Oceanation @OriginalJLP @Wolfe321 Perfect setup. Perfect follow-through. Solid work, guys. https://t.co/5wzRpYKJaz

@Oceanation @OriginalJLP @Wolfe321 Perfe...

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@Wolfe321 Wait until the pee tape drops...

@conspirator0 Conspirador Norteño @conspirator0

Now why would anyone expunge past affiliation with @infowars from their Twitter profile? @Partisangirl https://t.co/AaeR6NrwKa

Now why would anyone expunge past affili...

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Actual text message I just received. https://t.co/Ozm5BjeTWV

Actual text message I just received. htt...

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

No, Mr. President. You don't deserve a damn "malted." YOU GET NOTHING. https://t.co/gd9L94UDld

No, Mr. President. You don't deserve a d...

@LeviGibian Levi Gibian @LeviGibian

@RVAwonk In case you wanted the visual. https://t.co/2cimyPPfFU

@RVAwonk In case you wanted the visual....

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

Trump is rage-tweeting from a bed littered with cheeseburger crumbs right now.

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

This jackass still can't even spell "counsel" right. https://t.co/q0aPxoVF0q

This jackass still can't even spell 'cou...

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

@rob_sheridan @KrisKobach1787 It doesn't get much more deranged than an adult who spends their time mocking children.

@rvawonk Caroline O. @rvawonk

During the #NationalSchoolWalkout today, Kansas Sec. of State Kris Kobach helped lead an armed counter-demonstratio… https://t.co/N4UQLkjdqe

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