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Ealing Central and Acton's Labour MP since 2015. Also at https://t.co/Dke8ooUVrB Best to email not tweet me rupa.huq.mp@parliament.uk

Ealing, London W5

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@DrMohsinC Mohsin Choudry #FBPE @DrMohsinC

I work at Ealing hospital, it is one of the busiest A and Es I have ever seen. It does a fantastic job. It serves a… https://t.co/4bGph7V7nz

@MBhatti_MD Dr M Bhatti, MB MD PhD @MBhatti_MD

@RupaHuq Charing Cross A&E will close and services will be downgraded. Ealing hospital, one of the most unsafe hosp… https://t.co/OB1GI2FqxM

@ThePoke The Poke @ThePoke

Blueprint for new Brexit stamps revealed by @SuzMcC72 #Brexit #Stamps #PokeChallenge https://t.co/06hilHaJto

Blueprint for new Brexit stamps revealed...

@actonw3com ActonW3.com @actonw3com

A40 Western Avenue w/bound at j/w Mansfield Road (Park Royal)- there is flooding/floodwater across all lanes. All r… https://t.co/FYUDvDsXsw

@rupahuq Rupa Huq MP @rupahuq

Snow, sleet and rain couldn’t keep us from #labourdoorstep today on https://t.co/wpmGzFJGwY campaign @SteveDW3… https://t.co/Y0ufpeMP8G

@rupahuq Rupa Huq MP @rupahuq

Still time to sign petition to register your displeasure at plans to downgrade both Ealing and Charing Cross hospit… https://t.co/J07L09osc5

@EalingLabour Ealing Labour @EalingLabour

A big thank you to all our members who came to our Manifesto Conference, especially our keynote speakers @SadiqKhan… https://t.co/IlYOLL53lT

@EalingLabour Ealing Labour @EalingLabour

Thanks for coming and contributing to our manifesto process! #ForTheMany https://t.co/zeGxnlGLb9

@gphillipsWLC Garry Phillips @gphillipsWLC

Great debate@EalingLabour @SadiqKhan @BindaRai1 @pejmason @juliangbell @RupaHuq pleased to have been invited to a p… https://t.co/DydwttduoU

@gphillipsWLC Garry Phillips @gphillipsWLC

Good debate about #skillsforLondoners #brexit #housing #employment #health @EalingLabour @SadiqKhan @BindaRai1… https://t.co/rznhf4QDKk

@SadiqKhan Sadiq Khan @SadiqKhan

Great debate, discussion & energy in Ealing at today’s @EalingLabour manifesto conference. Labour has the ideas, th… https://t.co/06RsF8a6Lf

@IanDunt Ian Dunt @IanDunt

Brexit just got real https://t.co/QzYaUykr69

@pejmason Peter Mason @pejmason

We're not even half way at #EalingLab18 and already we've had some great ideas from @Georgia_Gould @SadiqKhan and… https://t.co/KMekLAclqv

@DrAyshaRaza Aysha S. Raza @DrAyshaRaza

Hearing from @RupaHuq about the #ToryBlameGame being played with Gov cuts blamed on @SadiqKhan Clearly they're runn… https://t.co/r6QpKC2cbX

@pejmason Peter Mason @pejmason

Ealing Central & Acton's @RupaHuq speaking at @EalingLabour'a Manifesto conference discussing regeneration, safe ge… https://t.co/Nf91mrqK0G

@rupahuq Rupa Huq MP @rupahuq

Now listening to @SadiqKhan talking about challenges at City Hall including disability access to transport, busines… https://t.co/UC9MEgTe2q

@_PraveenAnand Praveen Anand @_PraveenAnand

The Labour Mayor of London @SadiqKhan joins us in Ealing to promote our Manifesto and local elections @EalingLabour… https://t.co/TOozfarVNh

@rupahuq Rupa Huq MP @rupahuq

The @EalingLabour 2018 conference @UniWestLondon has kicked off. 1st session @juliangbell and @pejmason but lots mo… https://t.co/hcyQ82IoZT

@HackneyAbbott Diane Abbott @HackneyAbbott

Victory! Thousands will get higher disabled benefits after a massive Tory U-turn https://t.co/xKgNRycTax

@KarenPBuckMP Karen Buck @KarenPBuckMP

Absolutely delighted that my Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Bill has passed its second reading in Parliament.… https://t.co/jdPtKblPEq

@rupahuq Rupa Huq MP @rupahuq

David Cameron plunged us into a disastrous referendum as he was terrified of this lot, now they’ve all but imploded… https://t.co/JEPbfZsKhf

@rupahuq Rupa Huq MP @rupahuq

On the eve of @SadiqKhan visiting Ealing, delighted to see Hanger Lane, Park Royal and North Ealing on New @TfL ste… https://t.co/cuDlcqWQWy

@BenBradleyTV Ben Bradley @BenBradleyTV

Since it’s just about morning in London it’s probably time for another reminder: I’m not the Ben Bradley who is a B… https://t.co/6Ztrw0aJrn

@rupahuq Rupa Huq MP @rupahuq

Finished another advice surgery. Some shocking cases - 9 out of 10 on housing need, reinforcing need for Homes for… https://t.co/xHMV7gYaM6

@rupahuq Rupa Huq MP @rupahuq

Business as usual at Ealing Central Library and all local branches - notwithstanding Carrilion collapse https://t.co/mwvUNSkX1h

@Shelter Shelter @Shelter

Great news: the Fitness for Human Habitation Bill has just passed its second reading! Thank you to everyone who has… https://t.co/mHr6ZQ0OXQ

@rupahuq Rupa Huq MP @rupahuq

We are debating my colleague @KarenPBuckMP 's "Homes Fit for Human Habitation Bill" in Parliament today. Housing is… https://t.co/IbtW1PZN0q

@rupahuq Rupa Huq MP @rupahuq

Just spoke in debate of @KarenPBuckMP on this https://t.co/OJqMTkHZ9w

@rupahuq Rupa Huq MP @rupahuq

@Cogbat Saw it in the proposals & oppose it, the idea that with Crossrail the demand for buses on the Uxbridge rd w… https://t.co/9vGwS8F1bQ

@rupahuq Rupa Huq MP @rupahuq

I woz there! Quite a few of us in @UKLabour have done it from opposition front bench* but well done Nus - first gov… https://t.co/Rab4twzEBy

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