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@P_G_Thompson Peter Thompson @P_G_Thompson

Should sixteen year olds be allowed to vote?

@P_G_Thompson Peter Thompson @P_G_Thompson

Should sixteen year olds be allowed to buy a gun?

@P_G_Thompson Peter Thompson @P_G_Thompson

Following is a thread of polls on the age of majority. Please vote, RT and add comments. Poll: Should sixteen year… https://t.co/8eIjX5mPjX

@blinkerdbritain Blinkered Britain @blinkerdbritain

This is shocking, have the Labour MP’s lost it completely today? With this and defending potential female sexual as… https://t.co/fm0KZbgkzs

@andy_Brexit Prof Andy #FBPE @andy_Brexit

Using physical violence. St Brendan should be facing criminal charges https://t.co/hmicL382jq

@JamesCleverly James Cleverly @JamesCleverly

We don’t yet know the full details of the Corbyn/Communist spy thing, but the question that keeps bugging me is thi… https://t.co/98Sd7l4i31

@podobensky therealdeal @podobensky

UN Peacekeepers Caught Running Massive Child Sex Ring — Not One Person Jailed. #PedoGateNews. #MeToo https://t.co/Dbq7rKapc4

@heatmeterman ruffle H @heatmeterman



@freespirited_p Paul | The Original Centrist Dad @freespirited_p

‘Experts believe that @jeremycorbyn fans are the first example of a personality cult devoted to someone with no per… https://t.co/ctaBHcRVrX

@GSpellchecker Stephen Knight @GSpellchecker

The gunman charged towards the church shouting "Allahu Akbar". Sky News: Five women killed in shooting outside Ru… https://t.co/h03RSswL8Y

@NotesFromLimbo 𝑀𝑒𝓁𝒾𝓈𝓈𝒶 🌸 @NotesFromLimbo

Brilliant article explaining how the redefining of Hard Left politics as a religion is behind the behavioural chang… https://t.co/7KCO0Z03FX

@sasmenot2022 Sasmenot @sasmenot2022

Please pray for Maddy Wilford! It is confirmed that she was shot 3 times and is still fighting for her life. She su… https://t.co/oaHIu7qLTP

@DanielJHannan Daniel Hannan @DanielJHannan

I swear, if the Moscow archives revealed that Jezza had been a paid KGB colonel, the Momentum thickoes would be all… https://t.co/C08WSdvO3h

@BBCPropaganda Ⓑig Ⓑag of Ⓒrisps @BBCPropaganda

#BBCNews climbing on board the Soros "legalise drugs" campaign

@BillJon78838853 Bill Jones @BillJon78838853

Should Corbyn be suspended from the Privy Council while these espionage allegations are investigated?… https://t.co/HJNG2m915m

@truthkeeswan Keely Swan @truthkeeswan

@itswildrich This video underscores your point. Learn about the "Kalergi Plan." It is the (((elites'))) plan to ext… https://t.co/rT2SpKP1PZ

@Kenthebrexit KC @Kenthebrexit

This picture says it all...............................................goodnight!! (I have faith in the British ele… https://t.co/nzcEUcSXY8

@PubWorksTV ☞ PublicHouse @PubWorksTV

Hungarian leader calls Christianity 'Europe's last hope' https://t.co/NkKVZwz8wb via @YahooNews

@heatmeterman ruffle H @heatmeterman



@rustinpeace00 rustinpeace @rustinpeace00

I don't usually get that bothered by the BBC's general soft Left bias, but this 'Brave Brendan Cox courageously ste… https://t.co/NSmmGnwlFc

@SteveD4848 Brexit-SteveD #ByeByeEU @SteveD4848

Verhofstadt calls the UK 'stupid' for leaving the EU. No Guy! You are ostrich-like stupid for treating the EU's sec… https://t.co/BflwtZNxlK

@Jamin2g Ben @Jamin2g

Good to see the Mail keeping this going and look out for the Corbyn people who are not in anyway rattled by these a… https://t.co/BnVi5YcXXj

@freespirited_p Paul | The Original Centrist Dad @freespirited_p

‘The Corbynista mindset is a frightening form of religious fundamentalism’ Aint that the truth! https://t.co/6YG7d0or7s

@Julesywooooolsy #releasethememo @Julesywooooolsy

https://t.co/3kXhE2YsrW Well said @Jacob_Rees_Mogg if only they all had your class and education maybe the rest wo… https://t.co/3OOY9POhDx

@fifi_j 🐸Фернандо, Кевин (shadowbanned) @fifi_j

Yet we can afford a 90 billion divorce bill & considerably more for EU vanity project HS2 plus over 13 billion in s… https://t.co/yV2y3K5r1n

@AmandeepBhogal Amandeep SinghBhogal @AmandeepBhogal

Labour's attitude towards claims of bullying, shoving and Anti-Semitism at Labour national policy meeting? 👉… https://t.co/OyZmiauiEU

@boblister_poole Bob Lister @boblister_poole

Labour MPs 'were paid £10,000 to meet spies’ https://t.co/GWuBWPTqpt

@JabotinskyZeev AlwaysRight 🥃 @JabotinskyZeev


@OutragedMary PC Mary Whitehouse @OutragedMary

You would think they might support the women he assaulted. https://t.co/BT8Dhp4Z5P

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