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@RohiniShah1 @neerangautam @narendramodi @AmitShah Good morning 🙏

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@alokg2k @neerangautam @narendramodi @AmitShah Sahi pakde hai Alok Suprabhaat 😊

@alokg2k alok gupta @alokg2k

Suprabhat 😊🙏 Children need your “Presence” more than your “Presents” https://t.co/KeANqGyesa

Suprabhat 😊🙏

Children need your “Presen...

@mu7afir Wasim D M @mu7afir

UK Government confirms it has raised human rights abuses in #Balochistan with the Government of #Pakistan. Thank y… https://t.co/Dwv5fMGtjS

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Shubh prabhaat all Unity in diversity; kya baat hai hamare desh ki https://t.co/yOhrQq54jr

Shubh prabhaat all
Unity in diversity;...

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@narendramodi @RohiniShah1 https://t.co/hcuhy0qze1

@narendramodi @RohiniShah1  https://t.co...

@narendramodi Narendra Modi @narendramodi

During today’s Pragati Session, we reviewed aspects of addressing consumer grievances, implementation of the Pradha… https://t.co/dlzWSDCtCo

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दीपिका पादुकोण पर छाती पीटने वाले लिबर्ल्स कौन से बुरखे में छुपकर बैठ गए हैं... क्या एक पत्रकार और उसके परिवार की… https://t.co/GDwrFQKlN2

@PTI_News Press Trust of India @PTI_News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu @netanyahu will be on a four-day visit to India starting January 14 next year: sources.

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हमारा देश ब्रह्मोस मिसाइल छोड़ विश्व को और सुरक्षित बनाता है, तब पड़ोसी देश आतंकी को छोड़ विश्व को असुरक्षित बनाता… https://t.co/rqutipiwco

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Where is Kamal Hasan??? Is this a Hindu terrrorist??? SC & police are silent??? https://t.co/zfJEfb3w6C

@AFP AFP news agency @AFP

Maria Sharapova is under investigation by Indian police for cheating and criminal conspiracy after the collapse of… https://t.co/L6qSjQjzlM

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Great !! it shows the transparency of govt. @CMOMaharashtra https://t.co/7lE0gr37jy

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Pride Toronto has a nearly $500,000 deficit https://t.co/i7xNHj0ckt https://t.co/OFXLiKXWoL

Pride Toronto has a nearly $500,000 defi...

@MAGARoseTaylor MAGA🌹Rose @MAGARoseTaylor

Happy Thanksgiving Eve 🦃 Today I am so thankful and proud to be an American. @POTUS has put America first and gav… https://t.co/2957rYGkRv

@TarekFatah ਤਾਰੇਕ ਫਤਹ @TarekFatah

Sexual abuse of children widespread in Pakistan's Islamic schools. Many of these raped boys will go on to rape as t… https://t.co/AH54oQgH5l

@EconomicTimes EconomicTimes @EconomicTimes

The government is looking to draft a new law that will replace the existing Income Tax Act. https://t.co/nz8e1CbF6X

@CNNnews18 News18 @CNNnews18

Children who suffer from autism often have difficulty in maintaining a normal posture and position. But video games… https://t.co/JnBPK9rYc8

@alokg2k alok gupta @alokg2k

@PrafullaPitale Modiji seems to be telling the world leaders that he will make a New India soon that would be power… https://t.co/yVTGdMnJnT

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Mny r waiting 2 chop yr entire family.Thse witch name shd b caled as GobarRabri Sch a shame 4r our democracy tht a… https://t.co/IZn1MmiKjl

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@RohiniShah1 @postcard_news These lootmaar family khangress what else they can do except scams. It is part of their daily routine.

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My argument with a ricebag christian .. on who is FRAUD christian Missionary !! https://t.co/WIovcaAykH

My argument with a ricebag christian .....

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