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I am a #HealthCareVoter with #TheResistance | #WomensMarch | #DemForce | #YesWeCan | #StrongerTogether | #Indivisible | #RightSideOfHistory

Virginia, USA #KumariCrew 🖖

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@ASlavitt Andy Slavitt @ASlavitt

Man who proposes cutting access to Medicaid, the country’s largest mental health program, and ended background chec… https://t.co/nWEvoYo7Oo

@robyn_resists Robyn Ruth @robyn_resists

@Chet_Cannon @DLoesch The point being made was, civilians should be able to purchase and own military weapons. Loes… https://t.co/YLterLlzER

@robyn_resists Robyn Ruth @robyn_resists

@CurtisHouck @DLoesch @Kimberly_Corban Kimberly's story was not viciously booed & heckled; @DLoesch was booed for h… https://t.co/IM4QL6uMMi

@GiffordsCourage Giffords @GiffordsCourage

The incredible students of #Parkland are inspiring the nation. Listen to their voices tonight. Do something to make… https://t.co/5wRiAtpdNH

@timkaine Tim Kaine @timkaine

We can’t keep going on like this. Too many in elected office ignore cries for action—from parents who lost a child,… https://t.co/zUUTN2Sdxb

@robyn_resists Robyn Ruth @robyn_resists

@davidhogg111 #StudentsStandUp - You continue to inspire!! 💙 Register To #VoteThemOut ➡️ https://t.co/7W6IPMZI5d… https://t.co/NfyGVZXos7

@RedTRaccoon Red T Raccoon @RedTRaccoon

Cameron Kasky just scorched Marco Rubio. #CNNTownHall #StudentsStandUp https://t.co/9psJdPgoeC

Cameron Kasky just scorched Marco Rubio....

@PreetBharara Preet Bharara @PreetBharara

This @CNN Town Hall is remarkable

@robyn_resists Robyn Ruth @robyn_resists

@DavidYankovich Peter 👇💜 Obama Foundation Fellowship https://t.co/10Ca8fgfun via @ObamaFoundation

@DavidYankovich David Yankovich @DavidYankovich

I called Peter a dork and this is how he responds 😂 I have no interest in running, but I’d like to get him to run… https://t.co/oK2bDzw9RA

@morethanmySLE Peter Morley @morethanmySLE

Look who is back in NYC! My HERO David. He could be here to run for office? I'll never tell! 😉💜 https://t.co/h626B5sRLT

Look who is back in NYC! 

My HERO David...

@BrettPransky Brett Pransky @BrettPransky

The #BlueWave2018 is going to change everything. By the time it's over, I bet even Roger Stone's famous Nixon tatto… https://t.co/WhnnEZi16H

@DadoftheDecade Ben Jackson @DadoftheDecade

Many of us may be watching the #CNNTownHall. You may think we are hearing Marco Rubio bleat the lines his owners a… https://t.co/VVPbnz7GZD

@harveyjkaye Harvey J Kaye @harveyjkaye

RT let’s start thinking of Americans' diverse historic struggles for freedom equality & democracy as "ours" not res… https://t.co/Vm4hrRKaYr

@Alyssa_Milano Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano

Help my friend @BrettPransky take the fight for livable wages all the way to the Ohio Statehouse.… https://t.co/VvwJJpvOX5

@robyn_resists Robyn Ruth @robyn_resists

Meet Boots; my Cat for Democrats We follow @BrettPransky on Twitter and donated to his campaign 🐱 Paws Donate Meo… https://t.co/DGgKwIioN7

@MaureenShaw Maureen Shaw @MaureenShaw

This is me. I follow @BrettPransky on Twitter and donated to his campaign: https://t.co/VIQLONSOQ6 Be like me.… https://t.co/xY5TAvnPxf

@BrettPransky Brett Pransky @BrettPransky

The #opioidcrisis sits in my classrooms. I see it. I hear it. I read it. And another tax cut isn't going to do a d… https://t.co/aPB4FHD9FU

@BrettPransky Brett Pransky @BrettPransky

We just handed $1.5 trillion to corporations and rich people ... ... with no strings attached. That would have be… https://t.co/sQJgC2Dhoh

@robyn_resists Robyn Ruth @robyn_resists

Take a Media Timeout & Chip in! Help Democrat @BrettPransky take back the Ohio Statehouse!! #OH77… https://t.co/ymTMLTXgHd

@BrettPransky Brett Pransky @BrettPransky

Tax cuts for the rich 💰- Education cuts for the rest of us. 👩‍🏫 This is not an accident - It's not a mistake. Thi… https://t.co/YWxobtaL3L

@BrettPransky Brett Pransky @BrettPransky

The last time a Democrat ran in the 77th, he was outspent 25 to 1. Corporate money, NRA money, big donor money. I… https://t.co/W0pUsP0Rod

@MaureenShaw Maureen Shaw @MaureenShaw

I just donated to @BrettPransky's campaign. Every dollar helps, so please chip in whatever you can! He's a great m… https://t.co/LkUWOYxs9D

@robyn_resists Robyn Ruth @robyn_resists

Ohio ranks 45th among all states in college affordability. 💲 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓 Ohio students pay a higher price for their sho… https://t.co/Vw30TfXZxk

@DeepInTheHills Zoe "This Is Not Normal" Washburne💥🖖❄🔥 @DeepInTheHills

$5 can make a difference between representation for the people or representation for the corporations. Where do yo… https://t.co/UiRqtEzYsF

@MichelleObama Michelle Obama @MichelleObama

I’m in total awe of the extraordinary students in Florida. Like every movement for progress in our history, gun ref… https://t.co/Luns7oj2pc

@robyn_resists Robyn Ruth @robyn_resists

🔊 #OH77 College Students 🎓 Make a plan to Vote for Democrat @BrettPransky ➡️#BlueWave2018 #BrettOutTheVote #TW… https://t.co/KEpPq9uLDr

@robyn_resists Robyn Ruth @robyn_resists

Kinds of Hunger | by @BrettPransky #BrettOutTheVote #OH77 #BlueWave2018 #TW https://t.co/yEUol4APkm

@robyn_resists Robyn Ruth @robyn_resists

Meet Democrat Brett Pransky (@BrettPransky) #OH77 #TW #BrettOutTheVote #BlueWave2018 https://t.co/ui6jn4xImo

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