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Actor, best-selling author, producer. Happy husband and father of two great young men.

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In 1968, the Sugar Research Foundation, a predecessor to the International Sugar Research Foundation, paid a resear… https://t.co/jC8orcT1By

@roblowe Rob Lowe @roblowe

It’s the hair mousse. https://t.co/zI1FLiKyi5

@AlexGam2013 Alex Gam @AlexGam2013

@RobLowe @WestWingWeekly @SamSeaborn “By day, they churn butter & worship according to their own beliefs. And by night they solve crimes.“

@AlexGam2013 Alex Gam @AlexGam2013

“Well over three and a half centuries ago, strengthened by faith & bound by a common desire for liberty, a small ba… https://t.co/jFMdb2POjc

@roblowe Rob Lowe @roblowe

#MondayNightFootball With these two teams playing, the only certainty is that late in the game, one of them will r… https://t.co/rPtNRMOGRL

@qc Quote Catalog @qc

"Comparing yourself to others is an act of violence against your authentic self." — Iyanla Vanzant

@pattonoswalt Patton Oswalt @pattonoswalt

YUCK. “Fiery-eyed”? Sure you don’t wanna add “impish,” “tousled-haired” and “gee-tar strummin’”? https://t.co/yT7MnLeaDp

@roblowe Rob Lowe @roblowe

Sorry AMC doc is TOMORROW night. #scattered

@CuteEmergency Cute Emergency @CuteEmergency

you didn't need a video of an otter eating lettuce, but here you go https://t.co/FcjDqLWgyV

you didn't need a video of an otter eati...

@roblowe Rob Lowe @roblowe

Worked on a very cool doc on the creators of “Superman” that airs tonight on @AMC_TV at 10. #TheTrialsOfSuperman

@AlbertBrooks Albert Brooks @AlbertBrooks

Here’s what I hate: I hate when they tell me Charles Manson is on his deathbed and a week later he’s still alive. I hate that.

@Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers @Dodgers

Nominated for Best Postseason Moment: @redturn2 walks off LCS Game 2 Winner announced at 5 p.m. PT:… https://t.co/y6VLjPjin9

@T_Balazo Terrance @T_Balazo

The title of this 'Take A Knee, My Ass (I Won't Take A Knee)' song is reminiscent of the Beastie Boys classic (You'… https://t.co/7m7frFTa3k

@1986Mustangs Hamilton Mustangs @1986Mustangs

Youngblood Eats Drumsticks in Bed 🍗#AddATurkeyToAFilm https://t.co/PcTwcMr1Br

Youngblood Eats Drumsticks in Bed 🍗#AddA...

@AdviceToWriters Jon Winokur @AdviceToWriters

#Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it. HANNAH ARENDT #amwriting #writing… https://t.co/eHf55MjJhW

@roblowe Rob Lowe @roblowe

I’m told from numerous high level people in DC that cutting the mortgage deduction is meant to shame CA and NY for… https://t.co/fgN34XsCyp

@roblowe Rob Lowe @roblowe

Oh believe me, I do! https://t.co/UePhENQ3Na

@mariashriver Maria Shriver @mariashriver

Keep at it. Both parties need to respond for this. https://t.co/W74eCEI1sU

@roblowe Rob Lowe @roblowe

Xo!! We need to stand up for our state’s hard working families!! https://t.co/6VocRgmelp

@roblowe Rob Lowe @roblowe

Wait, what? They destroyed a child?!! What a horrible headline. https://t.co/w0puJsQPWT

@mradamscott Adam Scott @mradamscott

Taking the deduction away from school teachers who pay out of pocket for supplies for their students, but including… https://t.co/y4xJddKPm5

@roblowe Rob Lowe @roblowe

On TV tonight: Lotta forced grinning and flop sweat on the faces of the politicians trying to sell taking hard-work… https://t.co/sGZKdxGcns

@roblowe Rob Lowe @roblowe

Yeah, saw that too. Too lazy to correct. #DaddysTired https://t.co/keEPGjEDna

@roblowe Rob Lowe @roblowe

Sam and Josh of West Wing Fame have spoken! #FixIt @GOP https://t.co/5CS160ikvq

@roblowe Rob Lowe @roblowe

California big business (who I have no beef with) getting a huge tax cut, while taking away regular families deduct… https://t.co/lGCgH2D2Cf

@roblowe Rob Lowe @roblowe

Billing, baby!! https://t.co/u3XLgxUPsY

@jpodhoretz John Podhoretz @jpodhoretz

Seriously, is this Las Vegas investigation of the shooting the worst thing ever or what? It's totally dead?


Sen. Marco Rubio criticizes President Trump's mid-speech water-sipping form: "Has to be done in one single motion &… https://t.co/8a8m4vox5k

@roblowe Rob Lowe @roblowe

Attention: @MagicJohnson Please see below... (Done) https://t.co/WnWM0OZrJ1

@roblowe Rob Lowe @roblowe

Whoop! Whoop! https://t.co/4sOcElSiJD

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