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@Karoli Karoli @Karoli

Only the best people... https://t.co/jie1XW7Ie8

@InvestigateRU Investigate Russia @InvestigateRU

READ: Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's statement on his firing @CNNPolitics https://t.co/QFnuvJ4006

@EricLiptonNYT Eric Lipton @EricLiptonNYT

Mr. McCabe was blunt. “The idea that I was dishonest is just wrong,” he said, adding, “This is part of an effort t… https://t.co/Y7QSmBwXRX

@tgreene319 Tanya @tgreene319

A great day for democracy will be the day that we no longer have a POTUS & his party that politicize our institutio… https://t.co/V77tUyM6FG

@SteveSchmidtSES Steve Schmidt @SteveSchmidtSES

The firing of Andrew McCabe was political. Period. This is an assault on the rule of law by an erratic, lawless, co… https://t.co/3yNTmEEsN4

@rob11563 Robert M @rob11563

@realDonaldTrump Why are you so dumb? https://t.co/pi2TQeyF49

@realDonaldTrump Why are you so dumb? ht...

@tedlieu Ted Lieu @tedlieu

I interviewed Andrew McCabe during a closed door Judiciary Committee Hearing. You should read his statement below.… https://t.co/vXmimEZnnv

@Reuters Reuters Top News @Reuters

Fired FBI Deputy Director McCabe's statement https://t.co/j2EYLKIs0B https://t.co/jVDHjSKkMk

Fired FBI Deputy Director McCabe's state...

@Delavegalaw Elizabeth de la Vega @Delavegalaw

@woodruffbets No, it's not. Sessions is a political appointee who shdn't have been involved for that reason alone.… https://t.co/3oEY5KYJ5j

@CheriJacobus Cheri Jacobus @CheriJacobus

One of the most terrifying moments of my life was when someone close to Team Trump told me (trying to help) that I… https://t.co/U1cLczP8lW

@CheriJacobus Cheri Jacobus @CheriJacobus

Not long after, Don McGahn (current chief White House counsel) drew up an NDA where Trump would delete his defamato… https://t.co/1k0KYDaKUc

@NewYorker The New Yorker @NewYorker

The Trump Administration says it could intervene in North Korea without massive casualties. Most experts disagree:… https://t.co/EAvk3Ql95f

@chrislhayes Chris Hayes @chrislhayes

I dunno, seems like a pretty big deal. https://t.co/cCo0Ca86kY

@JoyceWhiteVance Joyce Alene @JoyceWhiteVance

I feel sure we'll get a chance to find out exactly what the hardworking men & women of the FBI think about this in… https://t.co/Ef9kbRuLho

@waltshaub Walter Shaub @waltshaub

In conclusion (and to prove that I’ve been on this beat for more than a minute), here’s a response from February 20… https://t.co/IETaTdz5hu

@rob11563 Robert M @rob11563

@Russia in USA 🇷🇺 twitter profile">@RusEmbUSA @FIFAWorldCup @Russia @MID_NN @russiabeyond @rcgnewyork @RusCons_TX @GK_Seattle @RussiaConsulate… https://t.co/kGVG2W1uUN

@TheRickWilson Rick Wilson @TheRickWilson

This is a tweet your counsel won't like. But the Special Counsel will. https://t.co/DDWX4uYsib

@SethAbramson Seth Abramson @SethAbramson

Americans deserve to know why the Office of the Inspector General expedited the discipline against McCabe in a way… https://t.co/9oHqVtVp12

@kylegriffin1 Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1

McCabe: "This attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not just to slander me personally, but to tai… https://t.co/s1JcfYWufa

@Indira_L Indira Lakshmanan @Indira_L

Ret 4-star general...Remember when WH PressSec Sarah Sanders scolded journalists for questioning anything uttered b… https://t.co/TVxYR5N6JQ

@HoarseWisperer The Hoarse Whisperer @HoarseWisperer

It is pretty hysterical that Trump just pulled a Lester Holt II by tweeting out that his real reason for firing McC… https://t.co/xo5zxDSfi1

@BFriedmanDC Brandon Friedman @BFriedmanDC

If you don't know who he is, McCaffrey served as a senior White House appointee for five years. When he retired fro… https://t.co/eWS48DIxPF

@waltshaub Walter Shaub @waltshaub

Under circumstances suggesting a partisan vendetta, the AG strips an FBI leader of a big chunk of his pension based… https://t.co/cOa70MLr9i

@LaurenWern Lauren Werner 🗽 @LaurenWern

THIS TWEET actually corroborates McCabe's claim that Trump/Sessions fired him in an attempt to discredit him as a w… https://t.co/HfJ7a55t7M

@Ali_H_Soufan Ali H. Soufan @Ali_H_Soufan

Look who’s talking about lies and corruption. https://t.co/4K8tgXm6sa

@rob11563 Robert M @rob11563

@realDonaldTrump Porn star's attorney: Cohen used his Trump Organization signature in email @CNNPolitics https://t.co/PspQGYUoN8

@rob11563 Robert M @rob11563

@realDonaldTrump Stormy Daniels: Controversy is overshadowing my films @CNNPolitics https://t.co/W2W02fElHK

@rob11563 Robert M @rob11563

@realDonaldTrump https://t.co/Z2GJgZ66e3

@rob11563 Robert M @rob11563

@realDonaldTrump https://t.co/KRWmwc457P

@HoarseWisperer The Hoarse Whisperer @HoarseWisperer

@realDonaldTrump Champ, remember when you blurted that out the real reason you fired Comey was the Russia investiga… https://t.co/jDhEWijdZX

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