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I'm a professional geek and the queen of sass. If it's unclear whether or not I'm being sarcastic, assume the answer is yes. I really love music.

Everywhere and Nowhere

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@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

@Jae_Day6 Welcome to the club. Membership fees include lots of misunderstandings when you try to text people and ev… https://t.co/56jBhN7R5i

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

@taylornation13 #WatchEndGame In three words? The Bridge Look ™. https://t.co/ta0s0NO7JQ

@taylornation13 #WatchEndGame In three w...

@taylorswift13 Taylor Swift @taylorswift13

Tonight at midnight eastern. #EndGameMusicVideo @1future @edsheeran https://t.co/XHRS02IXfY

Tonight at midnight eastern. #EndGameMus...

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

Who's @taylorswift13 anyway? Ew. #reputation #reputationstadiumtour #littlemsdeplorable https://t.co/A4kwAcLxEz https://t.co/m71sOakSrf

Who's @taylorswift13 anyway? Ew.

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

I don't have to answer to you. It's a great excuse. The people love me. https://t.co/CLSWYModod

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

@bagginator, on a scale of 1 to 10 how many people do you think bought this excuse? https://t.co/ppVLQHcUc6

@iHeartRadio iHeartRadio @iHeartRadio

Hmm... how many RTs can this get for @BTS_twt? #BTSArmy #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards https://t.co/uiDrJkfzXO

Hmm... how many RTs can this get for @BT...

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

The #BlackWidow movie is finally happening. I blame my hiatus on the fact that I was screaming at everyone who wou… https://t.co/IrZ9BqHxLZ

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

Yes! #Cutestpet #Olivia #iHeartAwards #iHeartAwards2018 https://t.co/3OWCc8nOWY

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

@danielhowell Literally the entire emo PSA video.


2018 goal: Make everyone a @BTS_twt stan 💜 https://t.co/CVWNM7p4TJ

2018 goal: Make everyone a @BTS_twt stan...

@rhettmc Rhett McLaughlin @rhettmc

The best part about living on the west coast is if you’re not feeling like staying up til midnight you can say “wel… https://t.co/WkmM95JRJ8

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

@Jae_Day6 Honestly, I could use some skincare tips so you won't catch me complaining.

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

@danielhowell So are we just not going to talk about the masterpiece that was reputation by Taylor Swift then?

@AmazingPhil Phil Lester @AmazingPhil

I’m still clinging on to the festive season. Might start a petition for Christmas to continue through to March.

@CoryxKenshin Cory. @CoryxKenshin

A #HollyJollyLITmas begins tomorrow! RT FOR A CHANCE TO WIN ONE! https://t.co/FUJw6I4WFy

A #HollyJollyLITmas begins tomorrow! RT...

@Bagginator Adorable Deplorable @Bagginator

I'm always surprised at how good nachos are.

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

Not at the doctor's office. Yay! https://t.co/jca4NLeSQ5

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

You know, sometimes I have this brief delusion that the internet was a fully functioning thing before… https://t.co/1yKLPxDbXl

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

@Wendys @brandonsimone29 Pic or it didn't happen.

@MatPatGT MatPat @MatPatGT

Every year, thousands of trees die to produce paper for final exams. Save the trees. Just say NO to exams!

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

@Jae_Day6 You saw your birthday cake, right? #YoudidthistoyourselfJae

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

@CassandraRules Oh my gosh, we should just let people kill themselves! https://t.co/YQWHtvYD1s

@CassandraRules Oh my gosh, we should ju...

@CassandraRules Cassandra Fairbanks @CassandraRules

Ah a cliche liberal being horrible. Imagine my shock. https://t.co/76EEuZQuvk

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

@theodd1sout Makeup. For my 15th birthday my parents got me a kit with x amount of eyeshadows, x amount of blush, e… https://t.co/K6i6iDVOv3

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

@Bagginator Yup! Love me some T-Swizzle. #Swiftie

@rhettmc Rhett McLaughlin @rhettmc

Cereal is part of a balanced breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, linner, dinner, late night snack...

@rmwest9 Lil' Ms. Deplorable @rmwest9

@Jae_Day6 @llama_ajol What is the weirdest thing you and Jae have ever done?

@anissaclaudine a n i s s a @anissaclaudine

PLEASE RETWEET!! MY CLASS NEEDS 4000 retweets so we won’t take the FINAL!!! https://t.co/Y35cwS73Ip


@Jae_Day6 Day6 Jae @Jae_Day6

👏 #EmbraceTheInnerWeird https://t.co/1TGFZx6mS7

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