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Reitumetse Makua,INTROVERT×EXTROVERT= Ambivert. Social media blogger.I am the FUTURE.

South Africa

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#BBNaija Yes,Miracle chooses Anto that's the power team from now!!!!

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#AbsaPrem Congratulations to @michocoach for wining the #AbsaPrem Coach of the Month Award (January 2018). https://t.co/9riGlnLZQw


Congratulations to @michocoa...

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☠ Congratulations to Coach Micho for being crowned the ABSA Premiership Coach of the Month for January 2018 😎👑⚽⚫⚪🔴⭐… https://t.co/etZpjuEPxS

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😂😂😂i was also confused https://t.co/4NCbzr2whx

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#BBNaija Who voted Ceebi????? https://t.co/LKBBqolU7G

Who voted Ceebi????? https://t....

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@RMK_SA1 Reitumetse Makua @RMK_SA1

#BBNaija 😭😭😭😭so Tobi and Cee c are safe!!!

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