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Reitumetse Makua,INTROVERT×EXTROVERT= Ambivert All around artist.BOOKINGS\ email:reitumetsemakua3@gmail.com

South Africa

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This man robbed a teacher of his laptop at a Joburg Primary School. Let's make him famous. Anyone know this guy? Pl… https://t.co/Zz4dA9RTyq

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Twitter we need all the help we can get. Please RT and help us find Thalente, the family is so devastated. Please s… https://t.co/ccrSvZ0OvU

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Summer is all about amazing deals like the @SamsungMobileSA Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB plus a free 20GB once off data and… https://t.co/fJbjCpmCnr

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و انقسم وجهه عن يمينٌ و عن شمال واذا بي رأيت ما باليمينِ من جمال قلتُ في نفسي ما أراهُ شمالٌ مُحال أهذه عينانٌ أم خ… https://t.co/UUp97NmUZT

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#101ThingsToBeLeftIn2017 Thank god we will no longer be hearing he's Devilish laugh👀👇👇in the Parliament https://t.co/MoMMlGyKlN

Thank god we wi...


#101ThingsToBeLeftIn2017 This type of messages 😭😭😭😭😂😂👀 https://t.co/Fvaj8NliIc

This type of me...

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#101ThingsToBeLeftIn2017 Umona,just help a brother or sister out https://t.co/SCLOd8uoFe

Umona,just help...


#101ThingsToBeLeftIn2017 TWELEBS STEALING OTHER PEEPS TWEETS. https://t.co/YVGmJTU1r6


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@Karabomoremi7 Dude I think u mistakenly logged into Twitter instead of Facebook,check carefully coz those type of… https://t.co/JF0XuhNGal

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Breaking News:Reuters says president #Mugabe will step down today after 37yrs of service as the Zimbabwean president

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Oh shit pensei que era o filtro do insta https://t.co/sOfSS7f8V0

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Joe is my fav @IdolsSA guest judge #IdolsSA https://t.co/jLvThksTvY

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I predict #Mthokozisi will take the #IdolsSA crown this year. Predict and win! https://t.co/cXBQd0J9mD

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We have FREE data galore. Wanna score some? RT to unlock codes during the #IdolsSA finale show. And don't forget to… https://t.co/5L3JplN0Ou

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This kid is seriously BEAUTIFUL 😍❣️ https://t.co/tpyt7Xtzso

@RealMgarimbe Mgarimbe @RealMgarimbe

Crisis ka nnete😂😂😂 https://t.co/yhtquQiTfw

Crisis ka nnete😂😂😂 https://t.co/yhtquQiT...

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#FillUpTheDomeDVD This is how @CassperNyovest left the Dome https://t.co/nfLTwYWmCc

This is how @CassperNy...


#FillUpTheDomeDVD RT IF @CassperNyovest is one of the best Artist in Africa,becoz the dome vid is out of this WORL… https://t.co/GQDPCInE9r

@CassperNyovest #FillUpFnbStadium @CassperNyovest

#FillUpFnbstadium DECEMBER 2nd!!! We have the opportunity to hold "THE BIGGEST HIP HOP CONCERT" & "THE BEST HIP HOP… https://t.co/5xWYRY5FRL

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