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#2/4लाइना poet. Art is above all .. u can't hold me responsible for anything (my Tw or RT).... समझे ??

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@India_Policy हम भारत के लोग @India_Policy

@thevirdas Here are all your tweets before #LS014, mentioning PM OR Modi OR MMS OR manmohan OR sonia OR cong OR con… https://t.co/gNpUZkliYB

@natashachauhan Natasha @natashachauhan

Life leaves clues in the strangest of places!! 😁😁 https://t.co/9OeXhji98n

@NitinKapoor2020 Nitin Kapoor @NitinKapoor2020

@taslimanasreen Here are some samples of Freedom of Expresion(all these are in modern free democratic nations) https://t.co/k8PRbnPkUN

@taslimanasreen Here are some samples of...

@rkgeemail travelबाबा @rkgeemail

Sir aren’t u the one who issued a booklet on #Vadra in 2014 ... very soon that matter will be 4 year old. https://t.co/ZIx3GVRhg8

@Chopdasaab Rahul Rising @Chopdasaab

Country is not expecting Sonia's response. Country is expecting you to give a proper response to Sonia. Sue them. https://t.co/K3ICgJZqPN

@rkgeemail travelबाबा @rkgeemail

@India_Policy Free market for services and products that I provide(as long as I am top of the heap), and socialism… https://t.co/bjjrsyoiiw

@muglikar_ Ashu😎 @muglikar_

Madam will you support a law which mandates govt decided charges for News Anchors? Then Why do u want govt to fix f… https://t.co/ZeVm2G8ZF8

@rkgeemail travelबाबा @rkgeemail

😀😀😀😀 read the thread by top most economist 🤪👇🏾 Gibberish 7 tweets summarized as- (Rural, urban, China, force, manu… https://t.co/YbbFES5Gqs

@sankrant Sankrant Sanu सानु @sankrant

India's education system is creating masses of uneducated. #English-medium makes it far worse. @narendramodi must p… https://t.co/F4UrwBfafO

@OneTipOneHand_ one tip one hand_ @OneTipOneHand_

Khuda se dariye sir. 2019 me ticket toh kya RAC bhi nahi milega. https://t.co/yVQfiJgdF8


But Rahul Bhai last I heard you were to make a revelation in Parliament on @narendramodi that would've caused an "E… https://t.co/gCnvFgTl4a

@rkgeemail travelबाबा @rkgeemail

What if - if he loose election. Their hate for trump is more than their love for good things for THEIR OWN country https://t.co/xiePAX2t7l

@rkgeemail travelबाबा @rkgeemail

Is he is lecturing on “ How to get away with a murder” ?? https://t.co/DdwdP4VfuD

@rkgeemail travelबाबा @rkgeemail

@_pallavighosh goes non stop on Twitter for a sentence for Biswa... not a word.. not a tweet for Ex Bihar CM &… https://t.co/q3QPl9acgx

@rkgeemail travelबाबा @rkgeemail

@himantabiswa One spoke about #Hindu philosophy of Past Karma- Non stop rant This ex CM spoke about murdering someo… https://t.co/BBngVd6cfj

@muglikar_ Ashu😎 @muglikar_

Dosto, thought of glancing through Twitter accounts of few Congress and other leaders, none, mind you none have con… https://t.co/VHlB1jUv1A

@iMac_too iMac_too @iMac_too

Mama ji is slaying it. He’s a smart politician. No wonder Congress finds it impossible to dislodge him. https://t.co/NGmUVuQbqN

@rkgeemail travelबाबा @rkgeemail

@himantabiswa took on #Pidi ‘s Papa So how will they take revenge.. #HitJob on him will increase. Take sentence ou… https://t.co/7HZk6DhdZf

@DivyaSoti Divya Kumar Soti @DivyaSoti

Where are those liberals who were raising hue and cry over Karni Sena? https://t.co/CZ6qq9jB9a

@himantabiswa Himanta Biswa Sarma @himantabiswa

Sir, please do not distort. Simply I said that Hinduism believe in karmic law and human sufferings are linked to k… https://t.co/t2aoqvde1a

@Category5Moron Category5Moron @Category5Moron

Your daddy was Jesus https://t.co/HCv6Ufe65D

@himantabiswa Himanta Biswa Sarma @himantabiswa

Did my speech was on cancer? Who told you? I simply asked a new batch of teachers to work sincerely & work for poor… https://t.co/gYkavs6seV

@TajinderBagga Tajinder Bagga @TajinderBagga

यह तस्वीर इसलिए डाली क्योंकि जब @narendramodi जी कहते है कि 2022 तक मेरे हर भारतवासी के पास अपना मकान होगा तो वो इस… https://t.co/qi3NaJzLTG

@iMac_too iMac_too @iMac_too

Dear @bjp4india, merely court doesn’t say it. “Ambedkar’s” constitution says it. Play game THEIR way. https://t.co/47xD0Mi1ye

@KapilMishraAAP Kapil Mishra @KapilMishraAAP

भाईजान, लेटेस्ट रेट लिस्ट आपको पता ही होगी, लाइन में तो आप वहां भी लगे हो। ये खरीदने बेचने की खबरें जब से शुरू हु… https://t.co/syv40uWAIO

@Liberal_History Liberal History @Liberal_History

केरल - गला रेत दिया, हाथ काट दिये, शरीर के टुकड़े भी कर दिए। टुच्चा लिबरल -रुको मैं सीताराम येचूतिया के पैर छूकर आ… https://t.co/J2zoy3zeE2

@sardanarohit Rohit Sardana @sardanarohit

1. मैंने अपने किसी ट्वीट या बात में किसी धर्म का नाम नहीं लिया. 2. मेरा निशाना कोई धर्म या संप्रदाय नहीं था. 3. जो… https://t.co/AIXVjZCj3k

@padhalikha Eminent Intellectual @padhalikha

Attaboy! Only Maino is our Mother. This Pidi desrves promotion just for this. What say? https://t.co/3BpEMt9Bng

@NKDeewan Deewan. @NKDeewan

Singham - The Leader. [Spoof] https://t.co/RbRsNeR2Mt

Singham - The Leader. [Spoof] https://t....

@mariawirth1 maria wirth @mariawirth1

German friend told me that German media gives impression that @narendramodi pushes agressively Hindu nationalism. t… https://t.co/e81QT6sdoh

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