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#2/4लाइना poet. Art is above all .. u can't hold me responsible for anything (my Tw or RT).... समझे ??

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@rkgeemail BudgetगयाBaba @rkgeemail

We need intelligence like you .. who knew nothing when in power.. now can calculate the extent of #PNBScam like ca… https://t.co/COYO9YQrY0

@rkgeemail BudgetगयाBaba @rkgeemail

Read this thread upward 😀😀😀 Mam.. a bootlicker PM at 20 Janpath is yr kind of strong leader Or Delhi municipality… https://t.co/Zmsk9zKSWA

@BJP4India BJP @BJP4India

On 13 Sept 2013, Rahul Gandhi attends a promotion event of Gitanjali Gems. On 15 Sept 2013, a proposal to give loan… https://t.co/Ylfx9wju3S

@SrBachchan Amitabh Bachchan @SrBachchan

T 2617 - Job Application : Name : Amitabh Bachchan DOB : 11.10.1942, Allahabad Age : 76 yrs Credentials : worked i… https://t.co/141GmjmGCP

@KangriCarrier Basant Rath @KangriCarrier

A message for Jammu’s female two-wheeler drivers. You’ll have to wear a helmet as long as I’m here. You have only… https://t.co/9cmvi0YCKF

@KapilMishra_IND Kapil Mishra @KapilMishra_IND

Kejriwal & #NiravModi - अंदर की बात 1 #PNBScam में बेनामी कम्पनी के डायरेक्टर Hemprakash Sharma ने AAP को 5 April… https://t.co/0WSlWVmnfd

@rkgeemail BudgetगयाBaba @rkgeemail

This cheap stick deserves this only!! https://t.co/btX9S6eAnq

@_jakethedank Jake Arrrrrrrrrrcher @_jakethedank

he’s 19. treat him like an adult. not a child. y’all said tamir rice was a man and that boy was 12 years old. fuck… https://t.co/h11TDpMHjG

@rkgeemail BudgetगयाBaba @rkgeemail

What is this bank.. never heard of them 😀😀 https://t.co/2iWj0oUboh

@DrGPradhan #GauravPradhan 🇮🇳 @DrGPradhan

.@OfficeOfRG, Mr @PChidambaram_IN is absolutely right. The inside people from 2004 till 2014 were Sonia Gandhi,… https://t.co/owIxesRnSt

@AndColorPockeT Jon Yadav 🚩 @AndColorPockeT

Justin Trudeau - Mr. Modi we have allowed Muslim refugees to stay in Canada, they are really nice people.. Modi -… https://t.co/NgN1zsMnzj

@rkgeemail BudgetगयाBaba @rkgeemail

Inspiration is a strange thing ... Guha! 3 top class degree and licking the boot of 5 th Pass Sonia Gandhi doesn’… https://t.co/wNbcPIU3Eq

@rkgeemail BudgetगयाBaba @rkgeemail

That’s the real agenda. Don’t trust bank Don’t trust ATM Don’t trust #Aadhaar Don’t trust technology Trust only go… https://t.co/osVBYTcNIf

@Shehzad_Ind Shehzad Jai Hind @Shehzad_Ind

Top lawyer MP link I mentioned about - here is @navikakumar bringing a big scoop- IT documents allegedly reveal una… https://t.co/I2y9fXjCeM

@MaheshJagga Mahesh Jagga @MaheshJagga

Does 'doing their jobs' include fixing deals, taking commissions, being part of the scam gravy train, being aware o… https://t.co/g8gldnb7nL

@SmokingSkills_ Smoking Skills @SmokingSkills_

Dear Radhika Khera Ji, Selling pickles is much better than selling a 48 year old mentally challenged kid as the le… https://t.co/skiB6eSIhy


Fire Star Diamond I'nal Pvt Ltd is one of the companies that #NiravModi runs. They've taken on lease property which… https://t.co/l7qBldNTul

@AskAnshul Anshul Saxena @AskAnshul

Two Congressi are absconding from Months: 1) Brajesh accused of running Sex Racket, Brother of NDTV's Ravish Kumar.… https://t.co/qAWRj8JnRj

@goyalsanjeev #Intolerant भारतीय @goyalsanjeev

So #NiravModi returned the favor (for loans) to UPA leaders by paying for their #Benami properties in NCR? And… https://t.co/uopYtL2ytT

@squintneon Squint Neon @squintneon

Main difference between RW & LW elites are, LW elites shields their fringe. Despite getting numerous threats from I… https://t.co/pXsH2UD1JW

@srirambjp Sriram @srirambjp

Confession of @PChidambaram_IN that UPA1 inherited a healthy and robust economy from Vajpayee govt. Mr… https://t.co/ODbZPu6FXB

@iMac_too iMac_too @iMac_too

Insulted is strong word. I think he has made up his mind. https://t.co/7u8Jkya4Ds

Insulted is strong word. I think he has...

@squintneon Squint Neon @squintneon

Stockhom Syndrome: 70,000 Hijabi Women in Malegaon joined a silent march protesting against Triple Talaq Bill. Hold… https://t.co/BiVSBXDwTL

@Shehzad_Ind Shehzad Jai Hind @Shehzad_Ind

EXPOSE-TOP LAWYER MP (i can guess,can u) HAD CASH DEALINGS WITH NIRAV MODI -guess who & why a) #NiravModi & ilk und… https://t.co/qPLOgSG5vj

@Ibne_Sena Sajad Hussain @Ibne_Sena

If @MirwaizKashmir and Syed Ali Shah Geelani can bring my mother back to me, I will join hands with them. Let me t… https://t.co/HbKeiwLD4d

@AsYouNotWish Sonam Mahajan @AsYouNotWish

It’s shocking that NDTV’s Ravish Kumar, the one who does home delivery of justice has never blackened his screen ov… https://t.co/KCUCv9htuH

@tavleen_singh Tavleen Singh @tavleen_singh

Russian interference in the internal affairs of other countries has a long history. The ‘Mitrokhin Archive’ by an e… https://t.co/ssle2y4bXw

@anuraag_saxena Anuraag Saxena @anuraag_saxena

#RisingStar 20: No one can beat Dude-aadhiraj @Nitin_Rivaldo’s comedy and vlogs on Faux X (where X = liberalism, jo… https://t.co/1oAXqhhr8W

@rishibagree Rishi Bagree 🇮🇳 @rishibagree

Many yrs ago,some uneducated women in Gujarat had started Lijjat papad & that became a runaway success. Similarly t… https://t.co/jeNaDrynur

@OpIndia_com OpIndia.com @OpIndia_com

UP Mosque near highway which caused at least 80 road fatalities finally demolished after 10 year delay https://t.co/sAkUePj3X5

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