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Nothing happens after you die....

near phila

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John Oliver’s Gay Bunny Book Outsells the Pences’ https://t.co/nG2DeCKuva via @thedailybeast

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NEW BEDTIME ROUTINE (UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) 1. Stretch. 2. Polish marching boots. #ProtectMueller #RuleOfLaw

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

@nowin2613 Thank you! Some kind of wine... not sure what. https://t.co/KlYHQqOOfN

@nowin2613 Thank you! Some kind of wine....

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

Omg. Imagine how calloused and clueless you have to be to say this? https://t.co/rhLEjpA2kY

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

I’m going to become one big callous or I’m going to go into fetal position and cry.... or I’m going to fight.… https://t.co/jVxX6kiIl0

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

@ManMadeMoon Damn. Too late and I knew this. It’s case sensitive ....so to speak. Butter and lard? Sounds yummy.… https://t.co/lKJqYD8jCj

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

Trump would love to fire Mueller. But here’s why he’s been afraid to so far. https://t.co/uCF0puLUI5 via @voxdotcom

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

@ManMadeMoon The question is, are they blatant because they can be? Are we so broken that we will continue to toler… https://t.co/CmR86PYAhP

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MUST READ by @CharlesMBlow - "One of Trump’s most lasting legacies will likely be the damage he’s doing to the fun… https://t.co/uSc5yK9QNP

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

Oh god, I miss him. I think he’s hanging out with his family on their animal sanctuary/farm in New Jersey. Really. https://t.co/IqcwrfriaS

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

@WaltAuvil We need a basic income and technology wouldn’t be a problem. But I know what you say is a reality and th… https://t.co/DVJxsPsfiN

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When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your… https://t.co/xbl1pcESbL

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@maysoonzayid @Twitter Glad they finally stepped up.

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@joe_bakker @RobertLeonard @70 @NRA Nope. 31 states don’t require a background check on private gun sales.

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

I have the world’s smallest violin for these people .... https://t.co/CwvapMrCsk

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@tomwatson I admire Nancy Pelosi, agree about her legislative skill , and I don't care about her speaking style. A… https://t.co/BsGtP35xoo

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@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

I’d rather use self checkout. I know I’m doing some work but otherwise I’d be bored doing nothing and having to mak… https://t.co/v6nHQsGuML

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

@zvjezdanpatz Oh I’d rather use self checkout. Otherwise I’d be bored doing nothing and having to make small talk w… https://t.co/wFcthnfFST

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How many people that voted for Trump are in here? (True story ) #ThoughtsWhileGroceryShopping

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Extraordinary effort to save arrowed bull elephant! Thanks to quick action, the DSWT/KWS Mara Vet Unit were able to… https://t.co/SwUPbYUoGc

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#Environmental From 1983 to 1985, Trojans Don Rittner and the late Raoul Vezina published an environmental cartoon… https://t.co/KFlnmBU9XD

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

@RawlsTomena I’m sure it’s a fair election, just like ours was! 😃 #inPutinwetrust

@shannonrwatts Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts

In other news, Tennessee lawmakers just passed a bill to reduce the fine for carrying a gun without a permit from $… https://t.co/BUhmNgd026

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