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Nothing happens after you die....

near phila

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@Rkopala Dread Pirate Roberts @Rkopala

#WhenTheAliensCome They're going to call it a shit hole aren't they?

@WinFBLeague Scott Winchester @WinFBLeague

#WhenTheAliensCome I hope one of them has the name Roger. https://t.co/vO5YKvBDEB

#WhenTheAliensCome I hope one of them ha...

@justbadgerfudge Badger Fudge @justbadgerfudge

#WhenTheAliensCome I'm turning on my species and fully supporting our new overlords. https://t.co/3IWkiHE8EC

#WhenTheAliensCome I'm turning on my spe...

@EricWolfson Eric Wolfson @EricWolfson

#WhenTheAliensCome we are SCREWED. https://t.co/WPBUHdGvNx

#WhenTheAliensCome we are SCREWED. https...

@AllanMargolin Allan Margolin @AllanMargolin

RT @BillNye We are all one species of one world. Today we celebrate your life Dr. King. You helped humans everywher… https://t.co/RKj2bgulOI

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

Not surprised, but FFS https://t.co/N7U276DYZ3

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

Unsurprising but ...bleccch https://t.co/N7U276DYZ3

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

@ManMadeMoon I’d say everything happens for a reason. But that’s pretty obviously false if you actually look at the… https://t.co/EkJ5R935p0

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

I’m sorry. That’s sucks https://t.co/k6JawzMY62

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

So excited for the show in Philadelphia! https://t.co/c8gSXTkWPT

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

Tragic evidence of a cruel and inhumane administration. https://t.co/fK0unWc4EM

@irishrygirl donaldtrumpnewstoday @irishrygirl

Mitch McConnell made $24 million dollars in the last 6 years on a $194,000 salary. I’m sure there’s a good explanation for that!!!!

@DavidCornDC David Corn @DavidCornDC

Shouldn't you also be taking credit for dad's $150,000 pay-outs to porn stars. That should be a great economic boos… https://t.co/VPkaMN9yXz

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

Tragic and inhumane. https://t.co/tCWTGb10iM

@AllanMargolin Allan Margolin @AllanMargolin

Another Sign Of His Growing Dementia: Says LEAST When He Means MOST. Trump: 'I'm the least racist person you will e… https://t.co/3tZ38T6NE2

@JoyAnnReid Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid

Seriously?? King cared about the poor. You care about the rich. Here are some of his words: God never intended for… https://t.co/2ogUoH7i0d

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

@chavezglen1755 That’s horrific

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

I think I may need to start facial fillers #googleartsculture 😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/zvNg2uwAPd

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

@ancestors9 @Kalaax008 @NicoleBonnet1 @RareCat @midtownNY @joyceetta @TWD913 @winterthur https://t.co/OtuhiVwk6R

@rini6 irene haralabatos @rini6

@ancestors9 @Kalaax008 @NicoleBonnet1 @RareCat @midtownNY @joyceetta @TWD913 @winterthur Exactly. A curious mind is… https://t.co/hYCMw5iRhw

@funder Scott Dworkin @funder

The word “shithole” is being projected onto Trump’s DC hotel. https://t.co/pq0b7b1BEW

@andyravensable Andrew Burgess #FBPE @andyravensable

@BlackMassAppeal Totally agree. Can’t believe @Twitter have been so heavy handed, blocking @luciengreaves’ account… https://t.co/3ExKdpq5ew

@BaphometJoe Matt_Hicks666 @BaphometJoe

@Twitter people threaten to burn down The Satanic Temple in salem and you permanently suspend Lucien Greaves' accou… https://t.co/zy39o3zAwM

@darkangelkinna Artemis @darkangelkinna

@Twitter and @TwitterSupport why did you ban Lucien Greaves but not @Corey_Feldman for threatening to and encouragi… https://t.co/8ESF35e3Tk

@darkangelkinna Artemis @darkangelkinna

This woman @LaurieGatta1 is calling on people to burn down the Satanic Temple’s headquarters in Salem Massachusetts… https://t.co/YzsCDwC8pa

@thebotanophile AM RIKSAKYŌTAN @thebotanophile

Hey @TwitterSupport So, you let a woman who called for the burning of the Satanic Temple keep her tweet but then yo… https://t.co/nUZWKXI4F0

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