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🌊 FEMALE Navy Veteran, https://t.co/pyzudwZ4He #FBR #AnimalRights🐕🐈 🐘🐯🦍🦏 #FlipTXBlue2018 #Resistance #ChiTownExPat #VoteBlue2018 🌊

Baytown, TX

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@AynRandPaulRyan Holly Figueroa O'Reilly @AynRandPaulRyan

🔥Illinois🔥 Your primary is TUESDAY, 3/20! ☑️Confirm your polling place: ➡️https://t.co/RtknA1S5HP ☑️Vote for th… https://t.co/V5kMp4rcrZ

@riderbabe52 🌊⚓Laissez les bon temps rouler⚓🌊 @riderbabe52

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@brycetache Bryce Tache 🇺🇸 @brycetache

I kiss my boys every morning before they go to school. I tell them to have fun. To learn one new thing. To be kind.… https://t.co/MbGvHYmyrJ

@funder Scott Dworkin @funder

"What we're witnessing is a very public obstruction of justice. Trump, as I see it, has already exceeded everything… https://t.co/ahsKY3Wp0o

@ProudResister Ryan Knight #BlueWave2018 🌊 @ProudResister

Trump is hiring a conspiracy theorist lawyer. Trump’s ex-campaign manager is being charged w/ conspiracy against t… https://t.co/GVE3H3uXLL

@Clara_Resists Clara 🍁⏳🌌💕 @Clara_Resists

The party starts now! Let's #GOTV for @renato_mariotti! The #ILPrimary is TOMORROW! Let's encourage our friends in… https://t.co/UhDxiPuaFP

@BetoORourke Beto O'Rourke @BetoORourke

We also wanted to know what was on Texans' minds. So we've been showing up and asking them in person at hundreds of… https://t.co/ZtqXBMXccQ

@riderbabe52 🌊⚓Laissez les bon temps rouler⚓🌊 @riderbabe52


@SaysHummingbird The Hummingbird 🐦 @SaysHummingbird

RT if you demand every single traitor involved in this, be brought to justice. 👇👇 Here’s what you need to know a… https://t.co/AgLX7HQqY9

@TopRopeTravis TOᑭ ᖇOᑭE TᖇAViS 🇺🇸 @TopRopeTravis

List of Presidents who have claimed they were being targeted in a "witch hunt"... 1. Richard Nixon 2. Donald Trump… https://t.co/BxJP1yVg5D

@NathanLerner Nate Lerner @NathanLerner

Mike Pence frequently used his personal AOL account to do government business while serving as governor of Indiana,… https://t.co/yiTSHLmK3E

@funder Scott Dworkin @funder

As of right now it looks like this weekend’s #MarchForOurLives  will be the largest protest ever in the history of… https://t.co/LLkon4Q3tX

@chuckyoutwo ☘️ ChuckYou2 🌊 @chuckyoutwo

@roywlewis @SarahLerner These men need to start worrying. Not only do we know how to use a broom & mop, we know exa… https://t.co/sqjX11uBt6

@SarahLerner Sarah Lerner @SarahLerner

.@SenGillibrand: “I am appalled that House and Senate leadership removed provisions from the omnibus bill at the la… https://t.co/2sbAZMqTsc

@SarahLerner Sarah Lerner @SarahLerner

Congress quietly preserves ability to pay sexual harassment settlements with taxpayer money https://t.co/6AW1hItf6v

@ZevShalev Zev Shalev @ZevShalev

Breaking: @WendySiegelman reports Mercer started new company with @CamAnalytica Nix and mercenary Erik Prince.… https://t.co/HcqW4lLR1a

@smencimer Stephanie Mencimer @smencimer

Trump’s new International Wildlife Conservation Council is dominated by group who’s most famous member killed Cecil… https://t.co/RU46h28JaW

@RepAdamSchiff Adam Schiff @RepAdamSchiff

Glad to see Cambridge Analytica whistleblower is willing to testify. Recent revelations about Erik Prince, Roger St… https://t.co/FAyNcrbRMK

@BanditRandom Bandit Aléatoire @BanditRandom

Don't be surprised Trump congratulated Putin on his dictatorship. He gave congrats to Erdogan for his dictatorship… https://t.co/5wsPlsLfkM

@OmniaQuaerite WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot 🇺🇸 #BoycottNRA 🚫 @OmniaQuaerite

@RiderBabe52 If only: https://t.co/9SmDb54Wmj

@TinaLynnNelson Christina Nelson @TinaLynnNelson

THIS is some HIGH LEVEL BULLSHIT! The GOP doesn't get their way so they FIRE the people in their way???? THAT is NO… https://t.co/0NhDRE07jb

@joncoopertweets Jon Cooper 🌊 @joncoopertweets

The Attorney General of Massachusetts just opened an investigation into Trump and his shady election data company https://t.co/BUcv1hcsv0

@riderbabe52 🌊⚓Laissez les bon temps rouler⚓🌊 @riderbabe52

https://t.co/pCyAhbqLDk For the love of children....... WTH?

@MattMurph24 Matt Murphy @MattMurph24

Sessions’ Firing McCabe Violated His Promise to Recuse https://t.co/1b7pniVmeV via @justsecurity

@WorldGoneCrazy2 WorldGoneCrazy @WorldGoneCrazy2

Sessions was a liar, just like the rest of the administration. https://t.co/u8i9WIH5iv

@JRosenthalKSTP Josh Rosenthal @JRosenthalKSTP

According to criminal complaint: "There is no evidence that ... Officer Noor encountered, appreciated, investigated… https://t.co/B9vKFPT1wG

@TwitterMoments Twitter Moments @TwitterMoments

Australian #JustineDamond called 911 to report a possible assault before being fatally shot by Minneapolis police. https://t.co/7Az278pxn5

@riderbabe52 🌊⚓Laissez les bon temps rouler⚓🌊 @riderbabe52


@riderbabe52 🌊⚓Laissez les bon temps rouler⚓🌊 @riderbabe52

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@gnuman1979 jamie @gnuman1979

Another bomb in Austin. At Goodwill of all places.

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