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@Prime_Kamara depressed vol fan @Prime_Kamara

rt if you can hear this image https://t.co/a33CorP1Lk

rt if you can hear this image https://t....

@YourSports YourSports @YourSports

Side effects of being the Head Coach of LeBron James might include: - Chest Pains - Verbal Abuse - Helplessness… https://t.co/Wg2kJpJAZY


Tyler '@Ninja' Blevins says he makes $500,000 a month playing video games. https://t.co/jk9fvOiNZV

Tyler '@Ninja' Blevins says he makes $50...

@espn ESPN @espn

This tournament is nuts. https://t.co/KbXe0Fv0Jy

This tournament is nuts. https://t.co/Kb...

@JanRamirezz Jandhi @JanRamirezz

I’ll just leave this here.. https://t.co/6DR4jg8DfZ

I’ll just leave this here.. https://t.co...

@tarabrad4 tara b. @tarabrad4

I guess my feelings just don't matter. It's fine though.

@holy_schnitt ellie @holy_schnitt

did y’all know boys are STUPID well if you didn’t PSA you know now!! they are dumb!!! I hate being attracted to them they’re so annoying!!

@ricke_ryan Ryan Ricke @ricke_ryan

There is nothing better.💯 https://t.co/UDs9rx2tIE

@StevenAlbritton Steven Albritton @StevenAlbritton

@UMBCAthletics knows how to get ready @FortniteGame @Ninja @Drake they’re here for ya @kmbc https://t.co/ZyBoyhSvkz

@UMBCAthletics knows how to get ready @F...

@ricke_ryan Ryan Ricke @ricke_ryan

And they say the perfect man doesnt exist😂 https://t.co/rdzG3tsVgB

@RealKentMurphy Kent @RealKentMurphy

Golden Retrievers watching the Retrievers upset Virginia is the best picture on your timeline (📷@rubesss91) https://t.co/zHH6b3ImXx

Golden Retrievers watching the Retriever...

@espn ESPN @espn


IT FINALLY HAPPENED! https://t.co/vC7QMJ...

@SportsCenter SportsCenter @SportsCenter

No words. https://t.co/YNdA3V4DoP

No words. https://t.co/YNdA3V4DoP

@YourSports YourSports @YourSports

So it wasn’t PED’s or FBI wiretaps that brought down Arizona, it was Skip Bayless 🤔 https://t.co/NYObv4gGvN

@ricke_ryan Ryan Ricke @ricke_ryan

@abbyhazelo Loyola-Chicago. SMH...

@espn ESPN @espn

Congratulations (?) to the owner of the one bracket out of 17.3 million who has gone 0 for 20 so far in Tournament Challenge.

@abbyhazelo abby hazelo @abbyhazelo

@ricke_ryan or the ones with the cooler names 🤷🏼‍♀️ https://t.co/MmkDlfYPLB

@ricke_ryan Ryan Ricke @ricke_ryan

21 points.

@JonMyers33 Jon ™ @JonMyers33

Bracket Buster Buffalo

@ricke_ryan Ryan Ricke @ricke_ryan

😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/LI07NZifzV

@TrentW02 Trent Williams @TrentW02

It must really suck to be a U of A fan.💀😂

@TeamJuJu JuJu Smith-Schuster @TeamJuJu

In the same week I met and recruited LeBron to the Steelers and played Fortnite with Drake, Ninja, and Travis Scott. What a time to be alive

@fortnite_memes Fortnite Memes Daily @fortnite_memes



@CBSSports CBS Sports @CBSSports

Get the tissues ready (via @DMoutonWWL) https://t.co/6EAar49oiC

Get the tissues ready (via @DMoutonWWL)...

@fortnite_memes Fortnite Memes Daily @fortnite_memes

When your friend won’t play Fortnite https://t.co/8n8LX8Au5e

When your friend won’t play Fortnite htt...

@PlochArtwork Austin Ploch @PlochArtwork

Thanks for everything, 49 🐍💪🏼🔥 #Arrieta #Cubforlife @JArrieta34 @MrsArrieta49 https://t.co/u6HvEJStgr

Thanks for everything, 49 🐍💪🏼🔥 #Arrieta...

@DanielleBland8 handsome worm @DanielleBland8

This video of @BlandSammy21 getting bit by a kitty is my favorite thing https://t.co/1prnLav8W2

This video of @BlandSammy21 getting bit...

@942Crew 942 Crew @942Crew

This. Picture. PC @dakwon https://t.co/mYulLAnlQj

This. Picture.

PC @dakwon https://t.co/...

@BleacherReport Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

University of Rhode Island coach Dan Hurley reacts to his brother, Bobby Hurley and Arizona State making the tourna… https://t.co/tA6LfZBIyS

@BillKoch25 Bill Koch @BillKoch25

#URI coach Dan Hurley reacts to brother Bobby and Arizona State making the NCAA field. https://t.co/rXvkiBR8k3

#URI coach Dan Hurley reacts to brother...

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