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Academic clinical psychologist, researching psychosis; critic of conventional psychiatry. Opinions expressed are my own and not those of my employer.

Liverpool, England

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@jbasekelly Jason Kelly #FBPE 🇬🇧🇪🇺 @jbasekelly

What a day! Reached 2000 followers, with the 2000th being one of my very favourite #Brexit commentators, the awesom… https://t.co/1pHDvMEhB0

@JimMFelton James Felton @JimMFelton

“520 days into Brexit. No progress has been made on the border, trade or customs. What shall we focus on? Any ideas… https://t.co/4b4MqgY6q0

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@BrexitBassist @Nigel_Farage @ChukaUmunna @Anna_Soubry I think M Barnier is entitled to meet with anyone he wants t… https://t.co/nDeP03IxRx

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@Cheshire__red @JimTheBastard @panmisthropist @EastUpper3 @montie Had I interpreted a 52:48 win for remain as justi… https://t.co/AEpIi7ThsU

@itsgabrielleu Gabrielle Union @itsgabrielleu

I was raised to not let racism and racists slide. Trump is a racist. Call a thing a thing. His racist soul is a shi… https://t.co/IXs4CikkTQ

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@JimTheBastard @panmisthropist @Cheshire__red @EastUpper3 @montie Let’s find out! It’s the democrat thing to do. Yo… https://t.co/pAtOShUJEv

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@JimTheBastard @panmisthropist @Cheshire__red @EastUpper3 @montie My argument is that leave arguments have been tri… https://t.co/U5jlu6vbzI

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@_SimonBarnett @JamesTa11513706 @Midgecat Federation is not the same as empire. Try using a dictionary.

@Andrew_Adonis Andrew Adonis @Andrew_Adonis

President Macron here on Thursday (at Sandhurst) for Franco-British Council. Key point for him: Brexit not a done d… https://t.co/U09OVJhb0Y

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@JimTheBastard @panmisthropist @Cheshire__red @EastUpper3 @montie The point is you keep asserting what the public t… https://t.co/AVcMLQrq1X

@RosChappell Ros Chappell #FBPE #ABTV #WeAreTheOppositionNow @RosChappell

@HarryDibbs_ @RichardBentall @Cheshire__red @EastUpper3 @montie Truth IS our cause. Leave lied to get votes IS our… https://t.co/i7lTq8zIqB

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@JimTheBastard @panmisthropist @Cheshire__red @EastUpper3 @montie Let’s ask the electorate whether they’d agree to… https://t.co/sa5SHEEM6B

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@JimTheBastard @panmisthropist @Cheshire__red @EastUpper3 @montie I understand it very well thanks. The EU army pla… https://t.co/ynQVRB8qtp

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@JimTheBastard @panmisthropist @Cheshire__red @EastUpper3 @montie Let’s have another referendum and find out. What… https://t.co/i4WqfJ98r0

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@englandpaddy Why? Has Farage won a Parliamentary seat? Why didn’t somebody tell me?

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@JimTheBastard @panmisthropist @Cheshire__red @EastUpper3 @montie Let’s find out! People deserve a say on the final… https://t.co/scDeDkeMqD

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@PompeyWhite @Nelsonpk_UK @c_anne_richards It’s a literary reference: “me thinks the lady doth protest too much” (H… https://t.co/VtoiRRd4n4

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@IanDunt Excellent informative article thanks.

@IanDunt Ian Dunt @IanDunt

If you're baffled by Corbyn's Brexit stuff, here's my explan of where he's coming from, where he has a point & wher… https://t.co/3HHb4i6cKC

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@JimTheBastard @panmisthropist @Cheshire__red @EastUpper3 @montie Will you omit the £350 m/wk sent to Brussells? O… https://t.co/B4QxrVuuL8

@frankmueller101 Prof Frank Mueller #FBPE #ABTV #WATON @frankmueller101

https://t.co/d7FSsHCPa9 "As the gov't does not have a mandate for its version of Brexit, the 1945 Salisbury conven… https://t.co/CeYWJxsP2n

@EUflagmafia EU Flag Mafia @EUflagmafia

This is what happens when you don't do impact studies. #fbpe #waton https://t.co/GC6KAC9hL0

@markpalexander Mark Alexander #FBPE @markpalexander

@markhendy Brexit has caused a slow down in UK construction. It almost as if the #Brexsheep will keep baaing themse… https://t.co/uQ0kuB60Zb

@EdKrassen Ed Krassenstein @EdKrassen

BREAKING: Haiti just had an emergency high court session resulting in an agreement to unseal & release documents re… https://t.co/Q5ViWwrVLW

@JolyonMaugham Jo Maugham QC @JolyonMaugham

If you are one of 28,000 members of Carillion's pension scheme, be thankful EU law obliged the Government to adopt… https://t.co/CAvRcOPPAq

@Hepworthclare Clare Hepworth OBE @Hepworthclare

I've been a UK Labour member all my adult life & will remain so. But I make NO apologies for saying - listening to… https://t.co/DITQnYCQgU

@Harryslaststand Harry Leslie Smith @Harryslaststand

I've always thought the greatest treason isn't from those who trade state secrets with our adversaries but from cor… https://t.co/8e9YkyyDvw

@cliodiaspora Prof Tanja Bueltmann @cliodiaspora

We need to talk about @BorisJohnson Whatever your view on the EU referendum and Brexit, you need to be concerned: M… https://t.co/Jbdyqiv708

@charlievg77 Charlie V-Griffith @charlievg77

@RichardBentall @Cheshire__red @EastUpper3 @montie Totally agree. In light of the facts now pouring out about… https://t.co/AHoe7El5eB

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