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Academic clinical psychologist, researching psychosis; critic of conventional psychiatry. Opinions expressed are my own and not those of my employer.

Liverpool, England

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@GuitarMoog Steve Bullock @GuitarMoog

The transition period will end 4 1/2 years after the referendum. At that point UK will have to accept whatever deal… https://t.co/wDyopB79Je

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@MikeHolden42 I hope he falls in.

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@POCX100 @tallventi It’s my nukes. I keep them under the bed with my novachok supply and the low tog duvet I switch to in the summer.

@0prostuff Stuff @0prostuff

@TSPimpernel @RichardBentall @Nigel_Farage https://t.co/qjEB4yKDXB

@TSPimpernel @RichardBentall @Nigel_Fara...

@0prostuff Stuff @0prostuff

@tim_newling @RichardBentall @Nigel_Farage https://t.co/yiyVhPbZ7R

@tim_newling @RichardBentall @Nigel_Fara...

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@d_galasinski 🤣

@gweccles George Eccles @gweccles

Now that we have understandably caved in to all EU demands during the ‘negotiations’, it is surely fair to ask agai… https://t.co/8l3Q30H0dN

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

Blimey! https://t.co/GaMVUDrS76

@thedailymash The Daily Mash @thedailymash

It took six months and a lot of work but we’ve caved completely, says David Davis https://t.co/ZqMmU6eRFV https://t.co/3G3xjov9sh

It took six months and a lot of work but...

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@d_galasinski I know. I'm just wondering what to do with all this power!

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@tnewtondunn Brexiters need not worry. They have made the UK very unattractive to foreigners.

@Dan010173 Reality Bites in 2018 #WATON @Dan010173

@tim_newling @RichardBentall @Nigel_Farage https://t.co/TmqLJSTpKI

@tim_newling @RichardBentall @Nigel_Fara...

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

In some ways this is worse than the Iraq tragedy. All those Labour and Tory MPs who voted for the Second Gulf War,… https://t.co/39LV3WntLy

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@Mudjokivis Give me Yeltsin any day. He stood in front of tanks to stop a military coup. Even pissed, his English w… https://t.co/DIULwNfSy0

@faisalislam Faisal Islam @faisalislam

Government officially agrees to call it “transition phase” (it’s in green)... ... fair argument to say it is neithe… https://t.co/mZQ3OxPg4a

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@scarletharlot69 The one good thing about Brexit is that extremist idiots like this will be deprived of a living. I… https://t.co/WAGivO2gPD

@scarletharlot69 Bluebell E. @scarletharlot69

the mind boggles! first the Judiciary are the enemies of the people now the House of Lords is a nest of traitors &… https://t.co/8DWBXnMDn7

@DavidCornDC David Corn @DavidCornDC

Wow. I just was given an embargoed preview of Channel 4 News' new documentary on Cambridge Analytica. It will go li… https://t.co/QDfLU9I1sc

@Paul1Singh Paul Singh @Paul1Singh

This marks the beginning of the end of a Labour Party built on a ‘broadchurch’ of the left. Instead we are going t… https://t.co/nlYuQ2I7Aa

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@rockon451 @UKIP Well that's going to be just fine and dandy once friction is added to the borders. We'd better g… https://t.co/jXCe9pfusF

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@evde109 @Nigel_Farage I agree Farage has.

@City_Livery_SM CityLiveryConsulting #FBPE @City_Livery_SM

@Richard6899 @RichardBentall @Nigel_Farage The trawler #Farage used for his publicity stunt on the Thames “was caug… https://t.co/eWuDi77hK9

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@IanDunt Your assessment of Field is not really fair to morons.

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@sff_uk There's a lot of noise about fish, which are a tiny, tiny part of our economy. Maybe understandable if you'… https://t.co/y4h5AuAPzm

@mikegalsworthy Mike Galsworthy #FBPE @mikegalsworthy

Brexit doesn't work as advertised - it's a bust product. So let's take it back to the shop and say no thanks. https://t.co/Mnkj23OnRc

@f_grovewhite Francis Grove-White @f_grovewhite

Today's transition deal shows all the Brexiteers care about now is getting out in March 2019, regardless of the dam… https://t.co/jZFvCPRNCE

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@benjamat10 @tim_newling @Nigel_Farage Meanwhile, while you're reading that - https://t.co/Goe0E4RIcF

@benjamat10 @tim_newling @Nigel_Farage M...

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@benjamat10 @tim_newling @Nigel_Farage Oh dear, somebody is spiting their dummy out of the pram. It's absolutely t… https://t.co/PCIfmH24SO

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@benjamat10 @Complyorcry @tim_newling @Nigel_Farage Usual BS from a Leave troll with a tiny number of followers. L… https://t.co/pllPRjtwU7

@richardbentall Richard Bentall #FBPE @richardbentall

@UKIP 80% of our fish is exported to Europe. Fisheries are a tiny fraction of our economy. This was never about car… https://t.co/E79oXxi9g8

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