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Pharmacist with a special interest on clinical homecare services.


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@espemargal espemargal @espemargal

Taller de Relajación, manejo de la Ansiedad y Estrés https://t.co/o3bz8WVWiX https://t.co/2xsqCst7hI

Taller de Relajación, manejo de la Ansie...

@bbchealth BBC Health News @bbchealth

WHO warns of soaring rates of measles in Europe https://t.co/6ZOHwKlO21

@PhysicianOnFIRE Physician on FIRE @PhysicianOnFIRE

I'll be spending a week in Honduras on a medical mission in May. The following are still being recruited: Urologis… https://t.co/Ina8gN6Tzo

@FatimaRevolts Fatima @FatimaRevolts

Shout out to @fitbit for saving my life this morning. My readings were insanely high (and i didnt feel anything ami… https://t.co/WE7TlrpOzu

@drbenwhite Dr Ben White @drbenwhite

Every single health care professional should take the 10 minutes needed to read this https://t.co/EoW1R9StyU

@ricardommd Ricardo Martinez @ricardommd

@adam_crampsie Add Homecare to that list please

@ricardommd Ricardo Martinez @ricardommd

@delmo24 Se tiende a reconocer a la industria con la empresa privada que solo vela por intereses financieros; esto… https://t.co/5GKa4u2Vex

@ricardommd Ricardo Martinez @ricardommd

@fireintheuk @Vanguard_UK You read my mind I already did that last night

@FreseniusKabi Fresenius Kabi @FreseniusKabi

The diagnosis changes everything. February 4th is World Cancer Day. Help us raise awareness for all those affected… https://t.co/G1YdUEbj4o

@PhysicianOnFIRE Physician on FIRE @PhysicianOnFIRE

Guess who's at the #NYSE for the closing bell in a few minutes? Me! Tune in online here during or after the bell… https://t.co/wTOAfWu06S

@ricardommd Ricardo Martinez @ricardommd

@NFLUK Website is already down...

@ricardommd Ricardo Martinez @ricardommd

@Converso72 @TechCrunch @elonmusk Se te olvidan las preparaciones para el Apocalipsis zombi

@ricardommd Ricardo Martinez @ricardommd

@SenoritaPuri Brutal 😂

@ricardommd Ricardo Martinez @ricardommd

@fireintheuk I remember going to the bank and they checked if they could give me a better deal on my mortgage; they… https://t.co/rw1A21NJW9

@PhysicianOnFIRE Physician on FIRE @PhysicianOnFIRE

The entire hospital will be down for several hours at 5:40 pm for "scheduled maintenance." #Skol https://t.co/CSXTOOo73l

The entire hospital will be down for sev...

@MHRAmedicines MHRA Meds Safety @MHRAmedicines

Parents and carers advised to inspect Buccolam oral syringes before use #patientsafety 📰 https://t.co/VA5S3PtIyd https://t.co/Z1Tdx1Bi5w

Parents and carers advised to inspect Bu...

@bbchealth BBC Health News @bbchealth

Measles outbreak in five English regions https://t.co/w9AsqypCbV

@TheLancet The Lancet @TheLancet

#Pollution caused three times more deaths than those from AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined. Read the full… https://t.co/hZU1j8Iqay

@NHSChoices NHS Choices @NHSChoices

Pharmacists can advise on a wide range of common illnesses and ailments: https://t.co/4RpvABDpmR #ThursdayThoughts https://t.co/9b8NAiOUbz

Pharmacists can advise on a wide range o...

@ricardommd Ricardo Martinez @ricardommd

@Converso72 Metanfetamina?

@PharmaSupport Pharmacist Support @PharmaSupport

If tonight's @BBC programme on #pharmacists under pressure has raised any issues that you'd like to talk to someone… https://t.co/UU634ulQI3

@MeggDerbyshire Meg; @MeggDerbyshire

I don't know if anybody is even interested, but I'm SO bored being off uni and work, so I've decided to start blogg… https://t.co/eBzRQy4Ijj

@ricardommd Ricardo Martinez @ricardommd

@fireintheuk Both: the isa is to provide funds until I can access the pension pot.

@ricardommd Ricardo Martinez @ricardommd

@DullPharmacist https://t.co/gfzvZ3kCp0

@DullPharmacist  https://t.co/gfzvZ3kCp0

@perezreverte Arturo Pérez-Reverte @perezreverte

Patente de corso: Los héroes están aquí https://t.co/HJxAQz8Gob

@TheEscapeART1ST The Escape Artist @TheEscapeART1ST

BBC News - Early retirement: Our road to financial independence https://t.co/PLPhnu0yvq

@WSJ The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Warren Buffett bet $1 million in 2007 that an index fund would outperform a basket of hedge funds over a decade. Wh… https://t.co/auKbcgRWQL

@Ldn_Ambulance London Ambulance @Ldn_Ambulance

Planning to party the night away tomorrow? Please don't get so drunk that you end up injured in the back of an ambu… https://t.co/m08qXtnRFw

@catspaperbacks Natasha // DESCENDANTS 3 IS HAPPENING @catspaperbacks

Retweet if you’re an adult who uses the library https://t.co/aGXhiz609K

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