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working everyday to #levelup.. success is the only option. If you strike me, I will strike back. 🐍 “all my flowers grew back as thrones” #swifty

Waterbury, VT

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@19reputaytion89 ❄️Avery Jade❄️ @19reputaytion89

Someone explain to me why this mashup makes me cry everytime I hear it 😭 https://t.co/JM9KuE5TYN

Someone explain to me why this mashup ma...

@lostintay quinny quinn quinn @lostintay

can y’all believe she sang should’ve said no (I don’t know how I made it) https://t.co/DYwQ6dRv6S

can y’all believe she sang should’ve sai...

@FOTPTaylorSwift Taylor Swift | FOTP @FOTPTaylorSwift

The #EndGame music video has already surpassed 20 million views on YouTube! 🌃 | https://t.co/aMgmFW5XZy https://t.co/rfPjcjhG3y

The #EndGame music video has already sur...

@iHeartRadio iHeartRadio @iHeartRadio

OOOOOOH, #LookWhatYouMadeMeDo! RT to vote for @taylorswift13 for #BestLyrics! 🐍 #iHeartAwards https://t.co/6gLWexqNij

OOOOOOH, #LookWhatYouMadeMeDo! RT to vot...

@slaylorstan summer @slaylorstan

I !!! DID !!! SOMETHING !!! BAD !!! IS !!! THE !!! NEXT !!! SINGLE !!! OFF !!! OF !!! REPUTATION !!! https://t.co/AinWmRzvcl

I !!! DID !!! SOMETHING !!! BAD !!! IS !...

@billboard billboard @billboard

Taylor Swift's 11 best moments from her "End Game" video with Future and Ed Sheeran https://t.co/4MWw2QWFMI https://t.co/YkgsVMLXEw

Taylor Swift's 11 best moments from her...

@TSwiftNZ Taylor Swift News @TSwiftNZ

Protect her #EndGameMusicVideo https://t.co/zrqpXMlOx3

Protect her #EndGameMusicVideo https://t...

@reneepo79171754 Renee Porter @reneepo79171754

@taylorswift13 always starting the best trends #WatchEndGame @taylornation13 #NoItsBecky https://t.co/WNlSGvkd5e

@taylorswift13 always starting the best...

@taylornation13 Taylor Nation @taylornation13

@ReneePo79171754 ❤️❤️❤️ #WatchEndGame

@13swift1989 Rachel 🥀 @13swift1989

Taylor in a bathrobe, blowing bubbles is the level of unbothered I aspire to be. Taylor playing a snake game called… https://t.co/H3zIOGq16B

@LghtOf1000stars Grace 💙// 129 days Rep. Denver @LghtOf1000stars

@taylornation13 @taylornation13 No lie! My cats insists on being apart of this #EndGameMusicVideo streaming party… https://t.co/OnqE3pTltc

@reneepo79171754 Renee Porter @reneepo79171754

#WatchEndGame and repeat.... @taylornation13 #TwitterParty #taylornation you are my people !!! https://t.co/n54bJG1hfW

#WatchEndGame and repeat.... @taylornati...

@FearlessFira Fira @FearlessFira

PARTY WITH @taylornation13 ON TWITTER LIKE #WatchEndGame https://t.co/B6rzCaYiRE

PARTY WITH @taylornation13 ON TWITTER LI...

@reneepo79171754 Renee Porter @reneepo79171754

I have showed everyone I know #endgame music video today! Walked into work.. I must show you something. I stayed up… https://t.co/Fwr1gECroS

@reneepo79171754 Renee Porter @reneepo79171754

@taylornation13 Staying up!! I feel like I’m waiting for a new year @taylorswift13 I can’t even explain how excited… https://t.co/WhzIO5VB5D

@taylornation13 Taylor Nation @taylornation13

We’re counting down to the #EndGameMusicVideo!! Less than one hour 👀🙀

@inagetawaycar giselle @inagetawaycar

secure your wigs https://t.co/Rb6uW9eTMl

@GMA Good Morning America @GMA

ARE YOU READY FOR IT? We have an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of @taylorswift13's music video to "End Game," featuring… https://t.co/DOR45pEndg

@taylorswift13 Taylor Swift @taylorswift13

Tonight at midnight eastern. #EndGameMusicVideo @1future @edsheeran https://t.co/XHRS02IXfY

Tonight at midnight eastern. #EndGameMus...

@Ru_ReAdy_F0r_IT Rebecca "Will Hug Taylor" Lynn @Ru_ReAdy_F0r_IT

1 hour left!!! @taylorswift13 & @taylornation13 ARE YOU READY FOR IT???


🎶❤️️ @TaylorSwift13's Live Lounge cover of Riptide by @Vancejoy gives us goosebumps every 👏 single 👏 time 👏. https://t.co/WtMSSS1uns

🎶❤️️ @TaylorSwift13's Live Lounge cover...

@FOTPTaylorSwift Taylor Swift | FOTP @FOTPTaylorSwift

Taylor Swift’s ‘reputation’ and Ed Sheeran’s ‘Divide’ have finished as the best selling male and female albums of 2… https://t.co/eRClsfHlGQ

@reneepo79171754 Renee Porter @reneepo79171754

Happy new year #swifties @taylorswift13 you inspire so many !!!! https://t.co/MxMqGzlLei

@inagetawaycar giselle @inagetawaycar

see y'all on the other side https://t.co/2HbW3plNIt

see y'all on the other side https://t.co...

@reneepo79171754 Renee Porter @reneepo79171754

@taylornation13 Yes!!! So much

@reneepo79171754 Renee Porter @reneepo79171754

@GilletteStadium you have the hookup to meet @taylorswift13 this year on tour or what ?! Lol. I can dream right ?! #Pats

@FOTPTaylorSwift Taylor Swift | FOTP @FOTPTaylorSwift

Swifties, which music video do you prefer? RT for ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and LIKE for ‘...Ready For It?’! https://t.co/zy7PIcBY4v

Swifties, which music video do you prefe...

@reneepo79171754 Renee Porter @reneepo79171754

I have spent so much time on #TSL I don’t even think to come on here anymore! @taylorswift13 #LookWhatYouMadeMeDo

@RepWorldTour Reputation Stadium Tour @RepWorldTour

Are you Redy ... #EndGAMEVideo #TaylorSwift https://t.co/23VhK6ia8X

Are you Redy ... #EndGAMEVideo #TaylorSw...

@TSwiftPR Taylor Swift Updates @TSwiftPR

A fan shared their heartfelt story on 'The Swift Life' app of Taylor helping them to buy a house and preventing the… https://t.co/6jotYjgMcU

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