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@PinkBelgium PHIL🇺🇸🇧🇪4TRUMP✝️ @PinkBelgium

That's Awesome! #DOJ Is Certainly The "Top Priority" To #DrainTheSwamp 🚨🔐 #MAGA - @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Breaks Al… https://t.co/I8CLXm7zXZ

@Jaye_inUSA Jaye 👠 @Jaye_inUSA

@EricHolder YOU do not speak for the “Vast majority in of American people”‼️ What in the HE_L makes you think the v… https://t.co/88zpY45zFR

@ealterisio Ed Alterisio @ealterisio

Omg, it’s Ellen! https://t.co/uR4bHH77mG

Omg, it’s Ellen! https://t.co/uR4bHH77mG

@benshapiro Ben Shapiro @benshapiro

Facts don't care about your feelings.

@clayfeathers BC ❤️✝️🇺🇸 @clayfeathers

Really?? 🤔🤔🤔 Donald Trump to Paul Ryan: I Would Be ‘Very Unhappy’ If You Resign in 2018 https://t.co/CHABwlfFoD via @BreitbartNews

@PoliticallyRYT Lexy @PoliticallyRYT

Why does this have to be a racial issue? You honestly think, that low of a % of our population carries the nation o… https://t.co/VwamjJKEDd

@PGutierrez630 Paul A. Gutierrez @PGutierrez630

Paul Ryan Signals End To His Time in D.C as Deep State Rolls On https://t.co/vNj3jw2acS Worst position for the GOP… https://t.co/7LfeHJhUbf

@PinkBelgium PHIL🇺🇸🇧🇪4TRUMP✝️ @PinkBelgium

President @realDonaldTrump And We The People Have Been Asking As Well : #CrookedHillary Has To Be Sued About Emails… https://t.co/fPLoOsUp9X

@kwilli1046 Kevin W. @kwilli1046

As People Are Dying At Alarming Rates in Chicago, Chicago Mayor Rahm #Emanuel, Spends His Time On "Climate Change".… https://t.co/h7DGwgh1PU

@hotfunkytown Funkytown @hotfunkytown

Those women making the false charges against Roy Moore will simply vanish, now that the Democrats have increased th… https://t.co/AKM1badF1G

@thebradfordfile thebradfordfile @thebradfordfile

Sen. Gillibrand: How about victims of sexual harassment in the capitol? SHUSH FUND = SILENCE https://t.co/nL7iH7dH0O

@adjunctprofessr JoJo @adjunctprofessr

🔊🔊🔊 Something to smile about! Majority Whip Steve Scalise and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy have begun to plan to… https://t.co/zZrRxmVQs5

@LetzBrealistic SME @LetzBrealistic

Also call Voter Fraud Commission at 785-296-4564 (Kobach), DEMAND an Investigation of #Alabama election. Interviews… https://t.co/uE3IaO0uoP

@sxdoc Ken Jones @sxdoc

Long Island Woman Indicted For Funding #ISIS With Bitcoin; Bitcoin used by drug dealers, human traffickers, and Mon… https://t.co/dBbhBGr4v2

@sxdoc Ken Jones @sxdoc

Senator Grassley Fires Off Scorching Letter To DOJ After Anti-Trump Texts Reveal Burner Phone, "Insurance Policy";… https://t.co/Nvu87RHBWb

@GartrellLinda Deplorable Linda G. @GartrellLinda

This ONE Text Message May Have Just Fatally Wounded Mueller’s #WitchHunt Exactly WHAT was the 'insurance policy' t… https://t.co/lpk38e10Xk

@Corp125Vet Robert McCarthy @Corp125Vet

@Andrea29391921 @EricHolder Of his Peeps, Perverts, Illegals, Antifa, Marxist, Ukrainian Russian Loyalists! We know… https://t.co/nSdpjIuf4O

@Corp125Vet Robert McCarthy @Corp125Vet

@ConservaPeach @Hoosiers1986 @SierraWhiskee @EricHolder Yeah, This is Bob Mccarthy, CODEOFVETS! Afternoon Patriots,… https://t.co/KcB0nQPONp

@Kimbraov1 🌺Kimbra💐 @Kimbraov1

At 30th anniversary rally, Hamas vows to force US reversal on Jerusalem https://t.co/JtSuPfj6gx via @timesofisrael

@SiddonsDan Dan Siddons @SiddonsDan

@USMC https://t.co/ETgyd6FnFr The primary goal of #ToysForTots is to deliver, a new toy at #Christmas, a message o… https://t.co/CAz0YqvDvH

@thebradfordfile thebradfordfile @thebradfordfile

#NetNeutrality. No Thanks. The Post Office, the DMV and healthcare is “government in control.”

@hotfunkytown Funkytown @hotfunkytown

Democrats will reject year end spending deal over illegals... Shut it down! Do not pay non critical government emp… https://t.co/KnhlzFpfnq

@sxdoc Ken Jones @sxdoc

Rep. Trey Gowdy 'Predicts' Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe Will Be FIRED By Next Week (VIDEO) #UraniumOne… https://t.co/bKJIyibjqX

@kwilli1046 Kevin W. @kwilli1046

The Democrats Run on the Race Card. They Run on Identity Politics. That's All They've Got. Retweet if You Agree! https://t.co/wgqx5xiW6F

The Democrats Run on the Race Card. They...

@gbroh10 @gary[WontBackDown] @gbroh10

At some point this truth must take hold for the end of the Democrat Party to be complete. #SoMuchWinning https://t.co/QLWTNOyUwR

@SusanStormXO FIERY🔥"GᖇIT”♋️2CNTS ✨💫🗝Per ardua ad astra🗝💫 ✨ @SusanStormXO

@realDonaldTrump Dear CITIZENS @realDonaldTrump AS A BUSINESSMAN ups & downs . Success & failures makes him the m… https://t.co/3E3fYa3s3l

@gbroh10 @gary[WontBackDown] @gbroh10

Not sure how #NetNeutality being overturned makes this possible, but if so, shows another reason for #BigTech linin… https://t.co/Atxo5ykLxb

@Truthseeker126 OyVeyDiosMio @Truthseeker126

I call it! Come on @marcorubio give me a break (a tax break that is🤓) ! Don’t stoop to Chucky’s level. https://t.co/6FjYebpOcL

@alozrasT Amy🥀MAGA BOT🎄🇺🇸🎄 @alozrasT

💥BOOM💥 Rep. Trey Gowdy 'Predicts' Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe Will Be FIRED By Next Week! 👉 McCabe needs to… https://t.co/7Fo0D1ub7M

@MAGAMichelle18 MAGA Michelle 🇺🇸 @MAGAMichelle18

#PeterStrzok : 👉Changed Comey’s language about Hillary Clinton’s emails from ‘grossly negligent’ to ‘extremely care… https://t.co/pmxukPKusK

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