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@realisticpoetry Realistic Poetry @realisticpoetry

How poetic can you be? Write a short poem about what you see! You can now share your poems on our website FREE!… https://t.co/l7uL2EqVZJ

@realisticpoetry Realistic Poetry @realisticpoetry

@poetanitab @charliecalley63 @ZeebestABC Hey! Thanks for being my top RTers of the week - 🚀 Grow your followers with https://t.co/okOIVoY3fJ

@RealisticPoetry Realistic Poetry @RealisticPoetry

How poetic can you be? Write a short poem about what you see! You can now share your poems on our website FREE!… https://t.co/VMrzlNLbFC

@realisticpoetry Realistic Poetry @realisticpoetry

The 1st Poem of 2018 Poetry Contest The 1st Place Winner of this contest will win $300.00 and an exclusive gold pr… https://t.co/TKWDXPsn5Z

@ConnieRamirez45 connie ramirez @ConnieRamirez45

In reply to @RealisticPoetry in my loneliness,you afford me company as we explore unknown places; with u,i live my… https://t.co/JD0xR4yaS9

@eselkay__ dont dm me, i’m not the one on my dp @eselkay__

A rarity While others had feathers with colors of multiple varieties Mine was white and pure and free from vanity https://t.co/3QgjDOo3V2

@eselkay__ dont dm me, i’m not the one on my dp @eselkay__

We were chaos In it’s purest form None of us strong enough to tame the other And when we merged The earth cried for… https://t.co/L8UCYWXYr5

@The_Real_Tipp ❤Tiffany ❤ @The_Real_Tipp

@RealisticPoetry Frightened to the core about the injustices I see. I hold steadfast..charging forward. In me the w… https://t.co/RXCVLHCpAA

@therealmoonbase moonbase 5 @therealmoonbase

i remember this door he with his cigar and whisky impish air pondering to the ceiling then leading me through the b… https://t.co/nw0Fomju5W

@altairego_ ALTAIR @altairego_

@RealisticPoetry Inner peace finds me #haiku https://t.co/Au2r1e5Um3

@RealisticPoetry Inner peace finds me

@Reneedmj1 Renee Jackson @Reneedmj1

@RealisticPoetry Lost in a shadow of reality but keep reading fantasy and sci-fi because reality leaves me wonder… https://t.co/2MhNMuPVD5

@stylosupreme SHAWNMIC. @stylosupreme

Wind blows candles out Windows in and houses down. But I stand like a Mountain even when it's dark out, only God c… https://t.co/pp9N92HFg2

@Hesterquirl Heather Macdonald @Hesterquirl

Poem I wrote on @RealisticPoetry , quite like this, for a short poem. thanks for your prompts, they are really help… https://t.co/3q02wFYbdi

@TalesByFerrick Ferrick Gray @TalesByFerrick

"If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad." — Byron https://t.co/jKq7eranTM

@olaoluwasanmi ANYTHINGLEGENDARY @olaoluwasanmi

The door to knowledge Is in the library of life: where books are orderly in order: no librarian to give you orders,… https://t.co/AQzoqOj2od

@yomie_great PositiveVibes @yomie_great

@RealisticPoetry Nigerian Leaders I see army with baskets, marching forward for the loot I see the people hailing… https://t.co/yERJACAOJk

@desertflow3r Sumayya @desertflow3r

@_demystify_ @RealisticPoetry A thousand and one Words smeared between pages A thousand and one characters A thou… https://t.co/9RjP7aFBV0

@Luke_Uncaged Ghost Theory @Luke_Uncaged

Her, thoughts blew me away A scattered firework of genius A budding beauty of color seen weed in white w… https://t.co/3SWXm5rOXU

@ewsateriale Eileen Sateriale @ewsateriale

Majestic White Peacock The white bird with its delicate, lacy, white feathers shines a ray of hope. Beautiful… https://t.co/XecVpQmVZV

@krisy_dee SunShine🌻🌻 @krisy_dee

She set a storm inside undeniable love Centered in her heart she carried the sun She escapes the hate she feels dai… https://t.co/b4iYib2bb2

@MayStreet_BW 🐊 🇧🇼 @MayStreet_BW

@RealisticPoetry How do I start, The beginning has an end, If I was to start then my poem already reached the br… https://t.co/BjhchtC8uo

@SoTru98 Moses HolmanIII @SoTru98

@RealisticPoetry Can you find me ? It’s obvious you’re here searching for an answer.. And as well as these books o… https://t.co/9bv9sC3w8T

@Isaiah90563664 D.j Top KnoXx @Isaiah90563664

@RealisticPoetry Unstable unable to be who you want to become because all the time you been hiding outside I've bee… https://t.co/ptss2VYJLc


Unlocked... The mysterious... Horrible... Awful... Doors of reality.... With these... Simple... Thin pages... Bundl… https://t.co/IQQi0yxGZJ


The darkest of ocean... The most beautiful... The sweet sorrow... This is my home... The place I wanna... And forev… https://t.co/AYZr1QggVP

@mywhitenoize mywhitenoize @mywhitenoize

All these tomes to categorise Organising, I do despise. My enthusiasm starts to dwindle, "Fuck it! I'm going to buy… https://t.co/voPI8jxIQB

@Mr_Chuffy27 Mr. Samuel Weller @Mr_Chuffy27

@RealisticPoetry Embarrassed by my Irrational responses; Though storms fizzle out.

@dbar7AZ roadbase @dbar7AZ

I am not what you Took away Rather I am What was left https://t.co/B57xAw0KWX

@EddyBee26 Eddy Bee 🐝💜 @EddyBee26

The word I used was ‘Emotional’. No matter where you stood in the spectrum, 2017 was a rollercoaster of emotions. https://t.co/uq996HGqtL

@Mr_Chuffy27 Mr. Samuel Weller @Mr_Chuffy27

@RealisticPoetry I’ll thank you not to Call me a prancing peacock; I’m a popinjay.

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