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@mcristina_gc Ma Cristina García C @mcristina_gc

Le deseo un feliz cumpleaños al primer actor Ignacio López Tarso, quien ha encarnado con talento y pasión a persona… https://t.co/yOFVO1xE3O

@Pajaropolitico AnimalPolitico.com @Pajaropolitico

Reynaldo recibió una tarjeta por 15 mil pesos tras los daños en su casa por el sismo, lo que no sabe es que en los… https://t.co/9iA0cuKz5H

@JulianGallo66 Julian Gallo @JulianGallo66

Read Susan Sontag's Love Letter to Borges, Written 10 Years After His Death https://t.co/xNJVsvozRQ via @lithub

@jwaonline JewishWomen'sArchive @jwaonline

Happy birthday to Susan Sontag! #onthisday https://t.co/oMllznxLju https://t.co/jxIIMS0kIw

Happy birthday to Susan Sontag! #onthisd...

@brainpicker Maria Popova @brainpicker

“Love words, agonize over sentences. And pay attention to the world.” Susan Sontag, who would've been 85 today, on… https://t.co/Hnjtr9JSlR

@GordonSammons1 Gordon Sammons @GordonSammons1

@DavidHasselhoff happy birthday 🎂 to Caroline Munro, b1949 https://t.co/3sUT1cvnpb

@DavidHasselhoff happy birthday 🎂 to Car...

@foliosociety The Folio Society @foliosociety

A new exhibition displaying rare work from #WilliamBlake has just opened in @nationaltrust Petworth House, Sussex.… https://t.co/LewYJtE4f3

@DiaboliqueMag Diabolique @DiaboliqueMag

Happy birthday, John Carpenter. He turns 70 today and he's enjoying a new lease of life as a rock star. However,... https://t.co/BK6WRdglqF

@LWLies Little White Lies @LWLies

Happy Birthday to genre legend John Carpenter! His cult classic They Live turns 30 this year – here’s a rather chee… https://t.co/s01okPitmZ


#Entérate @BANSEFI clona damnificados del terremoto. MCCI contactó a damnificados cuyos nombres aparecen con más de… https://t.co/nQUVIDMkv0


Congratulations to the 49th NAACP Image Awards Entertainer of the Year @ava! #imageawards #imageawards… https://t.co/pfiISzcCg4

@joe_dante Joe Dante @joe_dante

January 2018 marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein." To commemorate, here'… https://t.co/w1vODJ7wlX

@ava Ava DuVernay @ava

Full circle moment. In the upcoming WRINKLE IN TIME film, Meg lives in Central LA. We shot her school scenes at Cre… https://t.co/ALiqh2LTxr

@realgdt Guillermo del Toro @realgdt

Bunny- https://t.co/OxVNwWiW2L

@CinemaInFrames Cinema In ƒRAMES @CinemaInFrames

SELMA (2014) Cinematographer: Bradford Young Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1 Director: Ava DuVernay https://t.co/otoqXIlrhk

SELMA (2014)
Cinematographer: Bradford Y...

@realgdt Guillermo del Toro @realgdt

@carnojoe @JamesGunn Writing "cold" without a regimented schedule can be hell. But IF you take it -like going to th… https://t.co/fnkMHF5RcJ

@carnojoe Joe Carnahan @carnojoe

I wrote 15 feature length screenplays before I made my first film. The other scripts would be completed & put in th… https://t.co/Ubq6OG1Bu4

@rejectnation Film School Rejects @rejectnation

On this #MLKDay, a look back at @Ava's magnificent film, Selma, and what it says about Dr. King. https://t.co/ImVHaNZQwC

@jrisco Risco @jrisco

¡TANTITA MADRE! 😡 Este gobierno toca fondo con el desvío de recursos. [Vía @MXvsCORRUPCION] https://t.co/EcvHv40dxZ


Este gobierno toca fo...

@tomashijo Tomás Hijo @tomashijo

#pacificrim foretold during Middle Age by a monk that resembled @RealGDT :D Now at @gallerynucleus this tribute to… https://t.co/IhBa10ZSvu

@realgdt Guillermo del Toro @realgdt

Over 1 Million audience attendance in one weekend! https://t.co/TVP7V6cvoR

@DEADLINE Deadline Hollywood @DEADLINE

‘Jumanji’ Keeps Offshore Crown, Nears $400M; ‘Last Jedi’ Waltzes Past ‘Beauty’ Worldwide – International Box Office… https://t.co/HwFViguXH5

@CBCArts CBC Arts @CBCArts

Would you lose yourself in this room? Let us know if you're as excited as we are to get your tickets for… https://t.co/8H6gKcO9Hb

@mang0ld Mangold @mang0ld

@JamesGunn Agree w/ James. The only time one can't write is when one doesn't know what to write. So u take a drive… https://t.co/bBOeP7hBeq

@HelenaMomiji Helena 紅葉🍁 @HelenaMomiji

Two fantastics worlds that fit too well in this little tribute: @Stranger_Things X @shapeofwater 🎥💙… https://t.co/kHwYzAHFMJ

@BDisgusting Bloody Disgusting @BDisgusting

‘Train to Busan’ Director’s Wild New ‘Psychokinesis’ Trailer https://t.co/UMcR0OyRFf https://t.co/eIUWRfgCaV

@Swanarchives Principal Archivist @Swanarchives

Score of the decade (so far). 45-yr-old 7sheet in new condition. 81"x95". Two pieces. Too big to lay out on the… https://t.co/GgqlevxLJw

@StiviDeTivi Stivi De Tivi @StiviDeTivi

Me da mucho gusto compartirles que #LaFormaDelAgua fue la película más taquillera en México este fin de semana. Rec… https://t.co/cJ837pqqgC

@AnnTelnaes Ann Telnaes @AnnTelnaes

Trump is a very, very small man https://t.co/b9yr86iMqA #MartinLutherKing https://t.co/x21bZjW3nQ

Trump is a very, very small man https://...

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