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Vote & Support @INCIndia @INCPunjab @OfficeOfRG ਅੱਜ ਰੁਲਦੇ ਹਾਂ ਕੱਖਾ ਵਾਂਗ,ਕੱਲ ਅਸੀਂ ਵੀ ਛਾ ਜਾਣਾ,ਬਹੁਤ ਭਰੋਸਾ ਹੈ ਉਸ ਦਾਤੇ ਤੇ,ਵਕਤ ਸਾਡਾ ਵੀ ਅਾ ਜਾਣਾ,

Shri Amritsar Sahib, Pb,India

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@manakgupta Manak Gupta @manakgupta

पंजाब के पटियाला जालन्धर और अमृतसर नगर निगमों पर @INCIndia का कब्जा. AAP, BJP, SAD का सूपड़ा साफ


Election results have been very good, we are very pleased. You can't get a better result than this. Out of three co… https://t.co/R1RLmQu5QR

@ranjitpalchhina Ranjitpal Singh Chhina @ranjitpalchhina

@capt_amarinder Ji @sunilkjakhar ji Zindabad Congratulations to all Candidates.💐💐 Congress huge & clean sweep win i… https://t.co/4MEIeGj4RZ

@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

It was a match well played @Pvsindhu1! We are proud to see the Indian flag flying high. https://t.co/qGQQBtq7EV

@INCPunjab Punjab Congress @INCPunjab

PPCC Chief @sunilkjakhar thanks the people & party workers for ensuring smooth and impressive turnout in the Munici… https://t.co/hVLPpkW4oa

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

Thank you for your wishes Lal Thanhawla ji https://t.co/B4sHh1dR3j

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

Thank you @VNarayanasami https://t.co/hw8tOV3hI7

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

धन्यवाद @pritamSpcc https://t.co/s3Ye5f5TSr

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

Thank you for your wishes @VijayGoelBJP https://t.co/5cupq9hGIy

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

Thank you for your kind words Shatrughan Sinha ji https://t.co/kvGGcyDtY2

@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

Congress will create an alternative narrative - based on fairness, equal opportunity and jobs for the youth under t… https://t.co/YmsCPGj9w0

@MahilaCongress All India Mahila Congress @MahilaCongress

Congratulations to India Women Wrestling Team for winning 9 Gold, 7 Silver & 4 Bronze Medals on day 2 of… https://t.co/H8HSOPicE6

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

A big thank you to Sensei and my friends at the Dojo. https://t.co/Yt2a449O6Q

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

Thank you for the good wishes @Riteishd https://t.co/NulwdnqWZh

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

Thank you @AshokChavanINC https://t.co/rhyyyCSxwu

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

Thank you @ArvindKejriwal https://t.co/uyj3CNPuUy

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

धन्यवाद @HardikPatel_ https://t.co/aNq59kfDjT

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

Thank you for the wishes @WrestlerSushil https://t.co/BCsgbFZweE

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

Thank you @ikamalhaasan Avl. https://t.co/5MrHEJmfuS

@Partap_Sbajwa Partap Singh Bajwa @Partap_Sbajwa

Best wishes to @OfficeOfRG as he takes over as @INCIndia president.This will mark beginning of a new era for the pa… https://t.co/SFhHA15P3b

@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

The certificate of election of the Congress President awarded to Shri Rahul Gandhi. https://t.co/ZkCHCx5Juw

The certificate of election of the Congr...

@ahmedpatel Ahmed Patel @ahmedpatel

My best wishes to the 49th Congress President,Rahul ji. His election has energised our entire party cadre & will ga… https://t.co/dzd0NHxb9X

@mukulsangma Mukul Sangma @mukulsangma

A new era, a new hope dawns in Indian politics as Sh. Rahul Gandhi ji takes charge of the @INCIndia today. I wish h… https://t.co/LqdB1XFMur

@VNarayanasami V.Narayanasamy @VNarayanasami

Congratulations & Best Wishes to Shri.Rahul Gandhi ji. @OfficeOfRG #CongressPresidentRahulGandhi

@PChidambaram_IN P. Chidambaram @PChidambaram_IN

Our recall of India's history is different from the BJP's. Our idea of India is different from the BJP's. Mr Rahul… https://t.co/wks0yu18G9

@SudheenKulkarni Sudheendra Kulkarni @SudheenKulkarni

A new leader is born. A leader India needs. A leader with a new- truly Gandhian- philosophy of politics. Politics o… https://t.co/ZIiEABTtfC

@sanjivbhatt Sanjiv Bhatt (IPS) @sanjivbhatt

My kind of politician... ☺️ https://t.co/W4d1ELvR8r

@BrahmMohindra Brahm Mohindra @BrahmMohindra

Congratulations to Sh.Rahul Gandhi on officially taking over as the #CongressPresidentRahulGandhi… https://t.co/fqbWDps8Pi

@INCPunjab Punjab Congress @INCPunjab

Many Congratulations to Sh. Rahul Gandhi on officially taking over as #CongressPresidentRahulGandhi… https://t.co/vYC0bfwC6N

@OfficeOfRG Office of RG @OfficeOfRG

Thank you for your wishes @mukulsangma https://t.co/Nkvn5PjV5v

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