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Designer, Fashion, & Beauty Expert, Public Speaker, & Star of TLC's #RandyToTheRescue @SYTTD. For bookings & appearances, call: 740-336-8911


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@randyfenoli Randy Fenoli @randyfenoli

@EvaSzepsi The MOST BEAUTIFUL GIFT! Engraved photo of my Mother and my Sister. Thank you so much @EvaSzepsi https://t.co/lFjVZKuYX1

@EvaSzepsi The MOST BEAUTIFUL GIFT!  Eng...

@syttd Say Yes to the Dress @syttd

Something tells us Margo isn't a fan. #SYTTD https://t.co/5tkcqLxED7

Something tells us Margo isn't a fan. #S...

@syttd Say Yes to the Dress @syttd

It's the moment of truth! 👶 #SYTTD https://t.co/90t3OD4YEU

It's the moment of truth! 👶 #SYTTD https...

@randyfenoli Randy Fenoli @randyfenoli

@IntimateVows Thank you so much! 😊❤️❤️❤️

@IntimateVows Intimate Vows @IntimateVows

Just in case you didn’t already LOVE @randyfenoli!! Ladies, if you have not seen his fabulous collection, go look n… https://t.co/pz48pDQUYz

@randyfenoli Randy Fenoli @randyfenoli

They are carried in salons all over the world! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/VdLrj17rqY

@randyfenoli Randy Fenoli @randyfenoli

@RaHorakhty I've been in bridal over 26 years! ❤️❤️❤️

@CheddarsGal Kassandra Lea @CheddarsGal

@randyfenoli I love knowing this. I'm tired of being charged more for clothing because of my curves!

@randyfenoli Randy Fenoli @randyfenoli

@EvaSzepsi A beautiful moment! ❤️❤️❤️

@randyfenoli Randy Fenoli @randyfenoli

@adriancat27 If you go to: randyfenoli https://t.co/nciKYG1lhx you will find a list of stores that carry my dresse… https://t.co/uEX6so7t1C

@randyfenoli Randy Fenoli @randyfenoli

Wonderful seeing you my dear friend! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/ZpkmRam7Ox

@randyfenoli Randy Fenoli @randyfenoli

My dresses go up to size 28. And there's no extra charge! LOVE my curvy girls! 😘❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/nJTlG4gT6U

@valchk214 Valbaby214 @valchk214

@Jennipulos @Fabulousity7 @randyfenoli @syttd @TLC @KleinfeldBridal @FlippingOutTV Girl, I watched that episode on… https://t.co/Hdd4NvRlPC

@caliaurora Aurora Cooper @caliaurora

@Jennipulos @Fabulousity7 @randyfenoli @syttd @TLC @KleinfeldBridal @FlippingOutTV Even my hubby had misty eyes. What a wonderful episode!

@deeguitard Dee @deeguitard

@randyfenoli so happy Randy is designing! I may have to get my husband of 36 years to marry me all over again ❤️ #best bridal show

@Jennipulos Jenni Pulos @Jennipulos

❤️❤️❤️ RT @Fabulousity7: @randyfenoli @Jennipulos @syttd @TLC @KleinfeldBridal @FlippingOutTV “She doesn’t look lik… https://t.co/QFKYNrMGj2

@KleinfeldCanada Kleinfeld Canada @KleinfeldCanada

This dress from the @randyfenoli bridal collection is a #showstopper. Call 416 861 4800 to book your appointment fo… https://t.co/Iu616TshZi

@demasofficial DEMAS @demasofficial

✨ Luxury Embroidery. ✨ Ricami Lussuosi. ✨ Fissa ora il tuo appuntamento. Dress @randyfenoli •… https://t.co/3j7emDJ1RS

@ChicagoCollen Colleen @ChicagoCollen

Speaking of @Jennipulos and #Bravo, why the hell havent you been on @Andy 's @BravoWWHL ? https://t.co/LBDX9V9KCa

@randyfenoli Randy Fenoli @randyfenoli

@Jennipulos https://t.co/MjXBImhN2p

@randyfenoli Randy Fenoli @randyfenoli

@mexigal0910 Thank you so much! 😊❤️❤️❤️

@jajannetti Jessica Jannetti @jajannetti

The new season of @TLC #sayyestothedress already has me in tears @randyfenoli is such a lovely human being 😍🍾😴😍😭😭😭😭

@randyfenoli Randy Fenoli @randyfenoli

@HelenMCollier1 Thank you so much! 😘❤️

@randyfenoli Randy Fenoli @randyfenoli

Hello Montreal! If you're a bride looking for YOUR perfect wedding dress, Vania Spose is having a trunk show with… https://t.co/zdJuXdqw7s

@HoustonBride Bridal Extravaganza @HoustonBride

Schedule change for Randy! He'll be appearing at 5:00pm.

@HoustonBride Bridal Extravaganza @HoustonBride

Randy will be here soon to meet & greet all our #VIP brides by 5pm!

@randyfenoli Randy Fenoli @randyfenoli

#SuperChewySunday My boy makes several appearances this season on @syttd on @TLC @KleinfeldBridal Who saw his cam… https://t.co/boitjIZvMZ

@randyfenoli Randy Fenoli @randyfenoli

Hello Beautiful! 😘❤️❤️ https://t.co/cGSWR2xN2e

@HoustonBride Bridal Extravaganza @HoustonBride

#houstonbride "Say Yes To The Dress" star @randyfenoli will be speaking today at 5pm!!! #beswinter18 https://t.co/7yM88LbkJ3

#houstonbride 'Say Yes To The Dress' sta...

@blugrlinrdstate Michele @blugrlinrdstate

Get yourself someone who is as excited to see you as his dog is to see @randyfenoli #SayYesToTheDress

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