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Food obsessed, sports nut, metal head, proud husband and father, lifetime member of the Who Dat Nation

Atlanta, GA

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@ATLUTD Atlanta United FC @ATLUTD

The Josef➡️Miggy connection 🇻🇪🇵🇾 https://t.co/6Byl3kSK98

The Josef➡️Miggy connection 🇻🇪🇵🇾 https:/...

@ramienb Ramien Balouch @ramienb

Best food ever happens in restaurants before they open. Thank you Juan for the best #Tinga… https://t.co/HSXEXP93bI

@ramienb Ramien Balouch @ramienb

@SXMLiquidMetal @whatsintheb0x #CoverYourGodDamnMouth 😂🤘🏼🤔😰🤢🤮

@sarahchad_ sarah // #NEVERAGAIN @sarahchad_

Dear Marco Rubio, As a student who was inside the school while an active shooter was wreaking terror and havoc on… https://t.co/CrIoLaI1LW

@ChelseaClinton Chelsea Clinton @ChelseaClinton

Hi Metal - if I had a magic wand to bring back the precious lives lost in #Parkland and every other shooting, I’d u… https://t.co/tMyOYB4BCL

@ATLUTD Atlanta United FC @ATLUTD

Royal. Loyal. King Peach is ATL. https://t.co/FSl6bhfjxr

Royal. Loyal.

King Peach is ATL. https:...

@RVAwonk Caroline O. @RVAwonk

daaaaaamn @NYDailyNews. https://t.co/Yhv2JN4j7K

daaaaaamn @NYDailyNews. https://t.co/Yhv...

@repjohnlewis John Lewis @repjohnlewis

.@SpeakerRyan Mr. Speaker, the time for action is now. We know the facts. There are too many guns. How many more ch… https://t.co/FlTCXhUMxa

@potlikker Southern Foodways @potlikker

“It’s really a shoutout to Southern Foodways Alliance and my first symposium…. I went to a Chevron gas station in O… https://t.co/B0cx88iybo

@ramienb Ramien Balouch @ramienb

Getta tell you @DEalesATLUTD, watching @SpursOfficial vs @juventusfcen in the 85th min tied at 2 and all I can thin… https://t.co/qYlmModPH7

@repjohnlewis John Lewis @repjohnlewis

We are shocked and numb. How many more must die? Our conscience must move us to action. It is time for the American… https://t.co/qNsWBxImxX

@ramienb Ramien Balouch @ramienb

@whatsintheb0x @josemangin @iamcardib Looks like #KyngArnold will be on from 6-12 tomorrow 😂

@ramienb Ramien Balouch @ramienb

Yo @josemangin , your boy @whatsintheb0x just played 2 @iamcardib songs in a row 😂

@TruckinSquirrel Lea 🤘🤘 @TruckinSquirrel

@josemangin @whatsintheb0x https://t.co/PUBKm2tAfo

@josemangin @whatsintheb0x https://t.co/...

@ramienb Ramien Balouch @ramienb

@MfnH That show was so sick. This was the best one I got but I’m no Paige Ramsey and the pit was calling. Nice of… https://t.co/uZtpD6Ag9J

@MfnH Machine Head @MfnH

Our friend Paige Ramsey took some fantastic photos at the EPIC Atlanta show, hit the link below… https://t.co/LFibztlCuI

@williamorr2110 William Orr @williamorr2110

Work today got me excited about the ATLUTD season, check out the new Marta train wrap! #UniteAndConquer https://t.co/wiP9gDipXn

Work today got me excited about the ATLU...

@ramienb Ramien Balouch @ramienb

This was the best! https://t.co/L5fy1SD2pU

@TheoCaviness Theo Caviness @TheoCaviness

Amy Sherald and Kehinde Wiley unveiling their potraits for Michelle and Barack is one of the blackest moments to ev… https://t.co/ZiBpWLzwjB

@ramienb Ramien Balouch @ramienb

@GolicAndWingo Defiantly the opening ceremonies

@HuffPost HuffPost @HuffPost

Barack Obama's portrait was just revealed, too. Kehinde Wiley is the artist. https://t.co/BwGqRZCWsV

Barack Obama's portrait was just reveale...

@Saints New Orleans Saints @Saints

.@shonrp2 and @A_kamara6 in Endymion! #Saints https://t.co/Vkg8O2yBu3

.@shonrp2 and @A_kamara6 in Endymion! #S...

@TeamGleason Steve Gleason @TeamGleason

Hail Endymion! - SG @A_kamara6 @AJKlein47 @shonrp2 https://t.co/Z0h5ueUZ02

Hail Endymion! - SG @A_kamara6 @AJKlein4...

@ramienb Ramien Balouch @ramienb

Love that front!!!!! #HailUnited https://t.co/FHXx2wJw9w

@SXMLiquidMetal SXMLiquidMetal @SXMLiquidMetal

HAPPY CLIFF DAY! #Repost @papa_het_ with @get_repost ・・・ HAPPY CLIFF DAY! You are loved and missed Brother. 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻 https://t.co/Lyp1r4GXKf


#Repost @papa_het_ wit...

@ramienb Ramien Balouch @ramienb

@josemangin @AXSTV South of Heaven fucking @Slayer

@ramienb Ramien Balouch @ramienb

Really looks like a sports-related protest to me. I thought we were told that’s the wrong place for something like… https://t.co/vnwiYwqLVg

@weedmaps Weedmaps @weedmaps

Generally, states that have legalized #marijuana have been generating a significant amount of tax revenue and putti… https://t.co/Wi8Bmpw3m9

@ramienb Ramien Balouch @ramienb

@josemangin @Stryper @SIRIUSXM @SXMLiquidMetal Yes, as long as it’s kinda heavy. Otherwise you’d have to stop play… https://t.co/TH5wicUmdO

@BleacherReport Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

Breaking: 49ers sign Jimmy G to 5-year, $137M deal, per @MikeGarafolo https://t.co/OufYy8neyQ

Breaking: 49ers sign Jimmy G to 5-year,...

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