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@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

Still waiting... @bbradleymp https://t.co/GGQ1u8Fluc

Still waiting... @bbradleymp https://t.c...

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@emperorbort @ScouseGirlMedia @bbradleymp Really no need.

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@sharpeleven Loving the meme.

@GMPCityCentre GMP City Centre @GMPCityCentre

Today a man walked into a company reception & threw a fire extinguisher through a window & refused to leave until P… https://t.co/qN48YResni

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@mcnally_bucky Rump is too good amigo. Festering brisket.

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@emperorbort @ScouseGirlMedia @bbradleymp Damage? Lol. https://t.co/4kmwzLV3VV

@emperorbort @ScouseGirlMedia @bbradleym...

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@mcnally_bucky You've seen it up there for longer than us. Impressed by SNP people that join us when the battle aga… https://t.co/dvUadlgbEv

@Rev_Dino Mon Cul @Rev_Dino

@Rachael_Swindon @bbradleymp But if @bbradley is a self confessed liar, can we believe that he's sorry? Perhaps he… https://t.co/IV058vY1Lq

@mcnally_bucky SirBucky McNally OBE BSc PhD @mcnally_bucky

@Rachael_Swindon Bradley is the personification of the odious, lying, hate fuelled Tory "yoof" that Brandon Lewis b… https://t.co/v0eVxS7DD0

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@mcnally_bucky A war they lost convincingly. What should alarm them is the the fact they threw their combined power… https://t.co/3h92xvCxX7

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@Carolynoflondon @mcnally_bucky I never knew that! But thinking about it, I don't remember seeing any bits on one.

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@kaleidobrain @bbradleymp Yes it's genuine. Ben is just working out how to tweet it out, which is why I offered him… https://t.co/5Gd9iUYuWn

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

As you can see, Sir McNally won't be setting up the Ben Bradley fan club any time in the near future. https://t.co/p2MR2SW7dc

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

Legal action avoided and Great to see charity benefit. BUT. Ben is supposed to be near the top of his profession.… https://t.co/3Q1YVDdHkV

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@AnnabelWoky @bbradleymp His boss is Theresa May. She is weaker than weak.

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

Would you mind giving this a retweet please @bbradleymp? https://t.co/Q3lCwqqw03

Would you mind giving this a retweet ple...

@DavidGWrigley Dr David Wrigley @DavidGWrigley

This is big news. Judge blocks Virgin taking over my local children’s health services due the ‘disruptive’ effect o… https://t.co/E85I8OeyFh

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@coyleneil Bless. You should always line your stomach before hitting the bottle on a Saturday morning. Keep your ch… https://t.co/XkBKPnWQZK

@NAJ562 Nicola James 💚 @NAJ562

The difference between a Labour & Conservative government 👇 #ChangeIsComing https://t.co/5E5meMG7m5

@roberts69411729 Mr R @roberts69411729

@5WrightStuff @edvaizey David Cameron and tories begged Jeremy Corbyn to make Labour a strong Opposition party; for… https://t.co/Cwo3w8xCmx

@ScouseGirlMedia Sarah @ScouseGirlMedia

Thank you CCHQ. Appreciate all you do for us. 🙏 #JC4PM #LabourActionDay #labourdoorstep https://t.co/IIdEGscW3t

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@PsychedelicOdin You've read my mind, I've been working on a few of those lol

@PsychedelicOdin Michael Davies #RJCOB @PsychedelicOdin

@Rachael_Swindon https://t.co/e4kMPeeara

@Rachael_Swindon  https://t.co/e4kMPeear...

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

#ChangeIsComing https://t.co/dM2q6XUdkh

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@FastJapPete Didn't you get the chance to send them your best regards?

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