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@Rachael_Swindon Rachael @Rachael_Swindon

A study found that 43% of out of work disabled people put through the Work Capability Assessment have attempted sui… https://t.co/QyAmXCPocO

@Rachael_Swindon Rachael @Rachael_Swindon

Tory run Kensington & Chelsea Council, which still hasn't found new homes for two-thirds of those families affected… https://t.co/1LAbX4A6il

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@WitneyLabourCLP @MrTopple @TheCanaryUK 60% increase not far from you in Swindon. If we're supposed to be the bette… https://t.co/YNBd9KeDH5

@WitneyLabourCLP Witney Labour Party @WitneyLabourCLP

@Rachael_Swindon @MrTopple @TheCanaryUK In West Oxfordshire homelessness has gone from 12 in 2010 to 62 last year.… https://t.co/9FLfKQRCP6

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@C_Fitz_ @lukedgraham https://t.co/8hq3RnyS5L

@thepileus The Pileus @thepileus

This is what happens when people vote Tory. Cuts to everything have led to increased homelessness, poverty and mise… https://t.co/OlqCeHhKAy

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

It’s official: the Tory government has increased benefits for the rich, while cutting them for the poor. Exclusive… https://t.co/5ZfE7mrnuO

@ToryFibs Tory Fibs @ToryFibs

The Tories have bet the house on escaping the Windrush Scandal without a resignation by persuading you they only kn… https://t.co/bBDzoggVIL

@Rachael_Swindon Rachael @Rachael_Swindon

You might remember that @David_Cameron chap. He was Theresa's boss for 5 years as the hostile environment deepened.… https://t.co/8LSXWpdg45

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

'Inadequate' £4.2 million free school to close 16 months after Tory minister cut ribbon https://t.co/ZFMp64qIoS https://t.co/ZTSid6lOV9

'Inadequate' £4.2 million free school to...

@emmadentcoad Emma Dent Coad @emmadentcoad

Another #Windrush case into my office today. @RBKC taking a tenant to court and threatening eviction after their Ho… https://t.co/G3LW11riWF

@le_bassett lewis bassett @le_bassett

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail. Spot the difference? #VoteLabourMay3rd https://t.co/4WMiVEqdwb

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn on the cam...

@karenmeehan44 Karen Meehan @karenmeehan44

So what? https://t.co/n6bbHIQYTD

So what? https://t.co/n6bbHIQYTD

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@alistair_cox Agreed. Embarrassing to themselves and no help to anyone whatsoever.

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

I've been closely watching the heartbreaking case of Alfie Evans. I love our NHS to bits and certainly don't buy in… https://t.co/Wk7cU1NXSx

@prinnychants Chantelle @prinnychants

@Rachael_Swindon @laffterman Shameful isn’t it? And yet i switch the tv on this morning and there’s @sajidjavid on… https://t.co/ShY1iaIpPN

@D_Raval Devutopia @D_Raval

The Tories are hiding over #Windrush Watch: “We’ve asked the Home Office on the programme every day for the last tw… https://t.co/MHP7xn1kb5

@HackneyAbbott Diane Abbott @HackneyAbbott

Yesterday in debate on #WindrushScandal Tories kept insisting Labour was complicit, failing to vote against 2014 I… https://t.co/XUiuUFuHEj

@gaurangmorjaria WeThePeople @gaurangmorjaria

This is powerful stuff by James O' Brien! "It is beyond doubt that they knew" Please RT if you agree with… https://t.co/BtSHtUEe0o

@Ollie4themany Ollie 🇬🇧🌹 @Ollie4themany

This isn't some made-up story. Our Tory councils are actually voting on whether to give their executives an up to 2… https://t.co/mzJTU1FFiU

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@PawzNclaws I knew what you meant lol

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

@Weltscmertz2015 Yeah, I bet she loves me.

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

Shocking new figures have just revealed Food banks handed out nearly 12 million meals last year. That's a disgracef… https://t.co/Ea02xD7FT4

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

Todays just saying. https://t.co/C46GG7ik40

Todays just saying. https://t.co/C46GG7i...

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

It's not going away - How Amber Rudd let 'heartbreaking' #Windrush suffering drag on. #ToriesOut… https://t.co/9dkpEH4qyI

@rachael_swindon Rachael @rachael_swindon

An incredibly powerful moment at yesterday's memorial for Stephen Lawrence. Theresa May, sat just yards away, must… https://t.co/D126m0rzoB

@HackneyAbbott Diane Abbott @HackneyAbbott

Today I responded to a statement from the Home Secretary on #Windrush. Some welcome measures have been announced bu… https://t.co/iq6D8DPFwk

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