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@queenopara1luv 🇺🇸❤ Dont Tread On Me ❤🇺🇸 @queenopara1luv

Man Admits Forcing Sex And Meth On 8-Year-Old Girl, Police Say #police https://t.co/dIYT5J2i1g (via https://t.co/yj0YmlZxMJ)

@Unobtaniumll Unobtanium @Unobtaniumll

Profound is the hate exhibited for Jesus and God! Did you know, Jesus never condemned anyone while on earth? He tau… https://t.co/EYdoY8xOMP

@PrisonPlanet Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet

Masturbation is “telepathic rape”. Feminism in 2018. https://t.co/sVbU6fuhSO

Masturbation is “telepathic rape”.


@pagedu Resisttheridiculous @pagedu

LMAO Then women are guilty too!! https://t.co/TbDmgXSLO0

@GrizzleMeister GRIZZLE @GrizzleMeister

Just a little food for thought the next time you hear one of these unhinged leftist lunatics reference President Tr… https://t.co/1Pog03F9b0

@atlcav ☀BEACHGIRL⛱ @atlcav

#Hypocrisy rears its ugly liberal head once again on @TheView when @repjohnlewis misses a great opportunity to be a… https://t.co/A5fN4hCFf6

@ThePatriot143 🇺🇸 Cris 🇺🇸 @ThePatriot143

MLK and Trump share the common goal that “America First” is “America together” and that both men believed that ever… https://t.co/9HrpZUDW4y

@hotfunkytown Funkytown @hotfunkytown

What is the democratic voting base composed of: God Haters Baby killers Traitors Illegals Welfare droids Unemploye… https://t.co/enKN7rF51J

@thebradfordfile thebradfordfile @thebradfordfile

Gathering of every person who cares that Maxine Waters is skipping the State of the Union address. #CrazyMax https://t.co/MQGM8inaY1

Gathering of every person who cares that...

@Jillibean557 🌸Jillian 🇺🇸 💕 👢 @Jillibean557

MLK's Niece: “Donald Trump Is Not a Racist… There Are Countries in Africa That Are Indeed Hellholes”… https://t.co/yYNahKdrk9

@GeraldoRivera Geraldo Rivera @GeraldoRivera

Democratic lawmakers who boycott @realDonaldTrump #StateoftheUnion are disrespecting the office of @POTUS & the Con… https://t.co/qAm4tvEld6

@mikandynothem Michael Nöthem @mikandynothem

If you think Hawaii's Emergency Management System is bad, you should see their Birth Certificate System.… https://t.co/OVfh9QZMpQ

@CrazyOtto78 Crazy Otto @CrazyOtto78

@Education4Libs No ethical physician would make such claims. I’m a Johns Hopkins trained doctor who finds Sanjay Gu… https://t.co/qxXLS4YeZe

@ClintEastwoodLA Clint Eastwood 🇺🇸 @ClintEastwoodLA

@mmlanz333 @proclaimvictory @ObamaMalik Yes, I did say that .. TY MM @mmlanz333 cc @proclaimvictory and… https://t.co/0jxDaGWuEP

@lsmith4680 Lisa Smith @lsmith4680

@Scaramucci @POTUS Just told my 82 year Mom about Pres. Trumps' supposed comment about not wanting immigrants from… https://t.co/tVKz8yz50R

@bfraser747 BRIAN FRASER @bfraser747

You talk about RussiaCollusion & interfering in elections but you have no problems taking money from George Soros o… https://t.co/b8quR9SUrJ

@pagedu Resisttheridiculous @pagedu

So what's up Stomy? https://t.co/h8UJqYgcnS

@Timtravels007 Deplorable Tim 🇺🇸 @Timtravels007

@jyarow For your viewing pleasure... https://t.co/F6ZOyp8P3t

@jyarow For your viewing pleasure... htt...

@pagedu Resisttheridiculous @pagedu

And when did tabloids become trusted media sources. I'm on my way to Encino, Elvis was spotted there, Intouch said… https://t.co/vASsWSdPP6

@SaintsMan4Life2 Kevin @SaintsMan4Life2

@VeryBadlyBurned @RhondaDiane @Education4Libs Compared to your party, yes. Yes he is.

@SaintsMan4Life2 Kevin @SaintsMan4Life2

@VeryBadlyBurned @pagedu @RhondaDiane @Education4Libs And can you post some more gifs of what other people are doin… https://t.co/HHmppEySge

@SaintsMan4Life2 Kevin @SaintsMan4Life2

@VeryBadlyBurned @pagedu @RhondaDiane @Education4Libs How would you know? Youve never worked.

@SaintsMan4Life2 Kevin @SaintsMan4Life2

@pagedu @VeryBadlyBurned @RhondaDiane @Education4Libs They won't answer. That's what they do. They make some idioti… https://t.co/xojYeho4Xd

@SaintsMan4Life2 Kevin @SaintsMan4Life2

@VeryBadlyBurned @RhondaDiane @Education4Libs Wow, you dont have any issues with women do you. Can always tell the… https://t.co/5JheF42usC

@LWilliamsio Louise Williams @LWilliamsio

@VeryBadlyBurned @SaintsMan4Life2 @RhondaDiane @Education4Libs Well according to Stormy and the President that isnt… https://t.co/onTYGde11M

@SaintsMan4Life2 Kevin @SaintsMan4Life2

@VeryBadlyBurned @RhondaDiane @Education4Libs Youre right. Its none of your business. Unless he happens to violate… https://t.co/rPMByJf6DG

@BlessYoreHeart Bless_Yore_Sparticled_Heart @BlessYoreHeart

@VeryBadlyBurned @SaintsMan4Life2 @RhondaDiane @Education4Libs She made a public statement saying it never happened. Try to keep up.

@SaintsMan4Life2 Kevin @SaintsMan4Life2

@Education4Libs Democrats and ethics don't mix.

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