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Stop telling my story, if you never read my book.

@bastahitz 🅱️asta Hitz 🎤 @bastahitz

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@Sbrandoo97 bitch first of all you can get from under my shit df. EVERYBODY ALL AROUND THE WORLD DID IT, they ain’t get in trouble so stfu

@puscfeiin 💲yaboyshizere💲 @puscfeiin

@Trezooooo @DrizzyWavy Fuck prep😭😭

@puscfeiin 💲yaboyshizere💲 @puscfeiin

These mfs need to hurry up & send me my phone wtf 😐

@lawrenlsmarie L's @lawrenlsmarie

since y'all brought it up ... https://t.co/pdL5nTRf8e

since y'all brought it up ... https://t....

@GlocsAnd6enjis Buckz 💲 @GlocsAnd6enjis

I need some nasty sex 😭

@GlocsAnd6enjis Buckz 💲 @GlocsAnd6enjis

One trash ass relationship ah make you never wanna date again ‼️

@puscfeiin 💲yaboyshizere💲 @puscfeiin

@noahtropics fr 😭😭they doing to much need to gone head & drop the shit

@noahtropics Lè Noah 🌴 @noahtropics

@puscfeiin Right, the backlash gon be reckless if it’s trash

@BreonnaFleming BREONNA💓👑 @BreonnaFleming

Don’t @ me 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 https://t.co/qYA8BBsBNH

Don’t @ me 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 https://t.co/qYA8BBsBN...

@_Summerella_ Summer B @_Summerella_

So ummm I lost 20 pounds in 18 days!!!! And I finally have self love again 😏♥️ https://t.co/n0CIGfGbsl

So ummm I lost 20 pounds in 18 days!!!!...

@puscfeiin 💲yaboyshizere💲 @puscfeiin

y’all needa stop asking is we ready, duh we ready now drop the shit damn 😭😭 https://t.co/X2Fq5eotuD

@EastsideAllure taeru @EastsideAllure

if you won’t do that shit in front of me it’s cheating https://t.co/UDgQeVE2bt

@DeNeijhaUnique 4.24 ✨ @DeNeijhaUnique

I wanna go home

@TyFrm4300 FatzSpinnin @TyFrm4300

my niece sent me her fight lol!😂 https://t.co/Lmxh5NdGYk

my niece sent me her fight lol!😂 https:/...

@chRIHssy loved in 7 languages @chRIHssy

After Rihanna instructed her 60,000,000 Instagram followers to delete Snapchat, the company's shares plunged- causi… https://t.co/PrXIiyjPMk

@puscfeiin 💲yaboyshizere💲 @puscfeiin

☠️ https://t.co/zOZIkUNizi

@OG_Seann 📍 @OG_Seann

I gave up on fake sleeping, you gon see me on your TL and still get this text back tomorrow afternoon when I'm ready https://t.co/YYvlzVHT31

@puscfeiin 💲yaboyshizere💲 @puscfeiin

Since y’all here do y’all thang with this too 🤗 https://t.co/udkl3oHkhx

@puscfeiin 💲yaboyshizere💲 @puscfeiin

@Trezooooo FACTSSS 😭already know

@Trezooooo ☝🏽vantrez™️ @Trezooooo

Make y’all statements now, effective immediately😭😭💯‼️👌🏽 https://t.co/qvCPBL3RvL

@puscfeiin 💲yaboyshizere💲 @puscfeiin

@Trezooooo We in the process 🤣😎they gone feel us watch 💯

@Trezooooo ☝🏽vantrez™️ @Trezooooo

@puscfeiin We would’ve got his ass fired, we won’t for none😂😂😂 ahhh the memories😭

@Trezooooo ☝🏽vantrez™️ @Trezooooo

@puscfeiin They tripping cause if we was there, we would’ve did the shit too & nothing was gone be said😭💯🤦🏽‍♂️

@puscfeiin 💲yaboyshizere💲 @puscfeiin

@nolimitdomo Exactly ‼️fuck Prep I’m sick of them mfs

@nolimitdomo DOMO ♛ @nolimitdomo

It's so sad to say this is the school I graduated from smh https://t.co/tiEiVqFQjO

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