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Make all votes count & get representation for voters robbed by FPTP. I block bigoted anti-democrats & the wilfully-stupid. Proper Brexit Now! Gutted at UKIP!😡

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@colinsutton Colin Sutton @colinsutton

.@itvnews just said that @MrBrendanCox was ‘plunged into the limelight’. I’d have thought ‘sprinted into the limel… https://t.co/9zuWrbaX9Z

@T_W_U_ T.W.U Workers Union @T_W_U_

The Hypocrisy of @UKLabour Party over Grammar schools -Corbyn: Grammar -McDonnell: Grammar -Abbott:… https://t.co/iFJe9jderu

@properdemocrat Proper Democrat @properdemocrat

@piersmorgan @Michael_Heaver Surely none can compare with you? 😏

@jlocke13 john locke @jlocke13

Brendan Cox is not sorry for what he has done, he is sorry he was found out...why else has he spent that past week… https://t.co/ghKSqb2zRr

@properdemocrat Proper Democrat @properdemocrat

@ajcdeane Sorry....nodded off. Is she related to Matthew Parris by any chance? I nod off when he rants too......

@properdemocrat Proper Democrat @properdemocrat

@JuliaHB1 ...one might have supposed - given the recent identification of 16.2mn snowflakes in the UK - that we'd b… https://t.co/kGB6RuECP4

@properdemocrat Proper Democrat @properdemocrat

@iancollinsuk @UKIP @GerardBattenMEP @LBC Was the Bolton ousting a reasonable course of action for someone who had… https://t.co/6jB1X5foTW

@properdemocrat Proper Democrat @properdemocrat

@Spud_Spalding @JohnBickleyUKIP @_HenryBolton Quite. Its a classic deflection tactic. Extremely telling. #GuiltyMan

@Spud_Spalding Chris Spud Spalding @Spud_Spalding

@JohnBickleyUKIP @_HenryBolton is no longer leader yet you feel the need to keep smearing him. Is this because you… https://t.co/Op1YIwA3Ti

@properdemocrat Proper Democrat @properdemocrat

@UKIP_Cambs You need to step up to the plate then. There is no ECC Cambridge rep and hasn't been for ages. Or can't… https://t.co/Hk6dwYAPC9

@Tim_R_Dawson Tim Dawson @Tim_R_Dawson

This is my MP. Do the people of Manchester really want a representative who backs a sex pest just because she shar… https://t.co/HcxDvmN1dn

@ActiveCampaigns Polanalyst @ActiveCampaigns

@Arron_banks Great to see Brendan Cox has negotiated a 'transitional period' which ensures the allegations against… https://t.co/NyGP6mhwN4

@DVATW David Vance @DVATW

Brendan Cox allegedly grabbed a woman by the throat telling her: 'I want to f*** you.' Let's see if the BBC runs w… https://t.co/5armHO2FTc

@SueLeah3 SUE @SueLeah3

Another one bites the dust (Myself) https://t.co/w4lUvdqTsg

Another one bites the dust
(Myself) http...

@henryukip Back Henry Bolton UKIP @henryukip

Another one bites the dust! Myself https://t.co/xmkEAxxWbg

Another one bites the dust! Myself https...

@properdemocrat Proper Democrat @properdemocrat

@UkipCllr @Brexit59 @MarkPerryUKIP @_HenryBolton Well you are wrong. Goodbye.

@properdemocrat Proper Democrat @properdemocrat

@JuliaHB1 Allow me to translate @LucyMPowell : "Good for Brendan Cox for seeking to cheat on his then wife and mana… https://t.co/TLD70E6hhk

@JuliaHB1 Julia Hartley-Brewer @JuliaHB1

Whhhaaaaat??? https://t.co/dYqOcAH8g5

@properdemocrat Proper Democrat @properdemocrat

@BathUKIP @GerardBattenMEP @UKIP 💤💤💤💤

@Hells4Heroes Helen @Hells4Heroes

Why are those who were apoplectic over Toby Young's inappropriate tweets now silent over Brendon Cox's' alleged ina… https://t.co/wEgeo4xDAg

@properdemocrat Proper Democrat @properdemocrat

@JuliaHB1 ....and so, therefore, all are guilty!

@JuliaHB1 Julia Hartley-Brewer @JuliaHB1

Everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - at Westminster and in the media knew Brendan Cox was a sex pest but they happily a… https://t.co/ia06Wpwt2W

@properdemocrat Proper Democrat @properdemocrat

@UkipCllr @Brexit59 @MarkPerryUKIP @_HenryBolton Drivel. Yesterday was a major error - and will prove terminal for… https://t.co/yz4DsuHhe6

@Brexit59 Loyal Brexiteer 🇬🇧 @Brexit59

@UkipCllr @MarkPerryUKIP @_HenryBolton David. Batten spent 80% of the interview defending past comments. This will… https://t.co/ENSMaZtVFI

@andrewlawrence andrew lawrence @andrewlawrence

Could it be possible, that those who are most keen to signal their virtue in words, are very often the same people… https://t.co/J6Mzmutd2R

@soulshyne mamma bear @soulshyne

@_HenryBolton @ianbates74 The power plot men may have won the battle, but many of us British citizens saw though it… https://t.co/zNmPRUrtVT

@properdemocrat Proper Democrat @properdemocrat

@PeterReeve @GerardBattenMEP @UKIP 🙄🙄🙄 Good luck mate. I'm done. This party couldn't govern its way out of a pape… https://t.co/o0m6KKwOMW

@MarkPerryUKIP Mark Perry @MarkPerryUKIP

@_HenryBolton Henry, we all know that the N.E.C plotted your downfall, because they don't believe in change, 72% in… https://t.co/tXSNlbn0ua

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