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@Candicefraser_ Helga Hufflepuff ✨ @Candicefraser_

Me when I start hosting https://t.co/jUE9FzdDP5

Me when I start hosting https://t.co/jUE...

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

If it wasn't for my son I will be far gone......gosh I'm so exhausted!!

@Totally_TT Tshepiso Da Costa @Totally_TT

Do men even catch subtweets? Are they ever like: “Hey babe, I saw your tweet about how you just want to be loved a… https://t.co/jiOIcqMduA

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

People get offended easily like I can't deal!!!

@FortuneMasina Fortune Masina @FortuneMasina

Umona comes from those that recognise your power and instead of learning from you, they'd rather do everything they… https://t.co/npNow1wFLl

@FreddyAmazin FREDDY @FreddyAmazin

I absolutely cannot be with anyone who cannot enjoy silence. if we can’t bask in each other’s presence and just vib… https://t.co/rTL2Nbm1oD

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

@KgaliMolokwane Dude tell me bout it.....

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

This guy depress the sh*t out of me....I really can't and sadly we dont get to choose family!!!

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

Musa don't you dare disappoint him #UyangthandaNa

@ThuliMadonsela3 Prof Thuli Madonsela @ThuliMadonsela3

Forgive those who try to belittle you and understand that they do so because they feel small

@MelGawozi_SA IG: MelGawozi_SA @MelGawozi_SA

Hanging out with guys who smoke weed🤦🏼‍♂️.. y'all spend 30 min quiet... ...out of nowhere 1 of them says "yaaaaah ngiyakuzwa Mfana"

@officialdaddymo DaddyMo 🖖🏾🔴 @officialdaddymo

One of the realest tweets ever. https://t.co/wrmQnzntip

One of the realest tweets ever. https://...

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

Awuu so sorry Auntie I missed your birthday yesterday because eish data problems @MsibiLelem hope you had an awes… https://t.co/QFlwxwkBr2

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

Hahahaha mara https://t.co/MOP2NbvbKD

@TakalaniSioga Takalani Sioga @TakalaniSioga

If you're a first year student at Pretoria (UNISA, TUT, Tuks or TVET College) and would be staying in a flat, in n… https://t.co/Uo88rYYPQn

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

@Mihlali_Ngxanga @GirlTalkZA Kajal you'll get it at the Indian shops and its R10

@CocoMsomi I’m inlove with a Coco✨🌹 @CocoMsomi

Healthy relationships 2018 Financial stability 2018 Emotional balance 2018 Self respect 2018 Genuine love 2018

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

Eish but I'm not prepared to wake up at 4am yoh I need my sleep..

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

Its gonna be lit #famcation can't wait

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

Done packing ready to hit the road.....

@mikalawalker mik @mikalawalker

Bare minimum twitter at it again https://t.co/IVrZTsOmtS

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

Hai le Ex.... #DateMyFamily

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

I'm she won't come back there I mean what does the ex doing there...... #DateMyFamily

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

@ManSpeezy lol oh and I will be seeing her tomorrow we have a chilas(nyana) at my grannies!!

@Lwando_Mxutu I Wonder Unyuba nabani. @Lwando_Mxutu

Guys, people know when they have picked up weight they HONESTLY don't need your unnecessary remarks.

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

@ManSpeezy yey wena watch your tongue that's my sis we are talking bout here....

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

@ManSpeezy eish lol but I cant help you on that #gwababa🤣

@prohantie Moesha @prohantie

umdala anonza you are very dali...hahahah #AskAMan @dineoranaka uyamuthethisa moss wena🤣🤣🤣

@VexKing Vex King @VexKing

You won't always be important to other people and that's why you have to be important to yourself. Learn to enjoy y… https://t.co/3maP1VLu3b

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