@Trump Is Insane!!

Trump Is Insane!!

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Blocked By #MorningJoe #NicolleDWallace #ChuckTodd That Vote For Trump Was A Big Mistake.Trump Loves Money, Not Poor People.Trump Loves To Lie..#Insane

No #RWNJ Zone!

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@aylmar_swain Aylmar Swain @aylmar_swain

It is becoming obvious now that Putin is holding President Donald Trump hostage. If that's so, why isn't it the NUM… https://t.co/kRppuoxuUy


Definitely need to put out a #RussianBotAlert 👇🏾on this one. He's cra cra. https://t.co/rFMEIzH9N8

@Rickagain Rick Shimelplatzer @Rickagain

"John Bolton" Perfect Choice for the National Security Adviser of The Clown Circus https://t.co/SSW0JQchlF

'John Bolton' Perfect Choice for the Nat...


🤔 Is their anyone in today's American government that actually works for America? Just seems to me everyone in the… https://t.co/zORwCVGWEg

@progress4ohio1 Trump Is Insane!! @progress4ohio1

@elise_flowers https://t.co/R8D0zjgjmN

@elise_flowers  https://t.co/R8D0zjgjmN

@elise_flowers Elise Flowers @elise_flowers

Nite tweets💤💤 https://t.co/BQJ54Pr4ac

Nite tweets💤💤 https://t.co/BQJ54Pr4ac

@politicalsavy07 RealFacts @politicalsavy07

@TheRickyDavila @amy4gunreform AWESOME & BRAVE KIDS ! Gotta Love & Respect Them

@TheRickyDavila Ricky Davila @TheRickyDavila

#NeverAgain https://t.co/qEBlpwfxvb

#NeverAgain https://t.co/qEBlpwfxvb

@AnOldLefty Madman In A Blue Box welcomes 13 @AnOldLefty

JOHN BOLTON?????? We're fucking dead! https://t.co/sOcKgVgqwF

We're fucking dead! ht...

@realKarenPaglia Karen #RESISTS @realKarenPaglia

Enough said!! #theresistance https://t.co/tS4tKMKG11

Enough said!! #theresistance https://t.c...

@littleredblog Dennis Mack @littleredblog

Prosecutor: #Kansas #militia members wanted to kill #immigrants https://t.co/iQFMGpJWYH

@dartmcn darmc @dartmcn

#trumpputin #NotMyPresident https://t.co/nsoOaDqOAh

#trumpputin #NotMyPresident https://t.co...

@KimberleAllen 45=5T DRAFTDODGER @KimberleAllen

I dare anyone to disagree!! Go Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg!!! https://t.co/dTqMnXavWI


Yes, yes he does. Along with @SenateMajLdr, @SpeakerRyan, @TGowdySC, @jasoninthehouse, @DevinNunes and… https://t.co/9Pao375mZ3

@chavezglen1755 REALLY REPUBLICANS @chavezglen1755

Dow Jones industrial average plunges 600 points as worries over trade tensions with China rattle financial markets:… https://t.co/ixf70kW1RM

@KevinMcGil One Voice™ @KevinMcGil

Congress Just approved a sweeping 1.6 Billion spending bill. Trump wants a wall but the children of Flint Need clea… https://t.co/xUgjwHziJz

@GivansJune June Givans @GivansJune

KKK MEMBERS https://t.co/dxQtlluSgt

KKK MEMBERS https://t.co/dxQtlluSgt

@Ysastep Carole ❤️🌊🌊☮️ @Ysastep

@Alyssa_Milano @Progress4OHIO1 Horrific!😱

@edgallekfox8 Ed Gallek @edgallekfox8

Way to go! https://t.co/u3VStiBRAz

@SocialPowerOne1 #TheResistance @SocialPowerOne1

New York City just launched dozens of investigations into Jared Kushner and his shady company https://t.co/WTFtxrZ973

@edgallekfox8 Ed Gallek @edgallekfox8

Cleveland Police: woman found dead in car on Lake Shore earlier—OD death

@AmazonianGal127 #CrookedDonald @AmazonianGal127

Exactly. 👇🏻 https://t.co/fBAXo2G82v

Exactly. 👇🏻 https://t.co/fBAXo2G82v

@blackvoices HuffPost BlackVoices @blackvoices

#StephonClark was fatally shot by Sacramento police in his own backyard, carrying a cell phone that was mistaken fo… https://t.co/d2dYgNRQkX

@cleveland19news Cleveland 19 News @cleveland19news

Photo from scene, woman found dead inside car on Lakeshore Boulevard in Cleveland https://t.co/73sbZDQK5M https://t.co/PUuR1HsZux

Photo from scene, woman found dead insid...

@KevinMcGil One Voice™ @KevinMcGil

The people in Flint Michigan need clean water not a wall Mr. President. Just ask them. #PolicyInsights2018 https://t.co/vGswgsc9DD

The people in Flint Michigan need clean...

@cleveland19news Cleveland 19 News @cleveland19news

Body found in garbage can on Cleveland's East Side https://t.co/azMkufynYn https://t.co/JysCIom0Vp

Body found in garbage can on Cleveland's...

@Alyssa_Milano Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano

Oh my god. This is very hard to watch. Please don’t look away. Allow yourself to see this for what it is. *warn… https://t.co/HQFKUsdBF5

@ajplus AJ+ @ajplus

Stephon Clark was shot dead in his backyard by two police officers in Sacramento. The officers said they were inves… https://t.co/n726ntTfbE

@ILoveMyWife0007 ILoveMyWifeAlways @ILoveMyWife0007

UC paying #RayTensing who MURDERED #SamuelDuBose more than $300K in back pay, legal fees. https://t.co/3SaYXBmEh5 W… https://t.co/o0yqOfhmB1

@funder Scott Dworkin @funder

BREAKING: Devin Nunes is now under investigation by the Federal Election Commission for campaign finance violations… https://t.co/Vi4gfKs2uR

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