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@priyankac19 Priyanka Chaturvedi @priyankac19

Nirav Modi , Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya, Jatin Mehta, Rishi Agrawal all LOLing away while reading this from BJP. https://t.co/2O4ZbGJdD3

@ithepandit Dhruv Pandit♔ @ithepandit

कांग्रेस की राष्ट्रीय प्रवक्ता @priyankac19 ने रक्षा मंत्री @nsitharaman के @RahulGandhi पर दिए गए बयान पर पलटवार… https://t.co/lZyR5Mbbli

@INCKarnataka Karnataka Congress @INCKarnataka

In one of the biggest road shows ever, more than a lakh people participated in Congress President @RahulGandhi's ro… https://t.co/88huIioUYG

@rssurjewala Randeep Singh Surjewala @rssurjewala

LIVE: On Modi Governments statement in Parliament today on declaring ‘39 Indians Kidnapped in Iraq’ as dead. https://t.co/vNHjA9eS7F

@Bhayankur Ankur Bhardwaj @Bhayankur

While boasting about how hard a minister worked or a PM supported. https://t.co/ChEskIzC4t

@RahulGandhi Rahul Gandhi @RahulGandhi

Today, on our #JanaAashirwadaYatre, I will inaugurate the Rajiv Gandhi Political Institute and address meetings in… https://t.co/7Q43BLvLTD

@RahulGandhi Rahul Gandhi @RahulGandhi

When the RSS & BJP encouraged the tearing down of Lenin statues in Tripura, they signalled their cadres to destroy… https://t.co/mQR6PVDOCn

@RahulGandhi Rahul Gandhi @RahulGandhi

I’m shocked to hear that 39 Indians who were in captivity since 2014, in Iraq, are now confirmed dead. My deepest… https://t.co/XIbeWJZRQH

@OmarAbdullah Omar Abdullah @OmarAbdullah

Senior people in MEA, if not the Minister & her junior minister themselves, should have spoken to each of the 39 fa… https://t.co/6AX1fI2Hd7

@OmarAbdullah Omar Abdullah @OmarAbdullah

Nothing Govt of India says can make up for the sheer heartlessness displayed today. Using Parliament as an excuse f… https://t.co/3rpHX7uwJ3

@priyankac19 Priyanka Chaturvedi @priyankac19

@misskaul @KaulMuni Ek se badhkar ek! Amazing !

@priyankac19 Priyanka Chaturvedi @priyankac19

Was lovely to meet you Pradyot! Keep shining! https://t.co/g8U9MVqj6k

@Chaudhhree Bhupender Chaudhary @Chaudhhree

Im Thankful & I bow to the "Shaktis" of @INCIndia for fighting from "Sadak to Sansad"for the rights of students who… https://t.co/cSzVAH1a4W

@ambkcsingh K. C. Singh @ambkcsingh

This was unfortunately always feared. EAM Swaraj kept offering hope when Gov was covering up poor intel, shifty con… https://t.co/UE5UfOi5W4

@guptar Ruchi Gupta @guptar

Exciting opportunity to shape student movements, mainstream issues important to you and understand how India's old… https://t.co/KzXQhkWyl9

@ambkcsingh K. C. Singh @ambkcsingh

Jab votes mein “Antar” aah jaye to “Aatma” jaag jati hai. https://t.co/9TQGBgbeXy

@AshishSinghLIVE Ashish Singh INDIA TV @AshishSinghLIVE

Protests by Students in Mumbai for jobs in Railways shows BJP Govts both at State & Centre has totally failed, we s… https://t.co/mFXSxycoYP

@priyankac19 Priyanka Chaturvedi @priyankac19

Hello to all those sharing my Doha photos with a BJP&an AAP leader. I also have my pics with more of these party r… https://t.co/w0qBfMwcag

@varun_oberoi Varun Oberoi @varun_oberoi

is @BJP4India better at disrupting Parliament, while in:

@INCIndiaLive Congress Live @INCIndiaLive

LIVE: Press Conference by AICC Communications incharge @rssurjewala and Communications Convenor @priyankac19 on… https://t.co/grB14hF5pW

@INCSandesh INC Sandesh @INCSandesh

Press Release by @rssurjewala Media In-charge AICC, @priyankac19, Media Convener AICC on the #SSCScam https://t.co/YTKiAMtXkl

Press Release by @rssurjewala Media In-c...

@RahulGandhi Rahul Gandhi @RahulGandhi

The UPA negotiates the RAFALE down to 526 Cr. per plane. But Modi ji pays 1,670 Cr. instead. Loss to exchequer, ov… https://t.co/bZ1QNEs4HI

@minakshibhanja1 meenakshibhanja1 @minakshibhanja1

@INCIndia plenary saw some good energy n vibrancy frm lady leaders @Sharmistha_GK @sushmitadevmp @priyankac19 .. to… https://t.co/wSWwa2ImJ6

@Radhika_Khera Radhika Khera @Radhika_Khera

Selfie break during Work Mode; Day:01 #CongressPlenary https://t.co/q9dy8h6fLa

Selfie break during Work Mode;
Day:01 #C...

@priyankac19 Priyanka Chaturvedi @priyankac19

Dear Raksha Mantri, Just a reminder, your job is to defend our borders and keep the country safe not to defend yo… https://t.co/uAUS3XnkKz

@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

Gandhi spent 15 years in jail and died for the nation. But India must never forget that while our leader slept on t… https://t.co/uYNsVxOhEJ

@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

The soil of this nation is drenched in the blood of Congressmen and Congresswomen who have died for it: Congress Pr… https://t.co/fZYjDo7Mki

@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

Congress party understands deeply that we are for truth. India expects more from Congress party because it holds us… https://t.co/ehhSEAJmOq

@INCIndia Congress @INCIndia

Like the Kauravas, BJP & RSS are designed to fight for power. Like the Pandavas, the Congress is designed to fight… https://t.co/rVJwykgcnH

@priyankac19 Priyanka Chaturvedi @priyankac19

Thanks Latoya! 🤗 https://t.co/nHziAq7rlm

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