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@atensnut Juanita Broaddrick @atensnut

Why did I support President Trump? I was raped by Bill Clinton & threatened by Hillary Clinton. I supported the one… https://t.co/dqQSYlPxLU

@RightWingStand The Right @RightWingStand

Black twitter started a rumour that Keaton’s family is racist and that he got bullied for calling people the N word… https://t.co/2uvqzl5bt5

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Far-left activist posing as journalist Jim Acosta philibusters another press conference. https://t.co/eEd10MWowk

@Cernovich Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸 @Cernovich

@broderick At 6:51 AM PST "Let's be clear – this was an attempted terrorist attack. " @PrisonPlanet Tweeted at 7… https://t.co/idnKZu6rGE

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Times Square terrorist planned failed attack for years. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, evidently. https://t.co/742aFJ7BNB

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Trump Accusers Characterize Asking For a Phone Number, Name Calling as Sexual Assault - https://t.co/y0CHrGD7I3 https://t.co/w6r8aq759J

Trump Accusers Characterize Asking For a...

@RealAlexJones Alex Jones @RealAlexJones

Flashback: ISIS Threaten NYC Christmas Bombing Just Weeks Ago >> Watch LIVE M-F 11am-3pm CT:… https://t.co/XraaWkmLuu

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

CNN first with the important news even amidst an attempted terror attack in New York. https://t.co/vOgExAVUR3

CNN first with the important news even a...

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Somebody needs to ask Maxine Waters if allegedly watching 4-8 hours of TV a day is an impeachable offense. https://t.co/mOoI9gMfYH

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

@broderick News networks were reporting it was ISIS way before the presser. It was ISIS. You're arguing that we sho… https://t.co/FU51rwIWUU

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

A nice moment on Twitter. Treasure it. https://t.co/Mmov8G0S4D

A nice moment on Twitter. Treasure it. h...

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Google Moves to Censor ISIS, Islam Connection After New York Terror Attack - https://t.co/aqtSxcpZ0S https://t.co/MHp6qMlXDr

Google Moves to Censor ISIS, Islam Conne...

@Timcast Tim Pool @Timcast

More fake news and failure to check sources. Bratton was on MSNBC over an Hour ago. https://t.co/FxomkMR2z7 https://t.co/6Yl5w9zELF

@Timcast Tim Pool @Timcast

Buzzfeed's Deputy Global News Director cares more about proving 4chan wrong than fact checking. When called out for… https://t.co/2hWbkKaMlW

@PrisonPlanet Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet

@broderick Officials revealed that it was ISIS-inspired attack very early on and this was widely reported on news n… https://t.co/sardN4KibG

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

@broderick It is connected to ISIS. We knew that almost straight away because several different officials said it o… https://t.co/785marm5W7

@RealAlexJones Alex Jones @RealAlexJones

Another terror Bombing hits Islamic sanctuary NYC as their leftist mayor looks on! https://t.co/d80iEabP4C

@ArgBlatteTalar Angry Foreigner @ArgBlatteTalar

One of the men who threw a molotov at the synagogue is a Syrian citizen. 2 others are "state-less". Honest headlin… https://t.co/Zs8CNEiAVw

@RealNewsX2 RealNews @RealNewsX2

Watch Live: #ISIS Top Suspect In Port Authority Bombing - #RealNews #MondayMotivation #NYC 🇺🇸 Backup Feed:… https://t.co/aZjQCI5H12

@L0gg0l Gregor Peter @L0gg0l

Photo of suspect in NYC blast https://t.co/4jwWM4Lmmx (via @NYCityAlerts )

Photo of suspect in NYC blast https://t....

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Attempted attack in New York was "ISIS-inspired," suspect has been in the U.S. for 7 years.

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

FLASHBACK: ISIS issued chilling threat showing Santa next to box of dynamite in Times Square. https://t.co/85hI8vfshN

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

"The device was homemade and could have caused catastrophic damage if it went off as intended." https://t.co/4lTKr6clFK

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Days After Huge Fake News Blunder, CNN Returns to Attacking Trump - https://t.co/FugsKx48Dm https://t.co/qvHkRCTbQg

Days After Huge Fake News Blunder, CNN R...

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Noam Chomsky: Antifa has initiated the use of force in ways that are ‘completely unacceptable’. https://t.co/wvE4wZQsH0

@jasperhamill Jasper Hamill @jasperhamill

The Industrial Revolution had an appalling psychological effect on our ancestors which can still be felt centuries… https://t.co/PHckgZYJI6

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

This is the same woman who wants laws to criminalize people finding racism funny. https://t.co/7XVlrcollN

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Trader who called bitcoin rally says cryptocurrency will surge above $100,000 in 2018 https://t.co/JbjHR8FXuf

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

She's talking about Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The bar for "pure evil" is getting pretty low. https://t.co/2DwPaYh5nq

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