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Infowars editor-at-large. 'Nativist polemicist' - NY Times (actually a classical liberal/libertarian) 😎


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@OliMauritania Adorable Deplorable @OliMauritania

There is a lot to unpack here. https://t.co/FKwkMjv2AO

There is a lot to unpack here. https://t...

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Google Maps removes calories burned feature because it triggered fatties. Stop conforming to people's bad lifestyl… https://t.co/Pojt5AN11v

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Hate crimes in U.K. LESS prosecutions than the year before, illustrating how it's paranoia whipped up by the media. https://t.co/G2WjNmGofh

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

It's back! They literally needed a crane to try and keep it out of 4channers' reach. I give it 3 days until it's g… https://t.co/Ww7au3qDX9

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

When any Clinton tries to claim the moral high ground on anything....literally anything. https://t.co/OhJYbvUVPv

When any Clinton tries to claim the mora...

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

@ChelseaClinton @realDonaldTrump @POTUS Have your mother give back the millions she received from countries that ac… https://t.co/t3Pb8n7PHN

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Your mother took millions from countries that actually do kill LGBT people. You don't have the moral high ground.… https://t.co/DkBAXYBhd1

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

So when are all you fucktards gonna witch hunt Noel & ruin his career? Oh shit, too late, he's already world famo… https://t.co/HXSsG5sywj

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

But really, he didn't.

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Patrick Bateman did nothing wrong.

@Spent_Brass Anthony ONYOUR(6)🔷 @Spent_Brass

Being a #Conservative patriotic American in #Hollywood today is the equivalence of being gay in the 40's and 50's https://t.co/2eONq0aDOe

@rickygervais Ricky Gervais @rickygervais

As a comedian, you can survive, and even flourish on a string of the most offensive jokes. But apologising for them is often irreparable.

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

There's literally 6 of them left. 😄 https://t.co/qXBelim67w

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

The far-left hate machine is like no other and it is often embraced/excused by the mainstream left. https://t.co/nOmFOQDx6Y

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

If released, many big politicians & deep staters would be happy to see this happen to Assange. Let that sink in. https://t.co/knJN4E8RM9

@Michael_Heaver Michael Heaver @Michael_Heaver

Noel Gallagher calls out British government for failing to protect public from radical Islamic terrorism. https://t.co/934zFoj6cz

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Huge respect for Noel risking a witch hunt from the outrage mob to tell the truth. But then again, I knew he was red pilled. 😏

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Noel Gallagher Slams "Hippy" Attitude to Islam That Allows Terrorists to Roam Free - https://t.co/51kKpdiFtd https://t.co/t3smgUOV2v

Noel Gallagher Slams 'Hippy' Attitude to...

@Nigel_Farage Nigel Farage @Nigel_Farage

Thanks for the support against Crooked Hillary Clinton @realDonaldTrump. https://t.co/ippC75YtaM

@WarRoomShow War Room @WarRoomShow

Democrats Sacrificed Weinstein To Attack Trump With Fake Rape Claims https://t.co/yjCrTbR473 #WarRoom LIVE M-F 3pm-6pm CT #MondayMotivation

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Trump: Hillary is so obsessed with making excuses for her defeat, she's now even blaming Nigel Farage. @Nigel_Farage https://t.co/KatFLwMPoa

Trump: Hillary is so obsessed with makin...

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Terrorists & criminals responsible for fires in California, Portugal and Spain? https://t.co/vJFC7A8k4r

@PrisonPlanet Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet

U.S. Special Forces "Decapitation" Team Deployed on Nuke Sub Off Coast of North Korea - https://t.co/maPVW4ca7l https://t.co/sWP1PLC45M

U.S. Special Forces 'Decapitation' Team...

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Nobody is interested in what you want to put up Trump's ass. Seek help. https://t.co/1NwZTQ3azf

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Good luck getting the one segment of their population that particularly likes to do this to pay fines. https://t.co/C0968Atr49

@axios Axios @axios

Trump on Steve Bannon targeting establishment GOP senators in 2018: "There are some Republicans that should be asha… https://t.co/csQY1duDpk

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Nazis are bad. Who knew? https://t.co/iIekzYJuWQ

@JackPosobiec Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec

New: Hillary Clinton seen with surgical boot after falling and breaking her metatarsal last night in UK https://t.co/yIy0r6JuoW

New: Hillary Clinton seen with surgical...

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Perverts and pedos run the entire entertainment industry, not just Hollywood. https://t.co/xJx0xURMcF

@prisonplanet Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

Sick Hillary fell over yet again. She could fall over every day and the media would still call her ill health a "co… https://t.co/uwGHdolxfl

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