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@MsKellyMHayes Dystopian Scribe @MsKellyMHayes

It's this zine, if you missed it: https://t.co/Er6xqwsik4 And yes they do. https://t.co/tNVSeD88WS

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The forthcoming Women's Marches need to make millions of copies of that zine to pass out to folks.

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We Are All We Need - a mini zine https://t.co/k0OBznfls1 [STOP THANKING COPS AT PROTESTS]

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Google has locked me out of my email because it detects an UNUSUAL level of activity. YES, I am emailing people. UUUGGGHH...

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@JlnFrancisco hahahaahahahahaha! This one is not family :)

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Me emailing zines to social studies teacher right now... https://t.co/pPy9cqZy4M

Me emailing zines to social studies teac...

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First zine of 2018 is COMPLETE. Beautifully designed by Rachel Hoffman with an afterword by Dr. @onaci7. Only 100 m… https://t.co/zzegzkqGot

@_ColeNewberry cole @_ColeNewberry

So do most children of immigrants but I guess it’s less impressive when they’re poor https://t.co/aTHpCZQvxx

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We don't yet. But we hope to ship internationally this Fall. Stay tuned! https://t.co/dIDADbEfzQ

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Maria Hadden aiming to be first Black queer Chicago alderman, in 2019 https://t.co/3phmTtwZVf

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@WindyCityTimes1 great! can't wait to read this!

@WindyCityTimes1 Windy City Times @WindyCityTimes1

Here is our story: Maria Hadden aiming to be first Black queer Chicago alderman, in 2019 https://t.co/8z58H9JqZ9 https://t.co/x1fNnAYVpw

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@Ebonyteach that's one of my faves too!

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@Ebonyteach yay!!! so glad you like the items!

@williamcson William C. @williamcson

RIP to the great Patrice Lumumba, assassinated on this day in 1961. https://t.co/g0PdOIGf5l

RIP to the great Patrice Lumumba, assass...

@chrislhayes Chris Hayes @chrislhayes

How many House Republicans are there again? https://t.co/TQjpV4Nb3o

@JAMyerson Jesse A. Myerson @JAMyerson

fuck yourselves to death you monsters https://t.co/B9efqym4R8

@DavidBegnaud David Begnaud @DavidBegnaud

A billion-dollar emergency loan approved by Congress to help Puerto Rico deal with the effects of Hurricane Maria h… https://t.co/ke80xwMKso

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Have you seen these new necklaces made in Senegal in the KABAGS online boutique? No? What are you waiting for?… https://t.co/UGs7NTi2l6

@SistersTestify SistersTestify @SistersTestify

Within hours of Anita Hill’s testimony in 1991, Elsa Barkley Brown, @BarbaraRansby, and Deborah King launched a nat… https://t.co/P14XXuvm98

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@_hudahassan When I get back on Sunday (I hope).

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Left my house Sunday AM. Got back an hour ago only to have to leave town again tomorrow. God help me.

@KyPeterson1 Ky Peterson @KyPeterson1

It's easy to give up when you have to spend all your special days behind bars. @KyPeterson1 needs your love and enc… https://t.co/a9TUtzHInP

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Don't waste my time. I HATE it when people do this.

@sahilkapur Sahil Kapur @sahilkapur

@LindseyGrahamSC With these new cosponsors the Graham-Durbin bill should comfortably pass the Senate — if it’s allo… https://t.co/bZDouFqP6V

@JustLeadersUSA JustLeadershipUSA @JustLeadersUSA

"The $1.1 billion that were set in bail bonds during FY2017 should serve as an urgent reminder of how deeply devast… https://t.co/iVSNP9Q5OM

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“All of Us Are Unapprehended Felons”: Gay Liberation, the Black Panther Party, and Intercommunal Efforts Against Po… https://t.co/A1RmDrmxwj

@HarvardGSAS Harvard GSAS @HarvardGSAS

In her new book, Remaking Black Power: How Black Women Transformed an Era, Ashley Farmer, PhD '13, sheds light on t… https://t.co/heAW4Xf6bG


*stares out into the ocean* https://t.co/PdaTgrB4Gn

*stares out into the ocean* https://t.co...

@ColumbiaSSW ColumbiaSocialWork @ColumbiaSSW

RT @JusticeColumbia: We are hiring a Program Coordinator to support our restorative justice work in a collaboration… https://t.co/N8AaKa1Rri

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