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@brittanikagan Brittani Kagan @brittanikagan

Donate. Thank you @PortalA. https://t.co/NcPtT8uHkn

@KaiHasson Kai Hasson @KaiHasson

It was quite a journey to go from the seed of an idea a couple years ago to the #OneShotShow launch today on Youtub… https://t.co/4JHgSPmwwV

@tubefilter Tubefilter @tubefilter

Choreographer @WilldaBeast__ Seeks Rising Dancers In ‘One Shot,’ Now Available On YouTube Red https://t.co/xB3NvvMOtI

@TimMilgram Tim Milgram @TimMilgram

Check out the new show @WilldaBeast__ and I produced with @PortalA! https://t.co/8d2R4rLKJb

@tayd_dance Taylor Hatala @tayd_dance

Super excited and proud of my #dancefather @WilldaBeast__ and @TimMilgram for the release of their new show… https://t.co/hKTYUcRJ5T

@gregorybrothers Gregory Brothers @gregorybrothers

Say goodbye to the year of the chicken with the yodel of peace, wisdom, and justice #YearOfTheDog https://t.co/BZyfefhz8a

Say goodbye to the year of the chicken w...

@WilldaBeast__ Will Adams @WilldaBeast__

Out now #ONEshotSHOW https://t.co/s8AovEpvH2

@portala Portal A @portala

STOP. DROP. Watch #OneShotShow https://t.co/fYhA69tT7h https://t.co/JO8vD9954U

STOP. DROP. Watch #OneShotShow https://t...

@portala Portal A @portala

#OneShotShow will have you snapping your fingers. https://t.co/fYhA69tT7h https://t.co/SAn3HLsVB0

#OneShotShow will have you snapping your...

@portala Portal A @portala

Introducing the next generation of dance talent in Miami #OneShotShow https://t.co/fYhA69tT7h https://t.co/fIRf00xSvP

Introducing the next generation of dance...

@PortalA Portal A @PortalA

We are HYPED for the launch of our new YouTube Red show today! Watch ONE SHOT, featuring the team behind the most… https://t.co/e7B309hDbf

@portala Portal A @portala

Sit down. Be hyped. #OneShotShow https://t.co/fYhA69tT7h https://t.co/DThplUamqQ

Sit down. Be hyped. #OneShotShow https:/...

@portala Portal A @portala

@TimMilgram @WilldaBeast__ 🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌

@PortalA Portal A @PortalA

We will be matching all contributions from our team to @Everytown, a leading organization fighting for common sense… https://t.co/7Qkcmd4jQe

@PortalA Portal A @PortalA

ICMYI, our newest original show ONE SHOT stars internet dance icon @WilldaBeast__ and releases Feb. 15 on YouTube… https://t.co/4Rz4sQ4FDf

@portala Portal A @portala

@edzitron There’s no other way to Tube.

@PortalA Portal A @PortalA

NEW SHOW ALERT!💥📽️ See the trailer for our original series ONE SHOT – starring @WilldaBeast__ Adams and airing excl… https://t.co/DRCsZkxia6

@tubefilter Tubefilter @tubefilter

.@WilldaBeast__ Adams To Topline @PortalA-Produced Dance Special For YouTube Red https://t.co/rlp88jprsn

@portala Portal A @portala

For all our friends at #DEW2018, see @BrittaniKagan and a rockstar panel discuss a new generation of talent in the… https://t.co/e5dolKfa5H

@portala Portal A @portala

Big Game Ads or Insane Trick Shot Videos? Get both! Watch our AdBlitz video w/ @devinsupertramp:… https://t.co/X18MnANcTE

@PortalA Portal A @PortalA

🏆🏆 We’re up for our second #ShortyAward! Cast your vote for our @BritaUSA project with @stephencurry30 and… https://t.co/9eD9FXCMGo

@shockallocca Kevin Allocca @shockallocca

VIDEOCRACY, my book about videos and culture, is officially out! Here’s a gif to explain. https://t.co/eUM9MeSwQa https://t.co/nwL7kFmdqJ

VIDEOCRACY, my book about videos and cul...

@portala Portal A @portala

Videocracy is a must read, and we made sure it’s in good company. Order @shockallocca’s new book!… https://t.co/IeICa8mTpZ

@portala Portal A @portala

We ❤️ you @BAYCAT. https://t.co/sX3Fnpg2Wx

@SusanWojcicki Susan Wojcicki @SusanWojcicki

Loved watching this ad from @BritaUSA w/@StephenCurry30 @RudyMancuso! https://t.co/D0G85tVRx1

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