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I'm just gonna leave this here!! KARMA👇👇 https://t.co/S9Kp5JUgAz

I'm just gonna leave this here!! 


@SusanStormXO BENGHAZI & FLYNN ⚖️4🔥FIERY "GᖇIT”🔥🎗2CNTS @SusanStormXO

#MSM BLACKOUT🎥 When will Americans call in the National Guard @realDonaldTrump Jihadist have taken control of Mi… https://t.co/lY0F4Psbs1

@RodStryker Maverick @RodStryker

Eminem has finally gone full LIBERAL. He's officially Feminem aka Slim Lady. Now that Eminem is a eunuch... He's… https://t.co/9FqFFC8ZK7

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@pinkk9lover wendy tepp @pinkk9lover

@bgood12345 He may be suicided by Hillary #ClintonCrimeFamily before he has the chance!

@Acehodges48 William H. Hodges @Acehodges48

@bgood12345 Great we may need a bigger swamp bucket?

@Quality_Qontrol Lucy Ford @Quality_Qontrol

@bgood12345 https://t.co/gBA1PpqGrC

@bgood12345  https://t.co/gBA1PpqGrC

@bgood12345 dolce @bgood12345

🚨Report👉🐀McCabe Threatened to 'Take People Down With Him if Fired'‼️Now let's see the domino of people falling down… https://t.co/IgFfeHIlAo

@michaelbeatty3 🇺🇸 Miguelifornia @michaelbeatty3

McCabe, President Trump & Hero @GenFlynn A .@ThomasWictor perspective👍🏼 🇺🇸#MAGA #DrainTheSwamp #FBI .@mflynnJR .… https://t.co/X1gNzgESZ5

@John_KissMyBot John~ 💋Kiss My Bot @John_KissMyBot

What a difference two days makes 👉 Attorney General Jeff Sessions Fired FBI’s Corrupt Andrew McCabe Two Days Before… https://t.co/RmtkP2WoBb

@GrizzleMeister GRIZZLE @GrizzleMeister

If you want 2discuss singled out Skippy then seek out @GenFlynn 4some open dialogue regarding unfair treatment. U w… https://t.co/vh95FvetFm

@pinkk9lover wendy tepp @pinkk9lover

This is a transcript of a voicemail left at @fdot by a Figg engineer (designers of the faulty FIU pedestrian bridge… https://t.co/EjBf8rZXUU

@michaelbeatty3 🇺🇸 Miguelifornia @michaelbeatty3

Hi Hillary How was 🇮🇳India? #HillaryClinton #SaturdayMorning #MAGA #AndrewMcCabe https://t.co/ySHZ9THbLb

Hi Hillary
How was 🇮🇳India?

@RodStryker Maverick @RodStryker

Inspector General Horowitz is unleashing #IGREPORT. Obama's dominos are falling. McCabe first in the line of fire… https://t.co/xeAsNs7g6o

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